Anub’arak Down!

Wednesday Madness Post. (I know its like March Madness but seriously if you live in the Seattle area you will understand. Our weather went from Sunny and summery to frigid and cold overnight and I am pretty sure the weather has gone mad.) Right, so where was I? I really should keep my tangents to a minimum. OH! Right, so we finally got Anub down! The hub came in while I was doing my WOOT! dance in the chair. (Don’t ask I won’t tell you) A few key points about this fight and problems I see overall with it from a priestly perspective.

First, as previously posted healer dps is a HUGE help on this fight. (Being assigned to an off tank actually allowed me to throw even more time on the boss and adds adding what meager dps I can toss their ways) Nothing highlights this more when you are at 1% boss life; he enrages and slaughters your entire raid. I managed to keep most of the cursing on the inside. (Delicate ears come by my raid room)

Second, Prayer of Mending in Phase 3 is a pain in the tuckus. Let me explain, your friends, your comrades, your fellow raiders are taking loads of damage. But healing them all up is a tricky prospect; anything over 50% will also heal the boss. Thus increasing the amount of dps needed to kill said boss and also extending the time your team is getting pummeled with damage. Last night PoM’s were called for to bounce around. I saw a single flaw with this: uncontrolled healing. You can’t guarantee who is going to get that tick of living giving goodness. On more than one occasion I saw my life pop up to over 100% (thank you Vuhdo for showing me overheal %). The entire heal core knew not to be healing people over 50% the answer? Uncontrolled healing; prayer of mending and shammy’s chain heal both will both result in this.

Obviously, we were able to dps past the health gains the boss received to finish the fight and loot his body for all it was worth. But the extra health just goes back to highlight the need to squeeze out every bit of dps you can muster. Dots! More DOTS! (raiding Ony always makes me think on the screaming guy)

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Changing from Fuzzy to Leafsy

Delith is homing in level 70 and that means hunkering down to think about what I want to do with her. First, I know I will be keeping her feral level build as the main spec. I have 10 more levels after 70 to burn through. Feral has done me well thus far and I don’t see a good reason to abandon it in the home stretch now. Second, I know I want to make her secondary spec resto. And once that wouldn’t have made me bat an eye. But a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Knowing a few resto healers I understood that I could go a few different ways with the build and combining my talent choices with glyphs make myself either a tank or raid healer.

I know you are thinking, “Jumping the gun there a bit?” But no, I really believe in having a firm grasp of what I want to be doing with any character I devote time to. Illisan was straightforward, I will be a monster of hunter dps. And I feel within the scope of gear Illisan is. Zhavi is a good disc priest, I am confident in my ability to heal and keep someone or multiple someone’s alive and push the limits and timing to get even more out of her. I’m not the best priest out there but I’ll put myself against a bunch of them in the pocket and out of the pocket. (yes that is a football reference) Part of that confidence comes from a lot of time healing on her, even when my main spec was Shadow and I was convinced I wanted to be Shadow for end game.

Right now I am equally convinced that since I enjoy healing so much (the whole reason I didn’t stick with shadow at end game) that I will want to flip main spec to resto. The longer I have getting used to the style of healing the better off I will be in the long run. I could jump in, taking a bunch of talents that seem to fit together and give it a whirl. Or I could do a wee bit of research and have a better idea of what I am getting myself into. This was harder than I want to admit, with the loss of Phaelia to a RL sprout-ling. (though it looks like she is running a Marvel blog now…must hide it from the hub) Honestly, I forgot about a bunch of other good druid blogs (duh for not remembering to check BBB’s blogroll for them) BUT! I have a reason for the rambling, I stumbled over a blog linked on a forum and decided to give it a whirl. I was not disappointed, Restokin!

I won’t re-post the articles. I will say I was very pleased to see the breakdown of which talents will have the greatest impact on if you are a tank or raid healer and also a nice overview of which spells to use in what situation. Very handy for the starting out druid (like me) to start getting a feel for how it should play. It really is a nice completely guide covering the healing styles, specs, gear, gems, and even consumables. I’ve settled on going with the more raid/AOE healing path with Delith come 70th though. We’ll see how that plays out with rolling hots on people!

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Raid/Life Balance

You know you are too tired when the raid hasn’t begun invites yet and all you want to do is curl up in the corner and go to sleep.

I’ve pulled the raiding back to just 1 day a week. Raiding til 11:30 = me not getting to bed til almost midnight. Also it is hard to explain to a 10 yr old why you are getting on the computer from the moment you get in the door from work until well after they are asleep. I’ve already been round filing the general ribbing I’ve started getting about the whole thing.  I will give it to the raid leaders it isn’t coming from them, and oddly it wasn’t even coming from regular raiders. (Wow to think of it, it was coming from some twit who doesn’t know me but felt being in the same chat with me must mean they did…twits)

Though Tay does inform me I need a second vehicle and I agree. But life doesn’t agree with putting me in a situation where it is feasible just now. *sighs* priorities. I miss the simpler times …man I sound old.

*curls up and naps before her raids tonight*

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Pretty colors introduced to my WoW

Ah, the beauty of moving from a behemoth CRT monitor to a sleek widescreen 23” flat panel cannot be expressed in words. Not that I won’t try to convey it to you anyways. 😉

The hub was the man and ordered me a new monitor because he knew I wanted one and honestly I don’t know as proof he thinks I’m adorable when I squeal and new computer bling? But the icing on my flat screen layered cake was that I came home to it already set up and calibrated for WoW! And because you need candles with a tasty cake like that he even totally cleaned off my cluttered desk to make room and stuff. (btw yes I did squeal when I saw the monitor sitting there and then have my jaw drop when I noticed my clean desk.)

Wow is very pretty now, in ways it wasn’t pretty before. Oh it was still pretty colors before but not these pretty colors. *beams like a kid with her new toy* So I took it for a test drive putting some work in on Delith, you know to make sure the monitor was good and stuff..*whistles* What? I needed to give it a test run! Of course I wasn’t able to stay absorbed too long, as the rest of the house needed cleaning for the in-law visit. Just for the weekend though.

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Healing DPS

I’m a healer feel me plink at you. *sits down and gets comfy*

Many fights these days are dps races. It is easy to know if you are in an encounter that is a dps race because 9 times out of 10 there will be an enrage timer. (I’m waiting for Blizz to mind f**k us all and put an enrage timer on a boss you need to dps slowing and if by the time the timer is up he isn’t past a certain % he becomes easy sauce thus throwing the whole thing out of whack and causing mass hysteria. But I won’t hold my breath)

So what can you as a healer do to help with these burning escapades of pewpew madness? Well, you can throw some dots if you are a priest (and honestly that is where I’m gonna focus since you know…I raid as a healy priest.) But there are some key factors that need to be taken into account before you start tossing in some dps with your healing.

1.Your other healers. You have to trust the heals are going to land on your target. (I find throwing in dps while MT healing easiest as I’m not panicing about who is taking damage next just one target, one single target…and me of course!)

Let’s take last night’s raid on Anub’arak in the Crusader’s Coliseum as a perfect example. Along with Faunia, I am MT healing on  Soulecho (fuzzy tank extraordinaire). Faunia is a healy pally and probably one of my favorite to be paired with ( I still love you Frendan). I can count on all of her heals to land. She isn’t going to use a stop casting marco so I can trust it is going to land. I cannot stress the importance of this kind of trust. If you are ever going to break from your main duty you HAVE HAVE HAVE to trust your other team healer is going to be there to pick it up.Now, how do I know to trust her heals are going to land? Easypeasy!

2. A great raid frames mod. Such as Grid or Vuhdo. (I know people that use Xperl and Pitbull but I didn’t like either of them so I won’t be commenting on them sorry.) Originally, I picked up Grid so I could watch debuffs on my targets easier and in a format I preferred over the basic raid frames. But Grid takes a lot to config and have switched to the much more easily configured (the interface is super easy) Vuhdo. (which does have its own downsides but that isn’t this topic) But, what you are looking for here is the overheal information. I can see as another healer is casting spell and also how much % it is going to land for. PRICESS!

So, going back to last night. On the first attempt I notice that Faunia is letting all of her heals land. I am watching both what she is doing via my Vuhdo and also how Soul’s health is behaving. (This was my first time on 25 and I never gamble with a tank’s life sight unseen on a boss) This gives me time to get a feel both for the rhythm of the fight, my partner’s healing style, and how the tank’s health is holding up. All great info a healer needs even if they aren’t going to throw around some dps.

3. A sense of timing. Watching your partner’s heals getting a sense of their rhythm and the rhythm of your tank’s damage (usually in spikes) is key to the whole shebang. To go off target you are going to need to time your dps in those moments when you know the other healer is casting or landing a spell. (landing is best btw)

With Faunia I would watch her queue up her heals while he was still full, note it is going to land for massive overheals incase of a spike and time my dps from there. Vuhdo’s internal keybinding allowed me to keep Anub as my main target while watching Soulecho and landing heals on him without changing targets. Clique or mouse over macros will allow you to do the same thing. (btw Zhavi has no dps spells keybound this way)

4. Fast spells! Priests we really have it made in this department. 3 spells are going to be your go to. Shadow Word: Pain, Devouring Plague, and finally Shadow Word: Death all three of these spells are instant casts and only SW:D has a cooldown to be concerned about.

Personally, I like to toss SW:P and DP to start with. Especially with the damage you are taking with Anub, Devouring Plague doesn’t heal a lot but every heal is still less damage I was down before 😉 With SW:D I cast it when I have a shield up or POM on myself. (Sometimes I keep POM on the tank instead to give me more of a cushion, say the close Anub gets to 30%) The shield is going to absorb the kick back damage SW:D does to the caster when it isn’t the killing blow to a mob.

Your DPS isn’t ever going to be up in the top and it isn’t meant to be. Our main focus is going to be healing, dispelling, (or if you are like a disc) shielding your targets. But trust in the healing of your partner, situational awareness, and quick spells will help your team in any dps race. (Hell the first two help on any raid! 🙂 ) There are raids where what little dps you throw out there can make a world of difference. Just remember you still fail if your tank dies. Bring the most you can to your raids. Other than consumables and winning personalities of course! 😉

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Cataclysm Impressions

So I didn’t want to inflate my PAX post with this so I’ve decided to give it a post unto itself.  WoW: Cataclysm was the cause of the single argument I managed to have at PAX (which ya know being around a ton of strangers pushing on each other is significant enough).  I found myself arguing with a boy of younger age than me. OK to be honest I have no idea how old he was I’d say over 16 less than 22. Again, I’m not good at the whole guessing age thing.

Wandering around the Blizzard area I of course was drawn to the Cataclysm hands on demo. Which I made a beeline to watch, completely ignoring the trailer they had playing (go figure the Hub hadn’t seen it yet. Somehow I managed not to force him to watch previously…buut same trailer that I can see on the web the graphics just aren’t epic enough for me to want it on a big screen, unlike say the Star Wars: Old Republic which did look sweet on a big screen.)

So there is a young blond…mmm guy standing there and another younger looking guy walks up to him to check it out and I’m standing a few steps back taking in the demo the blond had been doing. (blondie is now G1 and dark haired is now G2 for reference k?) So G2 walks up to G1 and is all, “wow so that is what the goblins look like!” (score for enthusiasm) G1 proceeds to launch into this tirade about how this is the worst thing ever (not mind you because of the goblins) “They are changing the world and it is just horrible they are ruining the classic wow…” he droned on but my mouth opened and words started coming out in Blizzard’s defense before my brain could engage to tell me this was a moronic argument to have in the first place.  So! I’m going to share with you why this is freaking brilliant of Blizzard in case you like G1 don’t get it.

If the world changes new players will not experience wow the same way we have. Yes, this is true. However, the game evolves and I know plenty of people who never experienced Classic WoW like I did because they came to the game after BC. Does that mean WoW shouldn’t release new content because it changes how people play the game? No! I mean I don’t know anyone who actively raided 40 man content when it was out (who actually has a life out of the game) that wants to go back to raiding that way. AQ is tapped on my server which means no one now is going to go through and experience the push to open the gates. The Naxx that was is gone. There is no more Atiesh shards to be gotten. So this argument of experiencing the world the same is BS.

Which really feeds into why I think this is a great thing on behalf of Blizzard and why I likely dismissed G1’s comments out of hand. He was too young to remember UO or play EQ. Do you remember those games? I sure as heck do. I remember slaving my soul (and rl free time) to be a competative raider in EQ. ( I hated PKers too much to stick with UO ) The worlds didn’t really change so much. I mean to advance the plot and timeline for EQ they released…EQ2. (and we all know how well that game did) Instead, Blizz has done a good job advancing the time and plot via their expansions.

This is important because one of the greatest pitfalls of any MMO is repetition. A certain amount of repetition is unavoidable (hell collection and kill quests!) however when the world is stagnant players will look elsewhere for something and/or different. It is the old static vs dynamic environment. Lots of games have tried to capture the need for a dynamic changing world. Often times they fall short, take WAR I love the game but even with flipping the zones the world is static (btw I am picked them because there is an active component in the game to flip areas) WoW does the same thing with Wintergrasp, Hellfire Peninsula, Halaa…etc You get the idea. You flip an area to control to gain X benefit. But ultimately the world is still static.

I believe making the changes via expansions is the better route because you feel your game world evolving without having to go buy a whole new game. Interest wanes the longer a game is out, interest renews as expansions are released. It is an easy roller coaster to watch. I remember the explosion of people coming back to WoW after BC was released. ( I HATE queuing for my server btw still to this day)

So world changing? GOOD. Finally Blizzard is really listening to people when they say “Give us a reason to go back to the old world” Well honey they announced they are. People asked for goblins to be playable for years now, we are getting that one too. This is a win for us! They are streamlining gear itemization so you don’t have to freaking go research 40 pages on a forum to figure out what gear you should be wearing. WIN!Blizzard keeps us interested which keeps us paying. Win for them!

Players: WIN dynamic world WIN goblin as a player race WIN streamlined gear WIN reason to be in the old world instead of slumming (and Goldshire good times)

Blizzard: WIN more money from us

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Demo Etiquette

If you are standing at a demo playing a game there are certain rules of etiquette you need to follow. It is a short list and relies heavily on a little golden rule and some common sense for spice. In fact, it is one rule with lots of explanation from me.

DO NOT HOG THE GD GAME! *lets out a long slow sigh* Do I need to explain this to you Mass Effect 2 hogger guy? The fact the guys behind you tapped you on the shoulder to ask you to let them play after the demo restarted again should’ve been clue enough for you. Obviously, I am wrong since you went back to playing again, at which point I walked away.

We all waited in line at PAX to play some game. We all understand the desire to keep playing it since you have waited so freaking long to get your hands on it. I really do get the impulse. I get the desire. But you just became the jerk holding everyone behind you up when you don’t stop when your demo is done. You’ve gone from having my sympathies to having my ire. I’m a short woman do you know what they say about short women and tempers? (luckily I don’t have red hair to just make the whole equation worse)

So remember DO NOT HOG THE GAME! play your demo and then move along. Earn brownie points with strangers because you aren’t a dick. Hog the game and earn ire points because you are the dick. A line system only works when everyone plays be the same rules (and honestly thank the Hub I wasn’t in your ear going ” GET OFF THE DEMO!”  because he distracted me with other booths to keep me from it. He knew I’d have done it.)

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PAX Part 2 or Schwag me no Schwag me more!

Can you tell this will involve the Exhibitor’s? I want to point out now that I was A overwhelmed by the stuff in here and B am short and honestly I probably missed stuff because I can’t see through walls of bodies well. The guys with me did a good job of trying to get views or info for me if I couldn’t but Exhibitors Hall is really not for those of the short variety.

Left for Dead 2 – As I noted in the previous post I was assaulted by the wall of bodies waiting to get their hands on a test run of this game. To say it is eagerly anticipated is really an understatement by the length of the line and the fact it was consistently really long. In fact it wasn’t until the close of the Hall at 6pm that I got a look at the area at all. And to my both disappointment and relief it seemed like they only deemed to put it on X360 for demo. Disappointment because I am a live and die PC gamer ( btw I do love my consoles but if it is on PC and not some crappy port from console then I’m playing it on PC) Relief because I didn’t stand in the line to demo it. (well really I’d have stood there so the Hub could since he likes FPS more than I do) Still the sheer amount of people waiting to play I think speaks highly of the franchise. hmmm zombies… (btw I ❤ Valve. Just had to throw that in there)

Blizzard – Truth be told I made like a bee to this area dragging the Hub behind me who I am pretty sure was pondering getting into the L4D line. I took a look at Star Craft 2, promptly remembered that I don’t do RTS games, and can thus only tell you that it was very pretty. I mean it looks GREAT but it is still an RTS pretty or not I’m not torturing myself with it.  Diablo 3, oh how I have longed for you, and the game looks stunning. I honestly thought I was going to get to spend more time in the Hall so I didn’t jump in line immediately and missed a chance to play the game. But from watching on the screens over the players head I can tell you that while yes it is brighter than the previous games it looks stunning and bad ass. I certainly wasn’t disappointed and eagerly anticipate D3…ok more than I did before at least. WoW: Cataclysm watching people play as worgen and gobbies was cool. I know the game play of WoW already so I wasn’t all eager to get in it myself. I really do think they did a great job making the goblins feel right. Seriously, people have wanted to play them for ages and I think Blizz got them right on the money with it. The worgen looked good as well, the atmosphere for them is very nice dark and brooding which I think fit really well with what we know of their story so far.

Where did Blizz go wrong for me? Schwag. (What I totally warned you in the title it was going to come up) I dunno call me greedy (because I am) or a demanding consumer (because again I am) but hand sanitizer that says Blizzcon on it wasn’t what I was hoping for. Is it weird of me to say I would’ve wanted a keyfob or something more. I mean I get that flu season is upon us and the fear is constant but…it just I dunno Bliz was the first booth I hit and given that I got an…wait I can’t tell you that yet!

Warhammer – A step over and around a bit sat me down playing WAR again. Sadly there was no eager crowd honing in on this booth. Which really is a shame given that I still love this game (even though I quit it because of the end game) Their schwag made the Hub giddy (if such a thing is possible). We scored cards with ingame items on them, niffty buttons, and a poster. Given that the Hub is a HUGE Warhammer fan (he plays fantasy and we both play 40K wargames) it was a treat of goodness for our house (he is still deliberting on where to put the poster).

Dragon Age Origins – Ok big line to get the hands on demo of this game. And honestly I totally am there. I mean it is Bioware makers of my beloved Neverwinter Nights (and who didn’t make the accursed NWN2 which shall not be mentioned in my presence) and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Now while I didn’t get in line (remember I’m lazy and don’t wait for things) I DID get their schwag…a blow up SWORD! YES an inflatable sword! I dunno maybe it is just me but that was a great play to the kids in us all. However, I did sit back and watch people play…very promising.

Ubisoft – Let me start by saying No More Heroes 2 looked KICK BUTT! I mean it is more of the same in the first game but the first game was good and this is just more good! Now you get two swords instead of just one! I mean I’m excited. (no link to their site since I can’t find an official one yet) Now as I’ve established I am not a huge shooter game person (with some notable exceptions) so let me inform you of an upcoming exception…Splinter Cell Conviction. I mean it isn’t really my genre but watching the demo on the huge screen (kudos to the guy playing because I watched two demo and he did take downs different each time which was pleasing) I was jazzed for the game to come out (the Hub is likely secretly pleased he won’t have to slip it by me since it is on my list to get now).

Alienware –  Man I am still miffed I missed the Plants vs Zombies tournament. The set rigs they are looked nice and who wouldn’t want to start their morning off killing zombies? Someone brilliant put an energy drink give away with them too. Proving some people in marketing understand that gamers put in long hours at their computers and need a way to stay awake.

WotC – WOOT! Honestly you knew I was going to go there, admit it. Soo they had a book where you could look at upcoming products *wiggles eyebrows* (btw NO they did not or at least I didn’t see art for the new  Paul S Kemp book…YES I did look…twice…and made the Hub look too…shush I’m a book addict I will go to treatment never.) Where was I? Oh so walking into their…booth. Tables were set up and had people running and playing D&D. They had a register and were selling the 4th ed books. A guy was showing the new shoes and shirts but you couldn’t buy them. Of course they had Magic going on. (Had to keep the Hub away. I don’t need him restarting that obsession ;p) I got to watch some of the new Magic game coming out on Xbox, which only reminded me I still don’t own an Xbox. They had more booths but I kept my distance…again little time and keeping the Hub from rekindling his Magic romance seemed like a full timer there.

Star Trek Online – I really did try to stand in line to play this…but seriously long lines, short time, and no patience do not make for a demo played. It looked good while I stood there. So it looks pretty but I really couldn’t stand that long when I didn’t have enough time to hit all the booths I wanted in the first place.

Mass Effect 2 – This was another one that had a huge line that I actually wanted to get some time wit. (btw there will be a demo ettiquette post coming Friday…grrrr) It looks good, people who played it seemed happy The people playing in my line pissed me off and the people behind them off enough that…grrrrr Where was I? Oh yeah…I didn’t get to spend much time here because of anger issues…Moving on.

Brink – This one is by beloved Bethesda (yes beloved). The boys caught the demo of it and said Wow. And immediately followed with…tedious. Basically missions will give different bonuses to different classes all of which you can switch on the fly. They all said “Yeah switching every 2 min because you can and why wouldn’t you to take get the most advantage? No thanks” Which really impressed upon me that sometimes less is more. But I am at this very minute wearing a Brink shirt so obviously the schwag factor worked.

There was a lot more going on with the Bethesda booth but I got easily distracted by Aion next door.

Aion – OMG PRETTY!!!! I have an awesome picture with me sporting black wings out of this booth and I love them for that alone. They also had a nifty model of their game world in a case that actually caught my eye walking around. But obviously my first impression of the game is pretty. Man People were getting on this MMO and just staying put. Part of this is because of the sheer amount of options for character creation. But seriously when I walked around to watch and try and get on the demo people weren’t budging. Which is really good for them but bad for me 😦  (Also this week is the open beta but you have to have a beta key fyi. Don’t be like me and think open beta dl means truly open)

Champions Online – Man I didn’t even bother after walking by this area. Visually it is VERY unappealing to me. My initial reaction was, “ARRGG MY EYES!” Followed by, “Skip it and stay with CoH/V”  Seriously, it was awful to my eyes, the jarring aqua colors have stuck with me this long and haven’t diminished my rejection of the game.

Darksiders – All I can tell you is that they had a mechanical horse (instead of bull) for people to get on and ride. I can’t tell you anything else because it was jammed packed, but that horse was so big even shorty me could see it. And of course I remember them because of it.

Peregrine – Yes! Someone came up with a better design for the game glove. My only downside is for MMO it might impede my massive chat fests if I bind macros to the tips. But still super interesting. They gave out shirts and lanyards and some other stuff…and yes they gave out hand sanitizer in niffty flat black squirty things that people guessed were us ports because they looked so unlike hand sanitizer actually.

*sighs* ok that isn’t even everything! But I mean I didn’t get to play Resident Evil but I did poke my head in the box people were playing it in and get an eye full of how good it looks. And I never did find the freaking Razer booth. I want want want to get my hands on the new mouse and see how it feels before I put money down on it ya know? I figured if anyone had a sample to get my hands on it would be them…and never could find them even though my friends swore they were there…somewhere. (Come on a Silver Hand player did the video announcement how can I not want to play with one?)

So in closing? If you are going to hit PAX try and make it for all 3 days. I didn’t hit all the booths I wanted or panels. Never mind the gaming that was going on the different floors. I totally dug they had open gaming going on, movies and concerts. One day was enough to make it an experience and cement that next year it will be all 3 days.

Again much love to the guys at Penny Arcade (special grats again to Jerry for the new baby) and all the people that worked on making that a super blast! *hugs*

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PAX Part 1-Impressions or A Celebration of Geek Culture

Let me back this up and share with you my Labor Day weekend plans. The Hub wanted to go to PAX. (If you don’t know what PAX is go read the link and come back to me) So I planned to ship him off with a friend on Sat to enjoy pure immersion into our gamer geek culture. (He only got a Sat ticket because they had already sold out of the 3 day when he ordered) Friday rolls around and Wil Wheaton is on a local morning show informing people PAX is sold out. Ah my plan to have an entire day alone and to myself is perfectly in motion.

Little did I know that my good friend who was going with the Hub was a net hawk and circling the PAX website incessantly waiting for more tickets to be released. (there was another friend they wanted to take with them) 8:30am the hub is getting the car ready to head up to Seattle; while I snuggle down in my blankets more intent to stay there until noon just because I could. Time passes (don’t ask how long I was dozing) all I do know is that the hub came into the room super excited and informed my bleary eyed self to get dressed ASAP I was going to PAX.

Good-bye sweet sweet ultra soft blanket. Auf Wiedersehen fluffy pillow. Au revoir snuggly bed.

So I dressed myself (swiftly), packed my Trinity Blood messenger bag and proceeded to PAX! *queue the epic ride music of your choice* (mine was Mindless Self Indulgence)

Wow,so the last I heard 72k people attended PAX. This numbers was thrown at me during PAX by an exhibitor so don’t trust me that it is true, but I’m sharing it none the less. Spread across 6 floors of the WA Convention Center in glorious sunny downtown Seattle! (btw it was sunny and pretty all day, managing not to rain Sat until of course when we left!) But the 6 floors really helped spread the crowd out and kept it from being too overwhelming (have I mentioned I am barely 5’4″ and crowds tend to walk over me?)

This was my first PAX and first game con (no I have never made it to Blizzcon or E3 for that matter) Let me tell you something, I am a LAZY gamer. (notice I capitalized that right and added bold for emphasis?) I’m sitting in a panel and people are talking about coming from whole other continents to go to PAX and here I am thinking “I am sooo glad this is just a 30 min drive for me!” I mean I used to live 3 hours from DragonCon and never made it out there. So while people from say Victoria, BC didn’t shock me so much. The Aussies and Danish, well they shocked me (that and I loved their accents during panel Q&A). So serious props to them for coming out to the con, you are WAY more dedicated than I am.

I attended two panels the Penny Arcade: How to Draw a Comic. Let me start by saying, Jerry aka Tycho wasn’t there because his wife gave birth to a baby that morning! And I was so proud of the gamers EVERYONE in the audience gave that collective sigh if understanding and aww baby. I sat in the back and didn’t hear a single person complain that he should be there. Mike aka Gabe had…shall we say prolonged technical difficulties with the computer to get the program up and running so we could watch him make a comic. Scott Kurtz stepped up and helped the panel stay lively 🙂 He is a very funny guy btw. And then…Jerry appeared on the stage to the adulation of the crowd (applause and standing ovation no less) which poor Mike endured semi well 😉 I really have to give props to Jerry for showing up to the con after his wife gave birth to his baby. Just…I’m not sure I’d make it in (of course I’d be the one doing all the pushing so go figure why 😉 )

Btw the stalker girl follow these guy and the Rooster Teeth guys (the second panel I attended) was waaaaay creepy. I find it strange people go out of their way to be creepy like that. Just…odd to me. Back to RT it was nice to see that they are branching out of just the RvB stuff and getting a look at it I liked what I saw. And was funny watching a panel of guys all wearing shirts that spelled out Bb On Nn Ee Rr. If you don’t get it, stop now 🙂

Let’s fast forward to the good stuff. Exhibit Hall? OMFG!! *squeals with gamer girl delight* Walking into the hall was like taking a kid to a candy store and telling the kid to have a sample of everything and don’t worry you can touch anything you want. Oh the sweet gamer goodness. This is where I got overwhelmed. I will give a full review of what I took in for Part 2 of the post.

Seriously, it was SOOO much to take in. My biggest regret is only having one day to try and do it all. One day just isn’t enough time in that Exhibit Hall. And never mind that I totally missed Friday’s concert MC Frontalot OR Wil Wheaton’s panel. *sighs* So much to do and see and no time (or badge really).

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