Onyxia Raids You!

Some raids just aren’t meant to be. Some days I am just not meant to get the loots. Like this weekend, I went home sick from my dnd game 😦 where we just made epic! (my swordmages awesome just quadrupled with epic since she took Archlich as her epic destiny) Being sick was the low point of the weekend though and since I got better no complaints here.

This weekend I took Illisan and jumped into what seemed like a super late night cobbled together raid. I hesitate to call it a pug since it wasn’t really just a few slots slapped together (like my dps) VoA went well and a snagged a niffty new pvp belt. (Better stats are better stats) Seeing that we seemed to work well together an expedition to Ony was in order. (At this point it might be helpful to know that its a 10man huh?)

Now, we lose some people as we head into Ony and have to get replacements (evil lockouts) but no biggie I mean it left me as the only hunter and assured my hunter helm should it drop. (woot!) I even manged to snag some gems for my new gear while we get replacements and head over. I was peached about who we got since Sefoniel was one of them. In a previous VoA run this little boomykin had proved he knew how to be nice to a hunter and even play nice. (he gave me mage food and rezzed me 🙂 )Alas, my joy was misplaced.

The good fortune we experienced with VoA did not carry over to Ony. No, instead only proved to our dismay she was not as one raider put it “A loot pinata.” Which as you can tell disappointed me. Bad placement, bad timing, bad lag. Seriously, if it was going to go wrong it went wrong that raid. Our tanky ran in, taunted Ony, and…nothing! She didn’t come to him she didn’t look like she wanted to she killed a pally instead. Sefoniel died immediately on another attempt…later we had her coming down when the whelps were spawning. Mayhem!

AND I BROKE ANOTHER MIC!!!! *cries* See I assumed that no one got my humor when I made jokes over vent while doing VoA. I can dig, while a guildy was there and I was bantering with him like I do during our raids he didn’t respond but since it was like 3am I wasn’t too worried. (I mean I do have an odd sense of timing) But! when Ony came down and they decided to tank her at the enterance to her room things went bad. I got knocked over the edge into the whelps. I’m screaming over vent. SCREAMING so people know they are coming. Nothing….no one responded. When after the wipe they ask what happened and why I came over vent and explained how the placement caused me to get knocked back as I adjusted around to her side. Again…nothing. WTF PEOPLE I AM NOT INVISIBLE!

Except that I am. See my mic…its broken. I didn’t know that this weekend during the raid. I only found out when I vented on my guildy about wtf why he wasn’t responding to me over vent either. I mean if anyone was going to respond in any way I thought damn it’d be my guildy. Grrrr and then he typed back…”but Illy you haven’t spoken all night.” ?!?!?! GGGAAAAAAA

So here I was moments from being in a tiff about being ignored by these (really honestly) nice folks. I mean they seemed great over vent and reading raid, but seriously being ignored is like HIGH on the pet peeves. Of course once realization dawned on me it did make things make sense. Like I came on vent last week and asked a guild who lives in Australia about it for my daughter’s geography question (she was dead convinced they don’t get snow and thus it isn’t as cool as she thought) but he never responded. I wasn’t surprised it was preraid and usually he is super busy so I didn’t sweat it and she at the last minute decided Japan beat Australia in the cool factor and her report would be on that instead,

I really have to find a durable headset. The last set I had the sound died. This set (which is actually The Hub’s) has a broken mic now.

Overall with all the wipes on Ony (it was a lot) I felt like she had raided me for all I was worth. I can see her opening a portal up to talk to Nefarian to gloat about it all. “I slaughtered them all! My whelps feasted on their dead’s entrails while the survivors fled in terror! By the way, anyone visited you this decade?”

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