Atls? Who has alt? I got alts!

With the hub out of town and safely away from internet access *cackles* Its time to share a secret with you. I’m leveling alts again! *dances*

Don’t get me wrong I love Zhavi to bits and pieces. But as I’ve said; I like the feeling of accomplishment that leveling an alt has. And possibly because the Hub made me promise not to level my Death Knight while he was out of town. Some nonsense about leveling with his rogue or something silly like that. (Although he gives my jewelcrafting dailies a pass)

So what do we have to level? I’ve dusted off Delith the wee druid (feral spec for leveing) and gotten her to the low 40s. (Wed will see me in ZF for a speed run) and because there is only so much rest exp to go around Elisadra the char I made simply to sign a friend’s guild charter months and months ago gets to further her connection to the elements via totems. (she gets a speed run through SM Wed after Del is done)

My plan is to get Del and Eli to 80 one day and have all 3 of the heal classes that interest me covered. I hear Frendan talk about how Pally healing is just spamming one button over and over, No thank you. Besides it will give Cruzor more ammo shoot at me for not leveling Illisan when I have a perfectly good 71 hunter waiting to be leveled. The Hub reminds me I have Illisan and Pookie who are soo close to 80 and just need a little work…<.< One day my dps team will return. Just…hmmm look it’s a bird! *points out the window and runs to log into her baby alts*

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  1. Ever do the “refer a friend” thing? Linked accounts are AMAZING!!! 3x xp from quests and mob kills… As long as you’re within a certain distance.

    • I keep pondering it but it would require me to A. Buy the game again and B pay for another subscription. I’m just too cheap to do it 🙂

  2. LOL! Well, another option is getting a friend newly addicted 🙂 Because in order to get the buffs you have to be within 100 yds.

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