A Restrospect on Taste of Tacoma 2009

Well first off, I overslept my preplanned time to get there 30 min after it started and instead got to the Taste at 12:30 in some blistering heat. The crowds were already there and the music playing. I loved that they had multiple stages going on splitting people up and in the shade for one of the stages.

Let me say I was sad to see Porter’s BBQ wasn’t there this year. Their Man Sauce is some spicy stuff and I like testing myself vs occasionally.

I started the day with Crepe Thyme’s Cinnamon Sugar Crepes. I had skipped breakfast (and honestly it was on purpose). It was tasty and good but I regretted it. Mostly because it was a bit too much like an elephant ear but not as cinnamony. Still good, but I should’ve gone for their chocolate or nutella masterpieces instead.

The hub and I shared a Steak Philly Cheese sammy from Sizzlin’ Phillies which was good but not great. But then in their defense Fid has had them from their home state and has high standards.

My overall favorite food from the bite? Ohh wait for it…Tandoor’s Kabab Stick. Oh it was soooo good. And with this spicy sauce that was just fab. I can’t go on enough about how amazingly tasty this was. The hub promised to take me back to their restaurant for more food soon.

But wait I told you about the Wine and Roses and I assure you I did not miss it this year! I got introduced to a great new winery with my first sip!.  Barefoot Winery had this wonderfully light and fresh Moscato. I really did fall in love with the wine. I also tried a lovely port, Pink! which had a very nice peppery affect. The roses were in bloom and the heat really make their bouquet a pleasure. The hub and I sat in the shade taking in the cool breeze filled with roses and the riot of color around us as a jazz band played by the winery stands. *sighs* it was simply divine. I’m not a vinophile (go urban dictionary but it really was a pure pleasure. No drags on our time no where to be but there, and there was shady, tasty, and a pleasure for the senses.

I planned to end the Taste with a strawberry shortcake, but it was just a mass of strawberry syrup and sticky overly sweet blah. It was my only downer. I ended it instead Kaleenka Piroshky. I had my first piroshky with cheese and potatoes. Very good I was honestly impressed it was delicate flavors inside and even on a hot day it was yummy.

Overall the Taste was an improvement over last year. I LOVED the Burt’s Bees tent! Which was a life saver since they were giving out sunscreen lotion. (With my super fair skin I burn FAST). I will say it works since I forgot to put some on before we left (I blame the oversleeping) and it did help minize the burn. (afterall I had been in the sun for over an hour before I got the lotion on. I credit it for keeping the burn from being worse AND I didn’t blister like normal)

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