Zhavi’s Week Round UP!

YEEHA! πŸ˜‰ These last few weeks have been killer man but some semblance of normalacy has returned! I even raided twice this week and have another played Friday!

Man having a week off of raiding certainly gives perspective.

  1. I hate staying up late when I have to be up early in the morning. (note I hate it in the morning not the night before πŸ˜‰ )
  2. A week off has not helped my nerves at all. In fact…I think it is worse. (I completely lack patience)

OfΒ  Worgen and Goblins

I seem to have completely missed the drama about will they or won’t they add Worgen/Goblins in the next xpac. Data-mined images of worgen and goblin Halloween masks tipped this all off. Which amuses me, that the addition of masks for Halloween automatically equals new playable race in our collective minds. To my mind it just means more masks to collect for the achievement. Other blogs have gone over the well reasoned arguments for and against adding these races. Stroll on over to the following two for a more in depth analysis. (btw I agree with Anna)


Too Many Annas

On Being a Jerk in a Social Game and Writing a Paper to Hide It

Syd of WoM found a paper written by a PhD. Take a moment to go read her article and if you can stomach it the article she linked to as well. I won’t defend people threatening this person in or out of the game. However, the writer’s (in the article not Syd to be very clear) inablity to understand why their actions would bother/upset the people he is griefing flabergast me.

I have very strong opinions as to this person’s sincerity and ability to interact meaningfully with other humanbeings if they lack the smallest shred of empathy. But, I think they are lying about not understanding and rejoice in what they do,Β  causings others problems in a social environment, and are at heart a closet bully. Which I know are all wild personal accusations about the nature of the person. My stance is simple, if you do things that cause other pain/distress/inconvience and you cannot understand why they would be bothered/upset with you about this when you do it maliciously and consistantly then I honestly think there is a problem with your psychological make up.Β  There are a few different mental disorders which cause/result in a person to lack empathy for other human beings. I could be wrong but I don’t think this person honestly falls into this set. Likely they are using this paper to excuse bad behavior and are willfully ignoring social norms. (and I do believe that MMOs are at their base new communities with their own set of mores.)

In most cases this person would be shrugged off as a forum troll, publishing this article under the guise of academia however just worsens my opinion of them. Academia isn’t steeped in internet culture to understand the context of this person’s actions to truly be able to judge their actions and players responses. It is a very flimsy premise for a paper without establishing the accepted mores of the MMO community he is operating in. (as by his own words he doesn’t seem to understand them) Ultinately, I think the article and my reaction to it says far more about who I am as a person than it does of the guy writing it.

In Closing

I am super, super concerned about making a good showing tomorrow in my crap cobbled together gear. But! I figure hell can’t be that bad can it?…(don’t answer πŸ˜‰ ) I’m pondering another rp story and I still need to give you my Forgotten Realms rant…Ahh it will be a busy writing weekend for sure!

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  1. FR rant? This ancient dragon doesn’t like FR so i’ll be a hard reader to impress πŸ˜‰

    (not that you should necessarily be trying to impress me πŸ™‚ )

    This Twixt thing has been blown all out of proportion. Imagine if there was a server where Horde always held Wintergrasp for whatever reason. Perhaps because they outnumber the allies 10:1 or something (im ignoring Tenacity). So over a period of time its just accepted that Horde hold wintergrasp. Allies who care move to another server. Horde take it for granted they can raid Vault whenever they want.

    Suddenly a number of new allies transfer on to the server. They decide to contest Wintergrasp and win. Shock horror! The horde and older ally players explain to the new comers that horde have always held Wintergrasp and that what the new plaeyrs are doing is wrong. The new players laugh at them.

    Horde try to fight back but the new allies are better and hold Wintergrasp. Horde eventually give up trying to win through PvP and shift to verbal abuse to try and get the new allies to leave. That doesn’t work either. Horde start threatening the new ally players in real life.

    Don’t get me wron, I’m not a fan of griefing at all and don’t feel the need to define myself by participating in griefing, but is threatening to kill the player in real life a sensible or rational method of dealing with it?

    Gobble gobble.

    • Nope which is why I avoid that part of his article. I don’t find the death threats defensible. His stance that he can’t understand why people would be upset is where I chose to lay my attack.

      Ultimately, I agree with my hub. If he hadn’t used his Ph D. to write a paper about it he would be just another griefing jerk trolling forums for attention and stroking his ego by causing problems for others.

      • So its mainly the griefing aspect you guys don’t like? That is abusing what appears to be poor game design to teleport people into the instant death area.

        Or is it breaking the accepted social rules about refraining from PvPing in an area designed by the developers to be a PvP area?

      • Well why I disapprove of griefing from a personal standpoint. It is more his trying to pass the action off as an experiment and feigned incomprehension of why people would be upset. It seems disingenuous to me.

  2. Twixt was played by a guy called David Meyers who has been researching in the online games field for about 20 years. I haven’t looked but i’d expect if I was keen I couple probably find a paper published regarding this experiment some time in the near future.

    I have read a fair bit of his blog regarding this and I don’t think he was so much unable to comprehend why people were upset, more he was amazed at the methods other players used to try and discourage his behaviour. In particular that his play style had a number of weakensses (e.g. resistence to his special ability) that no one exploited in their attempt to discourage him. Also that he played on a number of servers using the same play style and upset a lot of players, who complained on the public forums about him and nothing was done over several years by the game devs to modify his behaviour or the abilities he used. Also that almost no one else chose to use the same tactic as he did to kill him off or to copy cat his play style.

    Sydera’s posts on his blog are quite interesting: http://dmyersloyola.wordpress.com/2009/07/10/was-twixt%e2%80%99s-play-griefing-play/#comments

    Gobble gobble.

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