Having Tea in Naxx and a Knuckle Sandwhich in Ulduar

Last week Wild West went into Ulduar and reminded the Flame Levithan who’s boss.  I was busy visiting with Heroes and Thugs again as the hub sponged up a bunch of caster loots. It was fun to go back and see the instance with someone who raided it with me back in classic WoW.

But for Monday’s raid I got called into play. Normally I panic a wee bit and then ask someone what we’ve been doing. This time I took my happy self over to World of Matt and took the time read over his wisdom. Matt and Co spent time inside PTR learning the fights. And glad I am. Take sometime to go over and look at his guilde to Razorscale.

And Thursday we added XT to the list of the killed. My poor husband had to hear me cheer when we finally got him down.

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Measuring your Healy

It is not often I am overcome with the urge to rant. Well and truly rant on the attitude and mentality of my fellow players. However I was in a channel recently listening to a healer tell her fellows how she is always on top of the meters…*queues epeen talking*

Let me be very clear. This kind of behavior just makes me mad. It’s personal ego stroking that is counter to the mentality of a healing core. We aren’t DPS vying for top spot and glowing pets for being fabulous posting 5k+ dps. No, we are healers who work together to cover the damage our fellows are taking. Its not about who is on top of the heals. And here is why its bad…

1. It promotes padding your numbers. We call this sniping heals. There is one thing when you see a healer trying to regen mana and helping on heals or say there is a spike going on etc. But healers have been padding their numbers on heal meters since they came out. It was a joke back in the day when holy priests would just cast Circle of Healing to top the charts even when it wasn’t needed.

2. It de-emphasises the importances of staying on your duties. This really goes back to 1 but I felt it deserved being mentioned twice.

3. Instead of comparing players based on their spec and assignment it makes them more of a number.

4. Bragging about your healing epeen belittles the others in your group. Your bragging implies their contributions are less meaningful than your own.

What metters do positive for healers.

1. They are a great way to look at your heal rotations and tweak usage.  ie I used it to see how often I used Prayer of Mending to try and remind myself to use it more.

2. As a priest its a great way to evaluate your spec. If your healing style isn’t matching your spec a meter can let you look at what you are doing to either decide to adjust your spec or your style for effectiveness.

3. Keep an eye on mana effeciency and overhealing. If you are running high in overheals, perhaps lagg is causing you to land after someone else?

DPS excell at competeing with eachother for top stop, healing is about working with your fellow healers to keep people alive. Need to epeen? Go dps 😉

Need a tool to evaluate what heals you are doing and how well your spec is performing in your current gear etc? take a whorl with the meters.

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Anime Extraviganza

*flops on the ground* I tell you convention floors are HARD. My poor feet are still killing me for standing on concrete for hours on end. It was worth it though! This weekend was Sakura Con.  I sat in on a few panels over the weekend. I really enjoyed the panels and even got to stand up and get some answers from industry peeps.

Such as why I can’t get some of my fav manga over here yet. A big thank you to the guys at Dark Horse for answering that one for me. Seems they have to collect over in Japan as a graphic novel before it can be licensed over here as one.  Which actually calms my ravenous need to consume more manga a bit.

Unfortunately, I missed all of the music acts. *sigh* The last time I went (2 years ago) there was this AWESOME band I got turned onto called M.O.V.E. I encourage you to check them out if you can. I had to google them though *sigh*.

So that was my weekend. OH and how could I forget the rocking AMVs!?! Btw I sat in on the top 25 top Anime Music Video list. I am super happy to say that my fav was #1. Euphoria by Koopiskeva.

So all in all it was a great time. I even chomped down on some crepes while in Seattle for it. Hmmm crepes…

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A Goggle Present

Ok so at some point during today I decided to google my blog. What? I was bored at work! It was slow…there were no calls…I had noth…wait where was I? OH! Yes so *sound of trumpets* WE GOT LINKED ON A BLOGROLL! Ok so while it may not be the most exciting things to the rest of you, it sure is big to me. 🙂 SO a big thank you to Just a WoW Girl 🙂 *glomp*

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Pink Raiding Pally!

I know with a name like that how can you not be intrigued? Take your bright eager eyes over to Doxa’s Pink Raiding home and poke around. Doxa, also a member of Eastwind, is a great MT pally. So if you are thinking pally is your persuasion then take a look over there. (Yes I know its a shameless guildy plug, but really what do you expect 😉 )

I specifically like the look at pally addons. Its almost enough to make me dust off my baby pally and give her a chance…almost 😉

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