A Furry Foray Part 1

Delith stood before the Kirin Tor wizard, bedecked in pink robes inlaid with gold. A singular spot between her shoulder blades itching; too much time spent out of her natural form. Delith tried to ignore the urge to shift into bear form which seemed to reside in the itch, the concentration not to change making it difficult to focus on the wizard’s words.

“Essentially, you’ve something to be retrieved from the Nexus? Since Malygos sees fit to replenish his forces within the last expedition’s success hasn’t been…lasting?” Delith inquired, tired of listening to his prater about the vagaries of magic within the Nexus. He had been lecturing on temporal displacement…whatever he meant by that. It was all outside the scope of a druid’s work but then Malygos’ actions were having a profound affect on the natural world, and thus her willingness to intervene.

“Hmm? Yes. As I was stating…” he began again.

“Fine, I suppose you are willing to reward well enough for another expedition. I know a few souls to trust my back with. How large an expedition are you looking to send?” Delith cut him short. Too much time as a bear eroded her natural elven patience.

The wizard snapped a disapproving gaze up to her. There were some benefits to being a night elf in a negotiation. “It should take no more than five and a skilled expedition would likely achieve our goals with but four.”

Delith stalked away flexing her shoulders to ease the now burning itch. Four others to recruit, one was easy enough to count on for a fight. Buliwyff, Delith allowed herself to grin thinking of the stout dwarf, a sturdy paladin would be more than willing to brave the depths filled with magic addled dragonkin. Pulling on the inherent magic of her guild’s tabard Delith connected with the streaming banter of so many minds conversing back and forth. She had spent some time in the beginning of days with Wild West learning to block the constant chattering from her mind, discern the voices of her guildmates how they differed from one another, and how to leave just enough awareness to pluck her name when called. There were still times when agitation, excitement or carelessness brought her voice booming over the rest. The magic in the tabard ensured she heard her own voice booming as her mates did as well…causing her to wince at the sound as it did now.

“BULIWYFF!” she grimaced at her own voice and prayed the others wouldn’t chide her too long for the slip. Luna, Cenarious or both seemed to be listening as no one voiced their irritation. The chattering was loud already, perhaps thinking she sought to be heard over their own din.

“Aye lass I kin hear ye through me tankard.” Leave it to Buliwyff to be fully enjoying the Brew festival to all it’s drunken extremes. He had already regaled her earlier of drunk ram races around Ironforge. “Honnip and I found some drinking bodies to enjoy a few tankards with”

“Bodies? Bul I’m not…you mean buddies?”

“Aye lass that what I be sayin’ now are ye comin’ ta drink er not?”

“No, I need you sober, ready to kill and bring your friends if you think they have a mind to kill some dragonkin. We’ll need a healer and two other’s willing to bring the hurt.”

“Well! Why didn’t you say? Honnip’s a druid like yerself only instead of furry and barky she is more feathery and barky. Either way damned good barker in a pinch I’ve bet my life on it more than once and has a good head for dwarven ale! The other two errr a hunter Beard something or something beard and N…rogue,yeah Narogue. I dunno he’s a drinkin’ and I heard the N and rogue.”

“Hearth and take the griffin to Coldarra, we’ll meet below the Kirin Tor’s shield and go in together.”

“Aww but it takes two hands for the blasted thing and I got a tankard in me hand now!”

Somehow Delith knew the grumblings about missing the last few days of Brewfest would burn her ears long after the holiday was over, likely right into Hallow’s End. “I’ll be waiting for you to land Bul.”

Either the dwarf decided to skip the drink or more likely drained the the tankard in a single gulp as she’d seen him do before; as fewer moments passed than she expected before he was setting down wobbly on the griffon. Drunk or not the dwarf never seemed to sit right on a girffon, not when he was encased in platemail as he was now. No fan fair as he set down, the attending Kirin Tor wizards politely averted their eyes as he slid/fell off the griffon. Delith only nodded and gave him a once over confirming for herself he looked ready for their foray into the Nexus’ depths.

“There’s a stone by the entrance we can use to summon the rest of them to us. Honnip’s not one for making home with the gnomes down at the airfield and the other two are drinking water now ta be ready when we summon.” Buliwyff began tromping off down the side of the hill out of the shield’s protective dome; Delith following behind, the twitching in her back lessening, perhaps in anticipation. Out from under the shield, Delith made the swift shift to bear, the fur insulating her from the cold winds.

Buliwyff walked down the crack in the snow into a darker ravine, magic crackling along the ground pulsing for the tower rising from the ravine’s center. Pink translucent wyrms wiggle their way through the air, magic creatures ravenous for the arcane power leaking out from the tower, glutting themselves. A single white stone cropped up from the ravine’s floor. A magic sigil glowed green on its smooth surface, Buliwyff turned back and winked at Delith before tapping his hands against the pale stone. “A moment more and they will be chopping…err slashing our way passed the crazed wyrmkins and making shor twork of the entire place!”

Shadows and starlight formed an oval portal as Delith focused her mind on the swirling stars Buliwyff called out of the stone. A heart beat later a small walking tree formed out of the swirling darkness, followed by a red eyed grumbling dwarf and a tall green haired night elf. Even with the dwarf’s red eyes, they all looked hale and capable sorts. Few words exchanged and no introductions, just nods all knew their business by the grim and set look in their eyes. Delith smiled inwardly she preferred quiet groups which let her focus her full will upon the task at hand. So summoned newly formed expedition made it’s way into the swirly maw of Nexus’ entrance.

To Be Continued 🙂

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  1. Why doesn’t my guild tabard work that way!

    • Because you don’t rub it right 😉

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