Tier 9 Priests

Tier 9 Models *sigh* All I have to say is…really? REALLY? You rocked my world for the tier look in BC. Rocked it full on woohoo rocking and this is what you give me?

They just look dull and boring. Where are the priesty wings and halos? Oh and I read them whine about how it is resource and time consuming to make new models…blah blah.” Ohhh we made horde and alliance different.”  Recycle the models we liked then! Make Zhavi a mysterious angel of light again! I’d personally like a purple and silver look k?

I know it seems silly…but think about this devs. We sit here and stare at our characters for hourse on end day after day. Give us something pretty to look at. Seriously.

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  1. Mostly, I wish female priests could get an outfit that wasn’t midriff-baring.

    Also, think about it this way: the way Blizzard has designed the tier sets, you’re actually supposed to want different gear, so you won’t be wearing them very long (if at all) anyway…

    • Its not just the tier sets its the overall look in LK. Just because I am wearing heavier clothing because its FRAKING cold out there doesn’t mean I suddenly lost my sense of style. I mean really now they could do so much more with the winter wear 😉 Also as you said midriffs? Did we miss the freezing cold snow drifts around LK why would I make dresses like that?

      Ugly AND impractical…total fail there.

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