Anub’arak Down!

Wednesday Madness Post. (I know its like March Madness but seriously if you live in the Seattle area you will understand. Our weather went from Sunny and summery to frigid and cold overnight and I am pretty sure the weather has gone mad.) Right, so where was I? I really should keep my tangents to a minimum. OH! Right, so we finally got Anub down! The hub came in while I was doing my WOOT! dance in the chair. (Don’t ask I won’t tell you) A few key points about this fight and problems I see overall with it from a priestly perspective.

First, as previously posted healer dps is a HUGE help on this fight. (Being assigned to an off tank actually allowed me to throw even more time on the boss and adds adding what meager dps I can toss their ways) Nothing highlights this more when you are at 1% boss life; he enrages and slaughters your entire raid. I managed to keep most of the cursing on the inside. (Delicate ears come by my raid room)

Second, Prayer of Mending in Phase 3 is a pain in the tuckus. Let me explain, your friends, your comrades, your fellow raiders are taking loads of damage. But healing them all up is a tricky prospect; anything over 50% will also heal the boss. Thus increasing the amount of dps needed to kill said boss and also extending the time your team is getting pummeled with damage. Last night PoM’s were called for to bounce around. I saw a single flaw with this: uncontrolled healing. You can’t guarantee who is going to get that tick of living giving goodness. On more than one occasion I saw my life pop up to over 100% (thank you Vuhdo for showing me overheal %). The entire heal core knew not to be healing people over 50% the answer? Uncontrolled healing; prayer of mending and shammy’s chain heal both will both result in this.

Obviously, we were able to dps past the health gains the boss received to finish the fight and loot his body for all it was worth. But the extra health just goes back to highlight the need to squeeze out every bit of dps you can muster. Dots! More DOTS! (raiding Ony always makes me think on the screaming guy)

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  1. Grats Lenelie.

    I quite like the Anub fight myself, although if I get bored I shoot down some ice globes rather than dps the boss.

    Phase 3 is like:

    Raid leader on vent says, “Stop healing so much!”

    Turkelife is thinking, “Are you kidding? People’s health is dropping like flies! Must … top … up … raider … health.”

    I mean not healing people is against my religion if you know what i mean. 😉

    Gobble gobble.

    • Thanks! I like the ice globes they make me think of the winter sans me actually being cold. Win!

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