Madness Reigns

Ulduar Base Camp Triage-

Zhavi paused adjusting the cloth band between her horns, shoving more hair back into place before moving to the next screaming soldier. Soldier wasn’t the word for it. These were bands of adventurers, friends she had walked into Ulduar with, intent on ending Yogg-Saron’s threat. Freezing wind buffeted the cloak clasped tight at her shoulders. Again, Zhavi muttered a prayer to the Naaru and Light that her hooves didn’t register the frigid rock under them. Another scream brought her back to the moment and away from the now forgotten prayer.

Most of the screams were incoherent raving, sometimes though a friend would call out clear as day with threats and pleading. Mach’s voice split the air above the others; words of power coursed through the sound. Zhavi couldn’t make out the words and didn’t need to. Light flashed around the restrained dwarf in pulses. Maddened and deranged, the Light still answers his call creating small novas of Light around Mach.

On the edge of the makeshift triage, Mach’s cot was furthest from the others; shielding them from the attacks centered on him. Zhavi looked back to find another healer to help her sooth Mach but they seemed further away deeper in the rows of cots tending others. Shielding herself before stepping forward, Zhavi grabbed the bottom of the cot and began straining to drag it further away, away from the others, away from the warmth of the base fires, away. Light blasting her hands, Zhavi left him below the great broken bridge leading to Ulduar. As the Light pulsed, snow melted in a perfect circle around Mach.

“This isn’t how we were supposed to end this.” Wearily Zhavi returns to the rest of the cots, turning back for one last look at Mach, there is a small fire lit by his cot. But I didn’t light the fire. Swift as the thought comes, it is forgotten as if taken by the now howling winds. Weaving between cots, Zhavi hastily looks at the wounds of her fallen comrades. The other healers farther away still. So many bodies…so many wounds. We went in to stop the madness.

Her eyes too blurry from exhaustion to make out faces Zhavi began taking count of the bodies, matching armor to names. Countless time spent with friends training, drilling, preparing for their attacks in both Naxx and Uld, she knew their armors well. Her mind begain to float as it ticked off names as Zhavi moved from cot to cot, remembering the final encounter before their retreat to this frozen camp.


Tay stood in the center of the room, reviewing the strategy one last time, everyone splayed around him in a circle. The grey stone of the General’s room stealing their warmth, stained glass shards littered the floor. Everyone’s, but Med’s and his healers’ face was turned to Tay watching and listening intently. Med and his small group of seven healers tilted their heads down reviewing their healing assignments. Med and Tay had already gone over the strategy and Tay trusted Med to ensure the healer’s knew their job and kept everyone alive.

Tay reached the end of his debriefing, “You all know others have come here before, claiming to kill Yogg. You’ve all fought Hodir and Thorim and seen what lies Yogg can force you to believe. We go in there to stop this, we go to kill Yogg once and for all. DON’T let the madness get you. Freya has promised refuge in her green light, if your nerve frays get to the light!”


Tentacles whipped the air, smacking into anything nearby. Others grasped bodies lifting them into the air, coiling tighter, before slamming the body back to the ground viciously. Screams and wails filled the air, disciplined strategy lost. There are more injuries than Zhavi can heal, more magic leaching the life for friends and diseases sapping their strength than she can dispel. Eyes flicking in each direction, shielding each body her eyes glimpse. Trying to save friends in the maddening combat.

Maddens reigns the battlefield, too late she spares a moment for her own nerves. Feels them fraying under the weight of so many dead. Glancing back at the green glow behind her Zhavi begins making her way towards it. A tentacle slashed the air behind her blocking the path.

Green light bathed Zhavi in an eerie light but nerves were calmer. The frantic pace hadn’t changed nor the screams of the injured or maddened. The magic and disease around Yogg was destroying everyone as effectively as the tentacles sprouting from the stone. Another pulse and friends turned on friend. Zhavi felt the numbing cold of shadow magic sapping her. Not bothering to turn she let out a horrific scream, the sound chasing the closest enemies (once friends) from her.

Most of the band was dead or dying. The day was surely lost. Zhavi mind was losing focus again as she battled to heal the few remaining surviors and fend off the attacks of her once friends. Zhavi backed up; placing the door they had all entered in through with such grand intentions at her back. Araella’s plated form suddenly looked before her. Zhavi tired to discern if the paladin was still friend or foe before but was too slow as a bubble enveloped her. She watched as Arae’s lifeless form fell to the ground in front of her, unseeing eyes fixed on Zhavi still.

Cut off from the fray, helpless to do anything Zhavi watched as the last few valiantly fought on before succumbing either to madness or their wounds. It was cold inside her bubble. Heart beats passed. Yogg, unable to sense her inside the paladin’s final protection, sank once more below the stone floor; an innocent enough looking giantess taking his place.


Screams broke Zhavi’s remembering, bringing her back to cots surrounding her. Arae! Yes, I should find Arae, make sure the Light let her return to her body….

Zhavi set off looking again, but the fatigue made it so hard to make out the faces of her friends’; it was hard now even to recognize their armor. The cold was sapping at her even under the cloak, fatigue from the battle, dragging bodies out, and walking endlessly healing the newly resurrected drained her further.

The screaming again, it wouldn’t stop, on and on. Loud in her ears, Zhavi swirled around searching for the voice. Turning this way or that, there was no one screaming. OH! But it was growing louder in her ears. Reaching up to cup her ears from the noise…nothing, something paralyzed Zhavi, holding her fast.

Exhausted nerves give way to feverish panic, muscles straining against invisible restraints her world goes black as the restraints become tighter. In the darkness her throat is sore, her murky thoughts can’t focus as light begins filtering back in. The world was sideways and moving erratically making it difficult for Zhavi to gain her bearings again. The stone floor raising and falling and pale green light nearby seemed so familar. The screams were jarring her mind into focus.

Voice horse, Zhavi’s mind finally registered she was the one screaming. Screaming endlessly as her body was tossed in the grip of a tentacle. She was still inside Yogg, her friends still dying, some warped by Yogg’s magic into attacking their own comrads. With renewed vigor she began screaming with a deeper fear and terror. Her own screams the last thing her mind registering before the world went black plunging her into sweet oblivion.

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Burn Baby Burn!

It is that time of the year! The weather is hot (unbearably so in some places) and the outdoors are calling. Lots of people are taking time out of their gaming and raiding to poke their heads outside of the house/apt. But when is it just a summer vacation from a sign a true burnout? There are a lot of factors that contribute to burnout.

  1. Real life– it happens to the best of us 😉 Sometimes this is in the controlf of the gamer but often times it is not. Look at the rash of WoW bloggers who are putting down not just blogging but WoW as well to instead focus on their RL and family. Life-Game balance is essential.
  2. Progression Walls– if you hit a progression wall this tends to burn people out. Each raid group is different. We all want to break the wall and move on but look closely at the time commitment you are asking your raiders to give to that wall. 6 hrs straight wiping to the same encounter will burn people out.
  3. Attitude– Progression walls (and the hours upon hours spent trying to break them) lead to cranky, catty gamers. Trust me on this! Listening to a raid tear at each other frays the nerves. (I know its not just me.)
  4. Stale Content-Perhaps you have the opposite problem you have been raiding the same content relentlessly and it is on farm now. Your raiders have done the same bosses over and over and over (Naxx caused this for A LOT of people pre-Uld)
  5. Future Content Leaks– I have a RL friend and fellow raider (though not with my raid grp if you are wondering) who finds it hard to be motivated to raid when the patch (including new content, raiding, and gear) is coming up fast. Personally, I blame Blizz for this. Other than wanting to see Yogg down (ok I want my mace, but it is going to be like the Sunwell bow I can just tell!) why fight to get gear you can immediately replace by just doing 5 man content!?! His point is good, it saps the motivation to get the content you are currently in done.
  6. Class Boredom– From experience I can tell you I notice this more with tanks and healers than dps (not to say dps don’t get it but experience tells me it takes longer for them) Take our tank Soulecho, who pointed out this weekend that he has been tanking for 3 yrs now and would like to move to his shaman for our farm content.
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Zhavi’s Week Round UP!

YEEHA! 😉 These last few weeks have been killer man but some semblance of normalacy has returned! I even raided twice this week and have another played Friday!

Man having a week off of raiding certainly gives perspective.

  1. I hate staying up late when I have to be up early in the morning. (note I hate it in the morning not the night before 😉 )
  2. A week off has not helped my nerves at all. In fact…I think it is worse. (I completely lack patience)

Of  Worgen and Goblins

I seem to have completely missed the drama about will they or won’t they add Worgen/Goblins in the next xpac. Data-mined images of worgen and goblin Halloween masks tipped this all off. Which amuses me, that the addition of masks for Halloween automatically equals new playable race in our collective minds. To my mind it just means more masks to collect for the achievement. Other blogs have gone over the well reasoned arguments for and against adding these races. Stroll on over to the following two for a more in depth analysis. (btw I agree with Anna)


Too Many Annas

On Being a Jerk in a Social Game and Writing a Paper to Hide It

Syd of WoM found a paper written by a PhD. Take a moment to go read her article and if you can stomach it the article she linked to as well. I won’t defend people threatening this person in or out of the game. However, the writer’s (in the article not Syd to be very clear) inablity to understand why their actions would bother/upset the people he is griefing flabergast me.

I have very strong opinions as to this person’s sincerity and ability to interact meaningfully with other humanbeings if they lack the smallest shred of empathy. But, I think they are lying about not understanding and rejoice in what they do,  causings others problems in a social environment, and are at heart a closet bully. Which I know are all wild personal accusations about the nature of the person. My stance is simple, if you do things that cause other pain/distress/inconvience and you cannot understand why they would be bothered/upset with you about this when you do it maliciously and consistantly then I honestly think there is a problem with your psychological make up.  There are a few different mental disorders which cause/result in a person to lack empathy for other human beings. I could be wrong but I don’t think this person honestly falls into this set. Likely they are using this paper to excuse bad behavior and are willfully ignoring social norms. (and I do believe that MMOs are at their base new communities with their own set of mores.)

In most cases this person would be shrugged off as a forum troll, publishing this article under the guise of academia however just worsens my opinion of them. Academia isn’t steeped in internet culture to understand the context of this person’s actions to truly be able to judge their actions and players responses. It is a very flimsy premise for a paper without establishing the accepted mores of the MMO community he is operating in. (as by his own words he doesn’t seem to understand them) Ultinately, I think the article and my reaction to it says far more about who I am as a person than it does of the guy writing it.

In Closing

I am super, super concerned about making a good showing tomorrow in my crap cobbled together gear. But! I figure hell can’t be that bad can it?…(don’t answer 😉 ) I’m pondering another rp story and I still need to give you my Forgotten Realms rant…Ahh it will be a busy writing weekend for sure!

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Life in the Geek Lane

The hub spent last week juggling rl dramas and cleaning/rearranging our entire house. He honestly deserves a medal for managing to get it all done, especially with the extreme distractions sent his way during the week. Now the house thing was going to get done anyways but a crunch time got given as WotC came to video tape our gaming group.

The three people that came were really peachy1 camera expert, 1 WotC marketing researcher, and 1 research interviewer. If I had to do it again I would jump at it full force. (not just because I think anyone in a hobby loves the idea of contributing to it) I got interviewed about being a dm as well. Like all interviews; it is over and now I am thinking of a zillion things I couldn’t stated better or mentioned etc. Still it was a great experience. (Although I felt horrible we don’t have AC and it was miserably hot all night)

And thinking of DMing, my Sat group tacked me down about the game I am planning out to run to them. They all know it is going to be set in Forgotten Realms (yes I am a fan girl, the first step is admitting it right?) I’ve convinced them to let me run a thematic campaign and so they all get to be…dragonborn starting at level 5. ( I never like starting at lvl 1 just eh to me)

The hub found me an awesome new online tool to track the game as well. Obsidian Portal I love the idea of it. I’ll be using it for this campaign to see how it works. Anything that makes my life easier when it comes to tracking information is a win in my book. Thought I’d share it with anyone else looking to start up a campaign soon.

So that is what has been going on in my little corner of RL this weekend.

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Tier 9 Priests

Tier 9 Models *sigh* All I have to say is…really? REALLY? You rocked my world for the tier look in BC. Rocked it full on woohoo rocking and this is what you give me?

They just look dull and boring. Where are the priesty wings and halos? Oh and I read them whine about how it is resource and time consuming to make new models…blah blah.” Ohhh we made horde and alliance different.”  Recycle the models we liked then! Make Zhavi a mysterious angel of light again! I’d personally like a purple and silver look k?

I know it seems silly…but think about this devs. We sit here and stare at our characters for hourse on end day after day. Give us something pretty to look at. Seriously.

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Weekend Hunter Fun

Let the record show that Illisan has made level 80. Weee and I did my first pug breaking myself in with VoA 25man. For being in a mix of blues and BT purples I didn’t to too badly.(Bit the bullet bought dual spec and got myself a nice cookie cutter survival to start with) BM is being reserved for my around town spec 😉

Alas, I do not have Office suite at home and haven’t been able to make use of the very spiffy Shandara’s spreadsheets. Work blocks EJ so I can’t be sneaky at work either. *sighs* I’m thinking downloading it to a thumb drive and taking it to work to look at.

With the notes from PTR showing that cats are getting a dps boot I’ve decided not to tame a wolf. They are too ulgy and offend my sense of cute. I missed out on the worgen taming 😦 Bliz has taken away the ability to tame them and I’m ok with that. I don’t need a pet as tall as I am. *shakes head* It is bad enough that draenei are taller than me now…*fumes*

Of course you know…now I have to level my druid 😉

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The Attack of Real Life!

Man this week was hell! At work I was boxing and shipping 26 boxes of over 1,ooo garments for a charity we do on top of my regular job. *rubs her back*

Thursday the hub and I both miss our raid because we are stuck with picking him up after he had to work late (having only 1 car sucks, I dream of vespas in the summertime) I hate not making it to a raid I am scheduled for and not being able to inform anyone. I was so tired after said packing that my body cried for some tylanol and the bed, do not pass go, do not log into vent. So I got on Friday to let people know.

I’m still sore as all get out. I’m taking the bus this summer which means I’m walking 5 miles every day. Which ROCKS for my health (see up side) but sucks for me being hot and sweaty when I come home right at raid invite time. Luckily we start 30  min ahead of time which means log in, get on the griff and go jump in the shower.

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How would you handle a meters chaser?

This is to all the raid leaders out there *taps on the screen* I have a situation for you and would like your input.

Scenario: You are in a raid that has wiped twice.

Healer in raid channel: I rock the heals! I’m at the top of the chart.

Healer in healer channel: Hmm what is my assignment? I am I suppose to heal the raid or am I assigned to a tank.

Heal Lead: You are assigned to the tank that keeps dying.

Healer: Oh! Well I’ve been healing the raid and rocking it.

This happened this week. I’m not saying it happened to me or if it happened to a group I am good friends with. All I’m saying is it happened.

How would you as the Raid Lead handle knowing this healer twice ignored the announcement of assignments and healed whoever they wanted. Would you do anything at all? Would you take it up with them in private? Would you make it a public display since it caused the entire raid to wipe twice? And of course…why?

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