Destressing your raiders

A while back WW was doing a progression push on Iron Council (ok it was more than awhile ago…come on you expect me to remember how long?)  We found ourselves beating our heads due to the runes on the ground and timing. To break up the tension a member threw down something so fun and addictive a line formed up to get some action.  <Thank you Frendan for taking the picture for me>

Kittying around in Ulduar

Kittying around in Ulduar

Yes a line formed for the tiger bouncy. Tiger was a great little break from the progression on the raid. A brief interlude and then back to business. I really think it is moments like this that can diffuse the tension on progression nights. Next time I am hoping someone will bring foam swords! *sigh* I still haven’t gotten the card for them yet 😦

With WW now beating our heads on Yogg and Faction Champions I think more bouncies are needed. Or firework displays. Maybe I’m the only one who finds silliness makes raiding bearable?

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Waiting on WoW…and waiting and waiting

The pain of waiting. We wait a lot in our game. We wait for new content, better looking outfits, raiders to show up on time, or get back from afk. We wait for our cooldowns to pop be done. We wait a lot. For somethings its a mere 1.5 seconds others its months and months.

Thursday I was stuck waiting on the freaking server to let me connect to the game so I could go attend my raid and bang my head on Yogg and the Faction champions. After an hour the will of the Blizzard server was appeased and log in I did! But while waiting and listening to my guildies and fellow raiders chat I…crocheted. Yes that’s right you didn’t just go crazy  I said I crocheted. I made a niffty little lap blanket out of granny squares for a coworker’s birthday.

So I got to thinking about how we fill up our time waiting. And the frustration waiting gives us. Like how many people are dying waiting for Blizzard to get their heads around the idea we don’t want pvp in our pve content? *cough* Faction Champ fight *cough* What do you do during breaks? Are you checking your email? Watching you tube clips? Posting to Facebook?

Or are you like me doing something super domestic? I’m gonna make another blanket I think bigger this time for my place. It’s football season I could do it in Seahawks’ colors. Hmm then I’d be forced to make my mom one in Titan’s colors so when they play in Jan. we can call each other and talk smack while cuddled up in warm fuzzy blankets made by me. Which will almost make the smack talk going on seem odd.

Speaking of waiting. My fav Forgotten Realms writer has a new series announced. Of course it won’t be out until July of 2010. ALMOST A FREAKING YEAR! *pants* See I have an addiction to reading. I don’t read books I devour books. If ever you wonder hm what might Zhavi be reading or what is Zhavi so desperate to get her hands on? Take a gander over at Paul S Kemp’s books. It isn’t often a writer can continue to write for one character and keep the stories fresh and not make me want to beat them within an inch of their lives. (btw I would never do bodily harm to an author for a book) Paul does better than manage to avoid that pitfall, the characters are engaging and damn it, he made me like rogues. (something I managed to avoid for YEARS) I would go on but I think you get the idea that I might be…a fan girl. Yes I admit it I am. I love Erevis Cale books deeply.

Where was I? Oh yeah…so having devoured all the books you can imagine since I’m admitted fan girl that I would be ecstatic about the new trilogy announced? Oh and I am. Just…like any fan I want it now! Just like I want WoW to give me Cataclysm now. (Btw totally my bad on not believing they were going to add Worgen and Goblins as player races. I admit it I was wrong.) *sigh* Oh the pains of waiting. *twiddles her thumbs* What is a gamer to do?

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Funny Net Goings on. Zhavi finds…The Guild

Sometimes I slave over a big blog post and then something happens and BOOSH! post something different. Today is one of those days.

Have you heard of…The Guild? If you answered no then get your booty over there and watch it. I was introduced to it today. Episode 1 had me cackling. It just gets better from there. Get caught up now August 25th Season 3 starts. WATCH IT NOW!

Watched it and love it? *hugs* You have a good sense of humor and I approve 😉

Now if you watched it and are like OMG I need more I have a music video for you to watch. Do you wanna date my Avatar.

There is other news in the world. Like my almost lost temper. But props go to Paula at my local comic book store Spy Comics for turning me onto this. Helped sooth my inner beast. (was a bad day at work for sure)

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Altitis vs Burn Out.

Is it possible to have altitis AND be bored with playing my alts? Could it be burn out? Or general boredom? I blame myself for picking up crocheting again.

This fall will mean dance classes again which will eat into raid time. Add to that the rigors of becoming a full time mom. So I have this urge to binge on WoW now while I can. Maybe I’m binging too hard.

I could be overthinking it all and realize I’m not getting enough sleep at night which means I spend a majority of my time bored with whatever I am doing and wanting to be in bed…NAH me? skip sleep? never!

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Game Filled Weekend-Dragonflight

*wakes from her coma* Seriously! Pulled an all nighter at Dragonflight from 9am Saturday to 5am Sunday. All I can say is my stepdaughter’s love of Munchkin is going to require I get a room for next year’s con. I slept over 30 hours from getting home til like 9am on Monday. Good thing I took the day off!

Unlike years past I wasn’t relegated to simply keeping an eye on the aforementioned sd. I love her to bits but I’m a gamer stuck watching games its like being at a buffet and having to watch someone else eat. Not so cool This year was a MAJOR departure.  She discovered the fun world of Larping! If she’d have let us she would’ve done nothing but larp the entire freaking weekend (minus her Munchkin game and tournament).

But her larping (which was with a solid group and well supervised) allowed me to get games in on my own! YAR while the hub and I did some gaming together as well. (btw Revolution was super fun!) But I attended a panel with a good friend and the sd on a Retrospective of the Roleplaying Hobby. It was really nice to see Peter Adkinson (though I think the hub would’ve liked it more since he lluuurrrvvveeesss card games *cough* Magic well and Skaff Elias for that mattes as well) and I was personally peached to see Jonathan Tweet. Tim Beach wa also there and I’m not too proud to admit I had no idea who he was until later and at that time went …Oooohhh *facepalm* It really was nice hearing their take on the past and contributions of the founding fathers of rp. And of course because we gamers can’t stick to a single topic a little about their gaming currently as well 😉

I would like a standing ovation because I didn’t totally go fangirl on Tweet and tell him I loved his work on 3rd ed D&D. Or if not that at least a pat on the back. Especially after he made a comment that there were changes in 4th ed that he envied not thinking of. Made me want to side track the entire thing and ask which ones (and I made my resist derail conversation roll thank you).

Aside from that however I did some different card and board games all weekend. Ironically, I label myself a roleplayer and never do any rp at the con ever. Mostly because I love other gaming and I get my rp in every weekend, but almost never card or board games. Man I really wished I had the fort. to survive a midnight to 8am session of Arkham Horror with ALL expansions. Go Cthulhu!

Hats off to a few people! Marcus who is lead MIB for Steve Jackson games. Totally awesome run if Munchkin Quest. And to his bearded cohort who ran us through Revolution! Super fun and I totally missed your name! The guys that did the pick up Pandemic game with us. Oodles of fun.

You know I think I liked the panel best. I didn’t always agree with their points of view. Or perhaps I disagreed with one guy in the back of the room wearing red that disliked 4th makes it too easy on the gm to prep for a game…yeah I’ll just say I like it easier and leave it at that. But it is nice to hear the older crowd talk about it all. Reminds me  that I really am a whipper snapper having come to the hobby less than… at almost exactly 15 yrs ago. Imagine the heyday of rpg was when I was a baby or at least really young (1980s). Honestly, should’ve made more panels like the one on Tabletop games in a Digital Age…next year! I swear more next year!

Edit: If you ever wonder what Zhavi looks like IRL my picture is in the pics they posted @ Dragon Flight’s Site. Telling you which is too easy you have to figure it out Where’s Waldo style!

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