Feel the Power…Auras

Renewed Hope!

Renewed Hope!

I have begun my tentative experiment in the use of Power Auras. Too many UI shots with nice HUDs made me decide perhaps I will try it out.

I’ve started with a little ring to show me when Renewed Hope is up. A nice purple glowy ring around me. Which I should have up at all times. Thus, I picked a color I was extra fond of.

This also lets you get a look at how my very day UI looks. TA DA! nothing too drastic. Power Auras is my lastest toy and I found in Uld Monday it really did help me keep up shield more. For Thorim we’ve been running a strat that has me just chain casting mass dispells. I wasn’t tossing enough shields in my spamming dispell really to keep the 3% up before. The glowying reminder came in handy. Situational perhaps, but still I am thinking of setting up Prayer of Mending this way too to pop up an image when it is off cooldown when in combat. We’ll see how it goes and if I don’t find the flashing lights more bother than help.

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  1. Power Auras Classic is my favorite addon. There is just so many neat things you can do with it and it looks good.

    Consider changing your Renewed Hope to only display if it’s not up and your in combat. Also note that in the Timer tab you can choose to display a count down timer for the remaining duration on your Renewed Hope.

    If you do Holy spec at all POWA is awesome for displaying Surge of Light procs and glyphed Guardian Spirit being off cool down.

    Gobble gobble.

    • You know I ran Visual Alert when I was holy because I really did keep missing those procs. I’ll change the set up on Renewed Hope tonight. But I’ll admit I like having more glowying rings around me 😉

      I have my off-spec set to shadow, it was my first love after all. I just don’t play it enough *sighs* darn healer shortages 😉

  2. Psst, now you and Fid need to go get ClassTimer.


  3. Great advice!!! I’ve got a new toy to play with tonight lol

    • Ohhh so I ran across this video about setting it up by Big Red Kitty! And while I was looking for one for my Hunter Illisan I think even having a good video how-to is worth it!

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