The One Skill Every Raider Needs

Don’t Stand in the FIRE! or Situational awareness (but I like the more dramatic don’t stand here)

I know it seems silly, almost elementary. But thinking on your last raid how many times did you hear a Raid Lead yell (or say in an awesome Aussie accent ❤ Tay), “MOVE out if the fire”? No, its not always fire, but the concept is the same; something on the ground is going to get you killed. Let’s take a deeper look at the Move mechanic in Northrend raiding.

We can all admit Naxx has made us lazy raiders. We don’t have to worry about mana so much, there aren’t a lot of move mechanics. The ones that do exist are pretty obvious (ok well if you have DeadlyBossMod or other boss mod AND you should).

Thadius: Debuff shows when your polarity shifts, assuming you paid attention when your raid gave out which side to be on and which way to move (every raid I’ve been on uses the counter-clockwise movement) then you should be fine. It’s all about paying attention to debuff (postive and negative). Again I love DBM for the loud noise and alert I get for this. Remember to stack! More buff when you hug the person next to you (+30 dkp if you actually emote it! 😉 )

Four Horsemen: In the back you’ve got to watch the giant black (or grey) void zones.

Saph: you have to move out of the ice shard blizzard. Not too difficult as it moves around the room semi slowly.

Eye of Eternity:Malygos is a little different you have two MOVE moments to worry about. Phase 1 sparks, this will go contrary to what we are used to. That’s right we want you to stand IN the sparky on the ground. Then in the Drake phase we want you to NOT stand in the sparky. Sparky dead on the ground? Good. Sparky floating towards you making you hurt? Bad.

Sarth +3, the mother of all move fights (to this point at least). Flame walls + small blue void zones = movement fun for all! This is one fight where I like to have my max distance and spell detail down! There isn’t a lot to say other than MOVE immediately when the waves come up, to a safe spot. MOVE immediately if you are in a void zone. There is no “Oh let me get this spell off” no you move and you move now. The void zones go on until you get the drakes down, after which you get a break from the zones and just have to worry about the flame walls (which should be manageable). My only big suggestion with this Move, don’t stand near the sides. You won’t have as much reaction time to the walls if you do.

Now that I’ve covered content (I hope) most of you have seen, it’s time to delve into Ulduar. I’ll be going over only the fights I have actual experience with.

Razorscale: It’s BLUE fire and I love it. Our sentinel tank stays in the center and manages to keep the fire concentrated there, only Mach and I (the disc team as I like to think of it) handling the move. Still the fire doesn’t always like to cooperate with the center so keep your eyes peeled. Remember Blue= Move.

XT: The Tantrum throwing robot likes to toss out debuffs to mess up your DPS parties. (Bliz knows DPS likes to sit in one spot and just go wild.) Light Bomb: will make you do damage to everyone around you…MOVE away from everyone (DBM has a range tracker that helps /range and then right click the ranger to set it to 15 yard). Gravity Bomb: a lovely little debuff that will pull those around you to you for the bomb. We like to designate a particular place to move to example: If you are the Melee underneath XT run straight back. Range is split on the left and right sides and runs further to their respective sides. So when I am on the Left side I run 15 yards or so away to the left away from everyone.

Ignis Trash– Move away from the glowing cyclones of bouncing death. I ignored this rule to heal once. The damned thing bounced me in the air, did damage to me, bouncing me in its path. Don’t learn the hard way just move.

Antechamber Trash: Red runes on the ground = move. Yes they can be healed through. But trust me healers aren’t going to be happy you can’t manage to see a glowing red run under your feet. (no hugs to the person who gets told over vent to move and refuses)

Kologarn: Laser beams of DOOOM. Two laser beams will shoot out and move towards each other. Whoever they meet up on has the beams, AND (you guessed it) MOVES. Not only do the beams want to kill the person under them (thus why you are running for dear life) they cause rubble to jump around them damaging people nearby. This takes the moving to a new level as you can’t just run willy-nilly you have to move FAST and so that you aren’t putting the lasers near your friends (and healers thank you). As a side note: DBM will announce you have the Lasers if you are getting splashed by the rubble, even if they aren’t directly targeting you so please keep an eye out to be sure you really are the target.

Iron Council: Room of the Runes. Tanks will have the most to worry about in this room. Stormbreaker has a lot going on with him with his Fusion Punch and healers are going to be all over the dispel and healing. But when he puts down the giant blue glowing on the ground, tank it is time to move your buff self to get him off that rune. Blue run = tank death. He is going to hit you too hard too fast for heals to save you (not just because I find he tends to do them in tandum with the Punch). Then for everyone else you have to watch the big green rune of death on the ground (with a name like that you know you don’t want to be inside it). Overcharges mean get your buns away as well. This sort of reminds me of Sarth +3, multiple movements needed to get away from the pain and stay alive.

Overall Blizzard has keep with the notion that there will be no sitting there doing nothing but pewpew. Situational awareness is key to victory. Look for the ‘fire’ and move. Not only are you saving yourself, you are saving a healer’s mana

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  1. I’m sensing a common theme here 🙂

    We’ve killed her about 100 times but every time we’re killing Grand Widow Fae I have to say/type, “Fire from sky = bad” or similar at least twice.

    Love Saph’s blizzard, it looks so cool!

    • Never fails at least once during a raid you will have to say it. Uld is no different 🙂

  2. Ooh, I love Sapphy too.. But I love it on my Retadin a lot more than on my Priest. It’s just a fight where I can totally take care of myself w/o the healers worrying too much about me. Besides, getting out of Blizzard as melee is as easy as running through Sapphy. As a caster though, it’s the whole issue of skirting the circumference of it to get back in healing range of the tank.

    • Sap is great I love the fight not just because I get to wear a swanky blue dress usually.



    Sounds like a bad guild name. Nice blog, good read

    • That would be an awesome guild name! Of course anything with ‘of doom” is full of win 😉

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