Are you a Geek? Just a Little? Geek with me Wesley!

Wednesday I tore up a book like it was a piece of warm pumpernickel bread spread with sweet cream butter. (You know you didn’t see that one coming) But if I told my husband that I’d see the eyes roll and be asked “What’s new?” I have a reputation around the house for devouring the books like candy on…Damn it I must be hungry! All I can think about are food analogies. Hmm 6 hours since I ate last? Yep hunger has taken over.

You may notice that I read it Wed but posted Friday, I had too much to say to fit it into a single writing session and someone shorter than me but infinitely cuter needed help with her homework. I am waiting until she is taller than me to inform her I will still call her my little peach forever and ever just like my mom has a super sweet nickname for me. One cannot escape such names. Ever…I tried…where was I?

Oh right, I was going to tell you about the book! Because obviously I find it more interesting than what has been happening in WoW and also it reminded me of PAX and I will be living on my PAX high until sometime in the spring when I switch to my Sakura-Con high and then go on massive rants about anime, cosplay, and jpop. Honestly, I loved the whole day in PAX so much and reading the book reminded me about a lot of things…you want to know about the book right? Who wrote it? What’s it about? *nods* I understand…which is why I am making you wait for it…wait for it…Just a Geek by Wil Wheaton.

I know! I read someone’s memoirs book which I haven’t done since reading Memoirs of a Geisha which broke my heart when I learned it wasn’t a memoir but then I was glad since I really loved the story and felt the author did such a wonderful job crafting the story I couldn’t leave my heart too broken because of just how well done it was. I cared GD it! Why am I comparing Wil Wheaton’s book Memoirs of a Geisha? I mean the two don’t have that much in common do they? Could they? Hmmm…*tries to envision Wil dressed as a Geisha and shudders* You know an active imagination is a dangerous thing often capable of scarring you for life if you let it…*shakes head again*

The two books are linked because I also came to care about the people in the books. Good writing? Check!Ability to draw you in and make you care?  Yes.

Credit should go where credit is due; The Hub. If it weren’t for The Hub I wouldn’t have read the book. (btw I had to wait to read the book since The Hub who doesn’t read as often as I do devoured it first and wouldn’t let me touch it until he had…bastage! And for the record I read it faster, but you knew that.) The Hub is also the reason I know Wil has a website and have listed to some of his podcasts which are amazingly funny. The Hub is master of finding my funny stuff and like always he delivered, with a bang. BANG!

I associate Wil with 2 things: 1. Wesley Crusher and thus my childhood since I watched Trek a lot growing up…a lot a lot. But it also means I at one point had a crush on the character (bite me I was 6! It was Wesley and freaking Indiana Jones on my list of heartthrobs. This explains way too much about me I think.) 2. Geekdom he had an article in Dungeon and I’m pretty sure I saw him on an I love the 80’s talking about D&D I dunno it has been a long time but at some point I associated him with geekness.

About the book:

Wil does a great job explaining the every man that he is. There are struggles in his life I very much relate to and see mirrored in my own. (no not telling) It is nice to understand why he wasn’t on the show anymore. (as explained before I avoid personal info so no I never knew why, no I never read an interview. yes I live in a hole and poke my head out only when I absolutely have to) But it is very well written and insightful. And funny! I know memoirs funny? Does not compute. But there are some really funny moments and I do love when someone does a good job relating an epiphany, which he does wonderfully. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and was a bit saddened when it was done. I wanted more (there are other books don’t worry they are on my to read list)  I really do appreciate and love a well crafted story and Wil does a great job here. There is a great awareness in his writing and sense you really are part of a conversation and he is just explaining his life to you. I tend to avoid biographies and memoirs and have to thank The Hub for getting the book to read, otherwise it wouldn’t have graced my list. Honestly, I should kick my husband for not realizing there was an audiobook version read by Wil to listen to to stream together thus saving me an entire week of waiting for the book and fullfilling his comment that “This would only be better if Wil was reading it!” because now I have to decide will he want to listen to it after having already read it? *shakes head* Because I’m a freak and if an author I liked was reading a book I liked damn it I’d have to break down for it. But then I’d restrain if they weren’t good at it…obviously we (assuming at some point you have seen TNG and if you are still reading this far I am assuming you have) know Wil’s voice enough to know if you’d want to sit through and hear it.

Associated thoughts:

I was particularly interested in a comment he made about going to San Diego Comicon and no one coming up to him. I wasn’t there but it did remind me aboutPAX. Do you recall that I said he had a booth set up and I walked past it bunches and never saw him there? The Hub did at the end of the night and tried to get a hold of me to come down and get in line…Yeah so honestly I wouldn’t have. I mean I walked past The Guild booth with them there and I didn’t step in. ( I’ve posted about how awesome The Guild is! For goodness sakes if I was going to stop in surely I would’ve with them standing right there and when I went past early in the day it was a short wait) And as much as I really did want to go by I wouldn’t. I freeze REALLY bad when talking to people. I froze with R.A. Salvatore when he came to MF Federal Way for a book signing ( F me! I didn’t have to go driver to Seattle to stand in line F no I got to do it in my own city!) And…The Hub in typical awesome style rescued me from the whole moment and asked some question I can’t recall because in that moment I wanted to kiss him passionately in front of strangers no less for being awesome and sparing me. I do awkward like other people breathe.

More? I stood in line in cold drizzly Seattle rain to see Voltaire play at El Corazon (Seattle venue). He came out and chatted everyone up and I said zip. It was a small line and he tried to convince us there would be no problem getting in and to go get coffee and warm up. (At which point I decided it was awesomely cool) He went a step further and got a trash bag (clean) for someone to wear as a poncho since they were getting drenched. I flubbed yet again when saying hi since he ran his merch. booth. (Internal squeals of delight at that btw) but there was no hub to save me and I managed to make it out mostly with my dignity intact and two shirts more to my name.

So if you are a famous or semi famous person. Assume someone like me is too shy to walk by and say anything or ask for an autograph but has walked by and squealed in delight (on the inside) that you were there and they saw you in person for reals with their own eyes sans a computer monitor or tv screen between you. I know I read that passage and really all of that came to mind. The moment I froze with R.A. and then again with Voltaire and I was like oh F that when I walked by in PAX. I can totally flub there but not surrounded by all the geeky goodness that was PAX. My fragile mind couldn’t contain it. But reading the book I felt really bad for not doing it. I saved my ego but I didn’t tell any of the artists I loved how awesome I find their work. Like I could totally tell Wil I think it kicks ass he is a proud RPer. Kicks ass! Say it with me! And that I was stoked to see him in the previews (now episodes) of The Guild because it is two great things that go great together. Because the great crush of people doesn’t change that when you make eye contact regardless I am going go …

My coworker Pam was shocked when I told her. And she was squealy when I showed her the book (she is a fellow trek lover. Proof? Capt. Picard sits on her desk on her electric pencil sharpener. We have a planned girls night when the new movie comes on DVD popcorn, us, and lots of Trek) She lacks my love of all geek things but we bond well over the Trek. Of course she will not get the full long winded version. I’m making her read it so we can talk. But I mention Pam because she has met Michael Dorn and Patrick Stewart at an event and was surprised to learn Wil was at PAX and I didn’t go when The Hub called. Surprised in the omg you!?!? clam up sort of way. It baffles even The Mom and The Hub not just Pam and myself.

You know I started this to give a nice book review and like always a tangent swept me well and far from the purpose. Check the book out. Go now get the book read it and then come back and we shall talk. OH reminds me you if you like Wheaton or say…the guys at Penny Arcade (and really how can you not) you should check out this pod cast of dnd goodness. Chris Perkins does a great job keeping the guys moving and on pace with the game. I think for a starting DM or even a veteran having problems with their group going off track (on tangents say?) it is a great chance to see how a pro keeps it moving. The hub and I like to listen to it as our background while we do other stuff…well while I raid in WoW  or level Delith! 😉 A family that geeks (and laughs) together stays together. (and check out The Guild if you have been sleeping and missed how awesome it is)

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