PTR Disc changes

Ok all I’m going to touch on is the priest changes.

The reason for the change on Prayer of Healing has got to be the Tier 8 2 piece set. That is all I can think of. The good people at Plus Heal have calculated it to be a 1K lose of healing. That freaking hurts as a disc priest sometimes charged with group healing for say…HODIR!

I just plain hate them for the 2 sec change to Penance it is a complete nerf to the glyph which reduces the cooldown. Look out for  Blizz to take the glyph away from us as well.

Their reasoning for these two drastic changes? My money is on pvp. Blizz really does a piss poor job balancing pvp vs pve content. I may not play Warhammer anymore but the one thing that game did well was balance the two aspects of the game. They accepted they were a pvp game and all their pve instances balanced on of pvp.  So an encounter was properly tooled for your abilities. Blizz? not so good at tooling their encounters after nerfing. Oh sure they have nerfed Uld, but I’m not so sure you will see the touted “Bring the player, not the class” surviving with these nerfs. If I can’t successfully heal my group in Hodir why bring me if we already have 2 pally healers for the tank? You wouldn’t you’d bring a better aoe healer. Say a shammy since they are buffing them. Which is great when you have shammies that sign up!

As you can tell I am not pleased. We’ll see if they make it live. But after the nerfing to the ground Beast Mastery got and they ignored the hunter community saying they didn’t understand the numbers being used. I don’t have any faith they list to people or hope. I’ll just roll with the kidney shot to my heals.

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  1. Balacing PvE and PvP is a common issue with MMORPGs. The solution appears to be to have skills/abilities behave slightly differently in each fora.

    I wonder if Blizzard will come to the same conclusion.

    Gobble gobble.

    • I think it is one of those things. To stay relevant you look at what your competitors did. It was obvious when WoW launched they looked at what EQ did that people hated and solved those issues. ie death xp loss, fighting for spawns on every boss, etc I think it would be wise of Blizz to continue to do so with newer games out regardless if they beat them on market share or not.

      I always wonder if the breakdown is because while I live on a “carebear” server I don’t see that their pvp issues are rampant on pvp servers just walking around instead of confined to BGs and Arenas?

  2. I think the breakdown comes because of the different abilities/skills required in-game for the two environments.

    Movement/snare and spike damage in pvp vs long duration damage and healing in pve. Snares and ability lockouts are only slightly useful in pve, but essential in pvp. Conversely synergistic raid buffs and slow build-up of damage abilites are not so useful in pvp.

    Or something like that.

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