Game Filled Weekend-Dragonflight

*wakes from her coma* Seriously! Pulled an all nighter at Dragonflight from 9am Saturday to 5am Sunday. All I can say is my stepdaughter’s love of Munchkin is going to require I get a room for next year’s con. I slept over 30 hours from getting home til like 9am on Monday. Good thing I took the day off!

Unlike years past I wasn’t relegated to simply keeping an eye on the aforementioned sd. I love her to bits but I’m a gamer stuck watching games its like being at a buffet and having to watch someone else eat. Not so cool This year was a MAJOR departure.  She discovered the fun world of Larping! If she’d have let us she would’ve done nothing but larp the entire freaking weekend (minus her Munchkin game and tournament).

But her larping (which was with a solid group and well supervised) allowed me to get games in on my own! YAR while the hub and I did some gaming together as well. (btw Revolution was super fun!) But I attended a panel with a good friend and the sd on a Retrospective of the Roleplaying Hobby. It was really nice to see Peter Adkinson (though I think the hub would’ve liked it more since he lluuurrrvvveeesss card games *cough* Magic well and Skaff Elias for that mattes as well) and I was personally peached to see Jonathan Tweet. Tim Beach wa also there and I’m not too proud to admit I had no idea who he was until later and at that time went …Oooohhh *facepalm* It really was nice hearing their take on the past and contributions of the founding fathers of rp. And of course because we gamers can’t stick to a single topic a little about their gaming currently as well 😉

I would like a standing ovation because I didn’t totally go fangirl on Tweet and tell him I loved his work on 3rd ed D&D. Or if not that at least a pat on the back. Especially after he made a comment that there were changes in 4th ed that he envied not thinking of. Made me want to side track the entire thing and ask which ones (and I made my resist derail conversation roll thank you).

Aside from that however I did some different card and board games all weekend. Ironically, I label myself a roleplayer and never do any rp at the con ever. Mostly because I love other gaming and I get my rp in every weekend, but almost never card or board games. Man I really wished I had the fort. to survive a midnight to 8am session of Arkham Horror with ALL expansions. Go Cthulhu!

Hats off to a few people! Marcus who is lead MIB for Steve Jackson games. Totally awesome run if Munchkin Quest. And to his bearded cohort who ran us through Revolution! Super fun and I totally missed your name! The guys that did the pick up Pandemic game with us. Oodles of fun.

You know I think I liked the panel best. I didn’t always agree with their points of view. Or perhaps I disagreed with one guy in the back of the room wearing red that disliked 4th makes it too easy on the gm to prep for a game…yeah I’ll just say I like it easier and leave it at that. But it is nice to hear the older crowd talk about it all. Reminds me  that I really am a whipper snapper having come to the hobby less than… at almost exactly 15 yrs ago. Imagine the heyday of rpg was when I was a baby or at least really young (1980s). Honestly, should’ve made more panels like the one on Tabletop games in a Digital Age…next year! I swear more next year!

Edit: If you ever wonder what Zhavi looks like IRL my picture is in the pics they posted @ Dragon Flight’s Site. Telling you which is too easy you have to figure it out Where’s Waldo style!

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  1. Sounds like a good time at the game con! Makes me look forward to the one coming up here. These days I give in and just get a hotel room for the game cons or local anime con, just makes it more fun:) I’m “nerdy” enough that I even book an extra night before and just stay there myself to relax and write, since I find the atmosphere before a con inspiring.

    On a side note..was that you who friend invited me on facebook? I know I probably should know it by now, but I just didn’t recognize the last name:D

    • Actually it was! On all counts 😉 yar new last name same geeky girl.

      I think I will get a hotel room for Sakuracon next year as well. Saves me from parking in Seattle which oddly the drive there is better than the drive to Bellevue. OH reminds me going to PAX this year!!! *cheers*

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