A Furry Foray Part 2

A lurching feeling quaked through Delith’s belly as she jumped into the swirling blue portal. The feeling dissipated almost as quickly as it came though. Taking a step forward, she barely avoided her compatriots emerging from the portal behind her. Deep throat-ed grunts let her know someone had landed on one of the dwarves.

Delith paid them little attention though, instead surveying the cold labyrinth before her. Cold air breezed from three directions as she peered in, each issuing from one of the tree tunnels breaking off the central room she looked into now. Gazing across from the entrance something shimmered blocking what Delith presumed was the direct route to her goals. Retreating wyrmkin moved away, down the flanking halls. Delith able only to make out the darker blues and whites of their tails; sighed thankful no enemies would confront them so early.

There is a language spoken by those who have traversed danger, one need not share the danger to speak the same language. Delith caught the eye of Nrogue and motioned with her shaggy head towards the left hall and retreating wyrmkin. Nrogue gave a quick nod and just as quickly faded from view. Had Delith not been looking directly at Nrogue she would not have known where he was. Watching his form when Nrogue didn’t wish it was hard eye exhausting work. Proof he knew his way into and more likely out of sticky situations. Delith contented herself with waiting for him instead, watching the other tunnel in case any enemies chose to present themselves.

Waiting for Nrogue and watching the other hall Delith’s mind wandered. Do I call him …Beard? Or Beard…? Where is the pause? Will he notice the pause? Why does his dog have two heads and breath cold? It does explain the cold feeling at my…Nrogue appeared in the same spot he vanished from earlier. “The hallway is long enough if we attack on the left, given we who we have,” Nrogue’s eyes swept the group before continuing “if we hit hard and fast it should be down before its friend cross the way takes notice. The halls are of equal length.” He’s smug smile said enough.

“We’ll move up and hit the left side. Their eyes are poor; we will be upon it before it sees us.” Delith moved in and left skirting the wall towards the hall. Eyes fixed to keep from staring at the tiled floor inlaid with magic designs. Distractions now wouldn’t do, behind her and to the left she overheard Nrogue whispering to Honnip.

“I thought we’d have…an actual tank. She isn’t in plate nor have a shield. Can a bear really take the damage?”

It was Buliwyff that replied, “Oh she’s a tank alright.”

Delith didn’t resemble one of the dwarven engines of war which gave the nickname tank to anyone who stood in front absorbing the brunt of any incoming enemies’ attack. Instead of having a wall of plate standing between them and danger; Nrogue and the rest had a fuzzy, shaggy looking bear; perhaps not the most confidence inspiring first experience for the rogue.

Delith paid it no heed, not completely satisfied she would be up to the task herself. Confidence takes time to build and truth told this would be her first foray as the wall between death and her companions. Delith remembered her personal motto, “If you’re willing I’ll try.” Seemed like a fine time to try as the wyrmkin came into view down the hall.

Delith let the tension build in her muscles before snapping her bulk forward, slamming into the wyrmkin. Up close now she could tell it was an enforcer, larger the wyrmkin she had fought outside in Coldarra’s snow swept fields. It…no he, remembering the larger wyrmkin were all male, barely maintained grip on the cracking staff as Delith impacted with the core of his scaled body. His eyes rolled back, dazed from the impact as Delith and raked claws down ripping tender scales from the wyrmkin’s chest.

Delith felt the rush of air as arrows sped past her to imbed themselves in the Wyrmkin’s chest and shoulders. She spared a thought to wonder if …Beard found her being shorter as a bear easier to shoot past. His two headed beast of a dog had no troubles standing toe to toe with her more than nipping at the wyrmkin’s clawed heels. Nrogue appeared behind the wyrmkin, sidestepping the frantic whipping tail.

Delith could only assume the wyrmkin had wakened him from the daze or perhaps Nrogue’s daggers searching for soft spots between scales had jolted him to waking. A stabbing pain in her back let Delith know her wyrmkin has regained his senses and had decided to try and beat way the large furry mass trying to kill him, Delith. Corded muscles covered in small opalescent scales flexed bringing the staff down on her head and back. Blood cooling from the frigid air oozed down the side of her face.

Just as the Wyrmkin reared back believing his triumph over Delith two things happened to steal his glee. Three, Nrogue’s daggers found the purchase in the wyrmkin’s hide they had been seeking, sliding deep in and wrecking havoc with its tender flesh. Second, Honnip’s skills as a barky began to bloom. Transparent vines and flowers roped themselves in her wounds; energy pulsed now instead, reinvigorating limbs tired from raking and blood loss. Intangible garlands wreathed Delith’s body keeping the rejuvenating energy humming through her. Third, Buliwyff axe bit deep into the rearing wyrmkin’s hip slicing down and severing muscle and tendon. A heavy thunk resounded down the hall as the wyrmkin crashed to the floor; blood leaking into the arcane mosaic.

Silences and glances shared assured each; no one had heard them and each member of the expedition was in good health. The moment was short as they raced back across the entrance toward the right hall and the waiting wyrmkin there. Smaller than the last; the wyrmkin’s features were obscured by a midnight dark cowl. Delith could smell the arcane currents swirling to answer her casting before the wyrmkin’s hands began cracking with energy. No reason to stay silent anymore Delith roared as she charged forward, halted only a breath as a bolt of arcane might slammed into her chest.

Honnip had already fortified Delith with translucent pulsing vines and thorns, preparing her for any damage which might break her leathery hide. The bolt was still startling, even with Delith being tipped by the gathering magic. There was no way to know what attach may come next, the wyrmkin was channeling the ambient magic already pulsing in the mosaics and walls to fuel her attacks. Another blast ground Delith to a halt, gasping for breath. Honnip could heal her wounds but couldn’t stop the force they hit Delith with from staggering her.

Just as Delith got wind back in her lungs, she noticed the wyrmkin’s casting bringing forth a blinding bolt pulled from them hall’s ceiling. No time to move or dodge away, Delith prepared to take the hit full in her furry face then…nothing. Sparing a glance back up Delith saw the wyrmkin’s arms slack at her side, eyes glazed. Nrogue stood behind the wyrmkin hitting his daggers in to her spine. A mental sigh of relief accompanied Delith’s swipe at the wyrmkin’s hands.

Metal bit into her side as Delith noticed Buliwyff had squeezed in between her and the wall to get his own chance at the wyrmkin. Holy radiance clung to his axe as it swung over Buliwyff’s head and into the wyrmkin’s side. A long with the radiance, Bulywiff filled the air with his own call to the Light, some gibberish to ale by Delith’s count.

A scream tried to escape the wyrmkin’s mouth as dagger and axe reached deeper into blood and muscle. Veins emptied themselves well before reaching her heart. Frantic as death closed in she tried desperately to summon forth Malygos’ rage from the very walls of the Nexus and rain it down on the intruders. Limbs failed and the subtle control needed to call forth the magic eluded her. Death loomed angry before her as the bear took a final swipe at her head, severing the tendons in her neck.

Uncomprehending eyes watched the world twist and turn as the wyrmkin’s body feel to the ground. The intruders were retreating back to the entrance tending to wounds and resting from battle. Failure and the resulting blood loss kept her from screaming in impotent rage. Malygo’s bride would be taken if the other wardens couldn’t withstand the intrusion. Arcane repositories stripped of their valued contents; all lost to enemies unaware to the danger of such power.

Thoughts penetrated her mind no more. The breaching of the Nexus had begun.

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