Does Discipline Still Sparkle?

There has been some chatter that Disc doesn’t sparkle like it once did. So lets take a closer look at what makes Discipline priests sexy still.

Shielding is sexier now than it was before. But honestly there is so much to shielding we are going to have go go over it in depth!With Soul Warding, Renewed Hope, Borrowed Time and Rapture there is a lot going on for you to toss some shields out during the group or raid.

  1. Improved Power Word: Shield– For 3 talent points you get an increased 15% effectiveness. I find that pretty substantial for our shields. More damage mitigated is less damaged needing to be healed. (and who doesn’t love that?)
  2. Soul Warding– IPWS is a gateway to this very nice talent. First it reduces the cooldown by 4 seconds and then it reduces the cost by 30% (though the mana cost is being nerfed soon *sigh*) But even still our shield is now easily spammed and cheaper to cast, making the spamming viable. So its all win to me. Coupled with the increase in effectiveness it makes shielding very sexy.
  3. Renewed Hope– This is to me a stroke of genius talent at 2 points. First, you get a 4% boost to crit. on Flash Heal, Greater Heal, and Penance if your target has the weakened soul debuff (and if you are MT or OT healing they really should have it almost all the time). Second, when you cast shield you 100% to reduce damage to your raid by 3% for 20 sec. For 20 sec you reduce damage to your entire raid.
  4. Rapture- When your shield is completely absorbed (IE it all gets eaten by damage) you get mana back! (while I liked the old version, this is still a mana giver and really does feed into their image of Disc being the shield masters) If it does get completely taken you will give your target; rage, mana, energy, or runic power all based on their class. This is a great offset to the old warrior complaint that preshielding them, kept them from generating rage ergo generating threat.
  5. Borrowed Time– First is the spell haste component, an additional 25% haste to your next spell cast after Shield. Second, is the lovely additional absorption to shield, a full 40% of your spellpower. (Yum!)

Pain Suppression does reduce their threat by 5% but in with the changes that have been made to threat I haven’t had a problem throwing this on the tank yet. For the meager sacrifice of this 5% threat, your target gains 40% damage mitigation. As a side benefit they also get a 65% chance to resist dispel. (great for pvp not so much for pve) While it only lasts 8 secs I can confirm it has saved my tank many times (Sarth +3 and Razorscale)

Divine Aegis creates a little glowy bubble around the target. (Yay! for more bubbles.) This one is worth 30% of the crit. heal you land on your target. More damage reduction is all win to me.

Grace, stacking up to 3 times for 15 seconds increases all healing to the target by 3%. What triggers this tank loving spell you ask? Why our favorite heals of course;Β  Flash Heal, Greater Heal, and Penance. This is great, not just for our own spells to be more effective, but makes the most of another healers spells as well.

Power Infusion, I think of this as the priest innervate. When cast on yourself or another it is a 20% spell haste and mana reduction! Lets think on this a moment. We make our spells cost us less and cast it faster? Yes pleass! I’ve used this with a holy priest and druid for a Kel’thuzad kill. It was yummy to them for sure.

Improved Flash Heal is a talent meant to prove to us more that we are all about fast spells. (you know in case theΒ  hasting talents didn’t prove it to you already πŸ˜‰ ) It reduces mana cost and increases the crit. if your target is on his way to dead (aka 50% or below)

Well, yes our heal numbers might not be where the holy priests are. A druid may beat me out on the heal meter every fight. But you know what? Looking back over the disc talents I really do think we still sparkle. Remember our bread and butter is shield. If you are on Main Tank or even off tank heals keep a shield on them. Its a beautiful buffer for splash damage, glyphed its a nice small heal as well. Embrace the changes to Disc. Embrace your inner bubble!

Summary? We sparkle like diamonds baby!

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  1. Do you have a subscribe link to your blog somewhere I can hit up?

  2. I couldn’t agree more. As a Healing Lead I do look through our meters just to get an idea what was done throughout the night, but as I’ve told Healers 100 times I could care less about where they are on the meter. I care if they listened, followed instructions, and if their assignment lived or not. This can be hard to get through people’s heads though, they think if their on the top then they’re the best. Tell that to a Disc Priest that at the bottom but probably mitigated more damage then that number one healer healed. /end rant.

    Again great post!

    • @ Blessing I know you meant yours for the one on Healing meters but I can’t move it over unfortunately 😦 But still thank you I appreciate it.

  3. Blah wrong post, I apologize. I could of sworn I had Measuring Your Healy pulled up. Ignore or delete my comment. Again I’m sorry.

  4. Lenelie, this is a great overview of a Disc priest’s strong points. πŸ™‚ Thanks for writing it up!

  5. Yep. We sparkle. πŸ™‚

    Nice post. I like the writing style too.

    Gobble gobble.

    • @ Chris first let me thank you for telling Matt how to make it a feed, and me by the way since I didn’t know either πŸ™‚ and thanks I felt like we needed a little love.
      @ Bob We sparkle like diamonds baby! πŸ˜‰

  6. Good post – I’m the RL, Healing lead and Disc priest in my guild. Don’t mind the bottom of the healing meter – the bubbles added in puts me in the top 3 every time. I’m really enjoying the spammable PW: S – not looking forward to the mana cost nerf. I’m squeeking by at the end of some fights with ~10% of my mana pool left. Suppose I’m going to have to start fighting for a lil more MP5 gear.

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