Pretty colors introduced to my WoW

Ah, the beauty of moving from a behemoth CRT monitor to a sleek widescreen 23” flat panel cannot be expressed in words. Not that I won’t try to convey it to you anyways. 😉

The hub was the man and ordered me a new monitor because he knew I wanted one and honestly I don’t know as proof he thinks I’m adorable when I squeal and new computer bling? But the icing on my flat screen layered cake was that I came home to it already set up and calibrated for WoW! And because you need candles with a tasty cake like that he even totally cleaned off my cluttered desk to make room and stuff. (btw yes I did squeal when I saw the monitor sitting there and then have my jaw drop when I noticed my clean desk.)

Wow is very pretty now, in ways it wasn’t pretty before. Oh it was still pretty colors before but not these pretty colors. *beams like a kid with her new toy* So I took it for a test drive putting some work in on Delith, you know to make sure the monitor was good and stuff..*whistles* What? I needed to give it a test run! Of course I wasn’t able to stay absorbed too long, as the rest of the house needed cleaning for the in-law visit. Just for the weekend though.

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  1. Rediscover your PrtScr button time ^_^

    I’ve never taken many screenshots before, but now I have a new gigantic gorgeous monitor I’m making the ui disappear (alt-z) left and right to make pretty screenies, weeeeee!

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