Attack of the pet peeves!!!

It’s Thursday and I have the post midweek blahs. *runs screaming in terror*

1. If you are not the raid leader, don’t give directions/instructions. (This means you overzealous player unaware of the strat your group is using) Wait and let the person who is supposed to give out the strat do so.

2. If you aren’t the person giving out the strat and placement don’t talk over or type to people countermanding what the RL has said. (Oh this happened this week even. It made me grrr in rl. Listened to the raid lead give someone directions and was made aware another dps was giving counter directions on placement to the player…grrr)

3. The middle of a raid is not a good time to pick a pissing contest with a lead. (Man you would think as much as I bitch about people ignoring, talking over leads…that I was a lead. I’m not. Thankfully.) There is a time and place for every conversation, mid fight? Not so much.

4. Before you start randomly blaming people for why something failed, take a moment and think. The more you blame other people the more I think you are at fault. So instead of playing the blame game, play the what can we change game.

5. Hi dead person on the ground *waves* I see you have decided not to release your body while everyone else in the raid as run back. Truth is, I noticed this the last 5 wipes. Release and run back with the rest of us, the faster we are all back in action the faster that boss dies. (Exceptions will be made. I rez the hub most total boss wipes, with the understanding he is getting my soda or ice-cream as payment.)

6. My nerves can handle only so many voices coming over vent yelling at me to do different things. *eyes the overzealous raid instruction people* So when I have 4 people calling out conflicting orders, I get…snippy. Designate who is going to call out over vent and if you aren’t it, zip it! (Healers/off tanks calling out they are gripped/hot potted are exempt because the raid needs to know to pick up that role while they are)

7. Leave the QQ for someone that cares, because nothing makes me want to introduce you to ignore faster than some serious raid long QQ.

There are more peeves. But seriously if you knew how persnickety I am you would commit me so hmm…done!

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  1. Ugh. I really hate when people can’t just let the RL, you know, LEAD.

    If you have an alternate strategy idea, send a tell to the RL. Don’t confuse people over vent.

    The worst is when people call for wipes. The ONLY person who should call a wipe is the RL! Other people calling for wipes just confuses the people who are still trying to scrape through the encounter.

    Also, if I have to run back to my body as a rezzer, then guess what – you get to as well! Hurrah! Suck it up.

  2. As an Officer and Lead I can’t tell you how much you hit it right on the head.

    Nothing is more annoying then having to talk over someone, or have someone try to give out instructions just to feel important. Those that feel they need to call out orders over their leads, can drive any lead insane!

    Glad to see someone else feels the same way I do!

  3. It seems to have gotten a lot worse lately. Or its just my patience for it has worn out.

  4. Good advice for “overzealous” people like me. 🙂

  5. Dox you are a bunnykins and have yet to make me want to strangle you during a raid. Because I assure you the people under my skin have 😉

  6. As a raidlead I find it really really hard to sit in the backseat when I join pugs. But I do it, I go off on rants about it to my boyfriend who is generally joining me on the pug runs, but I do sit in the back.

    Then again..I have had times where I joined a pug and the person who got everybody together just wasn’t leading. In fact nobody was leading. So there have been occasions where I picked up.

    Luckily in my own group we all get to give our say. We discuss tactics, but in the end I make the calls. I’m glad it doesn’t happen too often that I have to do so.

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