The Prominence of CC returns

We’ve spoiled our mages, our hunters, our druids and our rogues. We have let them run wild in a dps land where tanks will hold a room and they need not worry about crowd control. CC in 5 mans? Perhaps if you have an undergeared group and even then I don’t recall a time I’ve seen it done. CC in Naxx? *laughs* Noooo. CC in…I think you get my point. Otherwise I’ll continue with the broken record of where you don’t see CC.

CC doesn’t return until Uld. *dances* That’s right! I like CC! I said it you can hate me now. *waits for the rotten fruit* Its not that I don’t like seeing my dpsers up on the tops killing to their hearts content. Its just…*looks around to be sure the mage is out of the room* I like it when you know there are little fluffy animals running around a raid looking cute. And it does separate your dps into the skilled or drone categories.

Imagine if you will a disc priest with single minded determination to kill (heal) her targets to death (life) looking across the room to the computer next to her and notice the mage looking…nervous. Why in the name of all that is holy is the mage nervy? Oh well its Ignis and he has to do more than DPS! Something about breaking molten brittle things or something along with the Boomkin (oversized chicken) rooting adds.

Usually I don’t pay attention to the raid directions that don’t pertain to my role (mostly because we are giving out last minute heal assignments and I do have to pay attention to that instead.) Tuesday was different I listed and realized I want to see the rest of Uld really bad. We cc the adds in Ignis (rooting totally counts)and the trash in Antechamber (random polymorph macros for the win!). Watching the hub keep his target sheeped…made me happy. It certainly reminded me to be aware the roles others play in the raid.

It all goes back to situational awareness does it? That’s my theme this month. CC reminds me to be aware of the mobs in the area a bit more than I normally am. That means you DPS, remember not to attack with aoe abilities when there are cute cuddlies wandering the battlefield, stun swirlies above their head, roots holding them in place, etc.

And now some words for the mage hub.

“As a mage it never gets old to hear sorry thought it was a vorpal bunny really…..sigh”  –Fid

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  1. hahaz, yeah.. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the nice moon symbol on top of mobs. Our mage was pretty hyped up today when we asked for a sheep pull on the Antechamber group trash. I just made sure to get him all bubbled up for re-assurance as he inched his way into range.. trembling as he went lol. Of course the tanks taunted straight off him, but still.. he sighed in relief real loud on vent.. =P

    • Its nice to see mages doing something during a pull again. Get your mage to get one of those nifty random polymorphs for it too 😉

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