Changing from Fuzzy to Leafsy

Delith is homing in level 70 and that means hunkering down to think about what I want to do with her. First, I know I will be keeping her feral level build as the main spec. I have 10 more levels after 70 to burn through. Feral has done me well thus far and I don’t see a good reason to abandon it in the home stretch now. Second, I know I want to make her secondary spec resto. And once that wouldn’t have made me bat an eye. But a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Knowing a few resto healers I understood that I could go a few different ways with the build and combining my talent choices with glyphs make myself either a tank or raid healer.

I know you are thinking, “Jumping the gun there a bit?” But no, I really believe in having a firm grasp of what I want to be doing with any character I devote time to. Illisan was straightforward, I will be a monster of hunter dps. And I feel within the scope of gear Illisan is. Zhavi is a good disc priest, I am confident in my ability to heal and keep someone or multiple someone’s alive and push the limits and timing to get even more out of her. I’m not the best priest out there but I’ll put myself against a bunch of them in the pocket and out of the pocket. (yes that is a football reference) Part of that confidence comes from a lot of time healing on her, even when my main spec was Shadow and I was convinced I wanted to be Shadow for end game.

Right now I am equally convinced that since I enjoy healing so much (the whole reason I didn’t stick with shadow at end game) that I will want to flip main spec to resto. The longer I have getting used to the style of healing the better off I will be in the long run. I could jump in, taking a bunch of talents that seem to fit together and give it a whirl. Or I could do a wee bit of research and have a better idea of what I am getting myself into. This was harder than I want to admit, with the loss of Phaelia to a RL sprout-ling. (though it looks like she is running a Marvel blog now…must hide it from the hub) Honestly, I forgot about a bunch of other good druid blogs (duh for not remembering to check BBB’s blogroll for them) BUT! I have a reason for the rambling, I stumbled over a blog linked on a forum and decided to give it a whirl. I was not disappointed, Restokin!

I won’t re-post the articles. I will say I was very pleased to see the breakdown of which talents will have the greatest impact on if you are a tank or raid healer and also a nice overview of which spells to use in what situation. Very handy for the starting out druid (like me) to start getting a feel for how it should play. It really is a nice completely guide covering the healing styles, specs, gear, gems, and even consumables. I’ve settled on going with the more raid/AOE healing path with Delith come 70th though. We’ll see how that plays out with rolling hots on people!

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