First Impressions of Discipline Spec

Yesterday, after checking first with my raids Heal Lead, Zhavi made the change over to Disc. Our raids run two priests deep for 10 mans and having 2 holy is a bit of overlap and Ty was happy to give me the ok. I’ll admit I took the cookie cutter build, why mess with success, especially when I’m new to the disc game. I can always respec to play around with the build later.

Speaking of respecing, I did it right before our Naxx 10 Day 2 run. Nothing like cutting it to the wire to get me jazzed. (Do we see a theme? Respec and run the same day!) I availed myself on Takton, a lovely pally tank I’m friends with, to give it a quick visual test. New procs and abilities means I need to know at a glace whats up and fading etc. (Kudos to Blizz for making the Grace buff a pretty and clean buff to see) I’m still learning to keep an eye out for Borrowed Time to make sure I don’t miss out on using it however.

Overall my foray into Disc has been sucessful I found the build to be pretty solid. Of course I admit like all things I researched the hell out of the change before making it. And this gets to the meat and potatoes of this post. DO NOT OVER THINK OR LIMIT YOURSELF BASED ON BUILD!!!

If you are familiar with Discipline since Lich King then you know Disc is an awesome Main Tank healer. With damage mitigation and a huge mana pool they have the tools to keep your tank alive. With the changes to Tank threat,Power Word: Shield no longer cause tanks to swear at priests under their breath while gritting their teeth to hold agro. But are they just for Tank healing?

NO! But they aren’t going to be your OMG the entire group has taken damage. Heal them all STAT! healer either.

I walked into Naxx last night with the mindset I am a MT healer, that is my job and I will do it damn it! Ty however challenged me (though he didn’t know I was walking in with that mindset to my credit at least) and in the end I think on Day 1 of Disc I may have just opened my view to what a priest (any priest) can do with their abilities.

Lets give you the set up shall we? 1 Holy, 1 Disc, and 1 pally for heals. Everything is pretty smooth and we are about to do Grobbulus after seething about the frogger and lag. (but that is rant in the making) Now after reading the above we know what I’m expecting…to be given MT duty. (All the forums, blogs, and sites I can find say Disc = MT heals, raiding healing = talk with your raid leader to fix.) Instead Ty comes over vent to let me know that I will be on raid healing duty and to remind the new pally not to dispell at all during this fight.

I didn’t bat an eye, said ok, and then pondered…wait how am I going to do this I’m all damage mitigation and longer heals? Had I been holy I’d have a plan but suddenly my thoughts are Wait how am I going to pull this off and not get us all killed? Good for me I think fast on my feet…well sometimes. My plan was simple, take advantage of disc to the best of my ability and keep people alive. To execute I slapped a shield on anyone with his debuff about the time it ticked down to 1 (<3 Grid!) and then followed up with a flash heal. And it worked great. I still need to work on my mobility with healing but I promise you I got LOTS of practice last night.

Where I think Disc really shone was when one of the MT healers got the debuff. Smack a shield on the tank while the healer runs to the wall, pop a hastedĀ  Penance, shield the healer, hasted Flash heal. Continue as needed!

What this taught me:

  • Don’t think too rigidly about any class or spec. This is true of WoW, WAR, of for that matter life.
  • Disc can raid heal, just not instant group heals ala COH
  • Continue to trust Ty
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