DPS Comes Full Circle in ToC

It is always odd to me when a company professes there is nothing wrong with something in the face of hordes of people crying foul. (I’m talking to you Blizzard the Beast Master in Illisan still screams in horror at what you did to her spec.) But I find it a ploy to buy them time and to pat themselves on the back and then point saying, “See we DO listen.” Yeah you listen…you listen when it is advantageous to do so.

As we know I raid my priest as discipline. Tossing out shields left, right, and sideways. Ensuring my raid enjoys the 3% mitigation even if they don’t know they enjoy it. ( I know the healers love 3% less healing needing to be done…ya know since I am one.) But, I didn’t start out wanting to be a disc priest. Oh no.

FLASH BACK! *You need to imagine the wavy lines signifying a flash back sequence k?

It is BC still and I’m bored. I’m raiding BT and the rest regularly putting in my time and honestly enjoying the camaraderie with my other hunters. But I’m missing when I was a healer in EQ (what can I say I liked a good complete heal chain) So I whip up a draenei  priest but decided the fast route to leveling would be shadow. And thus I sold Zhavi’s soul to the dark side. Lock stock and barrel, I cackled and ogres ran from me in far as I drained their life away. Running wouldn’t save them.

Oh how easily I was seduced into forgetting my lofty goals of healing a raid. It didn’t help the idea of filling my bars with different ranks of a spell was off putting to say the least. The dark side had me fully in its grips until Hellfire Peninsula and a random request to come heal a Ramparts run. I figured what the hey! I’ll give it a whirl and see how it goes. I enjoyed healing it even off spec, but not enough to switch and give up the darkness. Time passed, the darkness was good and even better when leveling in Lich King.

But Blizzard made dual spec and I no longer had to flip between shadow and holy to heal friends for runs when no other healers were to be found. Also they revamped disc making it more in line with my play style. Combined with the nails Blizz put in Illisan’s coffin (I shelved her) Zhavi became my bona fide main. Too many times running 5mans convinced me I enjoyed raiding and healing more than I really liked healing and I like casting lots so I disc seemed a good fit.

What does any of this have to do with now?

Last night for 25man TOC we had too many healers and the call went out for someone to switch to DPS. I was happy to do this especially since we keep having problems with lack of dps on Anub. Having a priest dps is really a win-win situation with dual spec. I was healing for the Twins and dps for all the rest. Now, dpsing is about the only time I will run recount. I have strong VERY strong views that recount is detrimental to a heal core but with dps it can help highlight subpar performance (so long as situations are taken into account ie if you have someone handling pulling ice down their dps will be lower than normal etc) What I saw on Recount hurt the dps in my soul. Illisan wept tears of pain at the sight but was heartened that it wasn’t her dps so it wasn’t that bad.

Under 3k the entire night!?! I could talk about the fact I get dps gear as offset when it goes to me on a save thus most of my gear does double duty. I gem and enchant for disc even if the item has hit on it. (Better believe I’ll take cloth with hit on it if it is an upgrade no questions asked) So, I didn’t have the best set going in, but I had a firm understanding of shadow dps and spell priority. ( I even keep up on some forums about shadow) I was prepared given the massive QQ I had heard not to do great dps. But seriously, under 3k? And I wasn’t the only one riding the line. I watched, the other shadow dps wasn’t where I was used to seeing them either. None were doing as poorly but still.

WTF happened to my dark side dps? Where did you take it Blizzard? I really came to understand the QQ I had read about. And I had this moment of deja vu. OMG, it is the release of LK and the BM’s are QQ about the nerf bat that beat them until their DPS wasn’t recognizable. Of course all this is going on in the back of my head on the inside so no one thinks I’m crazy.

Out in vent and raid land I can hear my raiders being frustrated. I’m not the only problem but I certainly am contributing to the problem and that in turn is a problem for me. Enough of a problem after a wipe I sent two different leads a tell explaining that if they could get a higher DPS replacement I would happily step out for the success of the raid. And I meant it. I meant it then and I mean it now. I do NOT want to sit back and soak up points for a raid while we all wipe over and over again if replacing me will equal success. I’ll be sad to see I couldn’t contribute to victory, but glad they were successful.

Oh don’t get me wrong I have a huge ego and if this was a healing problem I’d have likely been all WTF I’m a damned good healer and stuff. But I can read recount and I can see I’m not pulling my weight. The leaders wisely call a break and I go to ponder the snacks in my house after I was given a crappy dinner (Which isn’t The Hub’s fault he didn’t know they put mayo on a turkey and grilled cheese sandwich because honestly WHO would do that…) Time passed and I found something to sooth the inner hunger demon that sits inside waiting to break out at any moment. We all get back and I’m asked if I think Illisan can do better dps.

Of course the answer is yes, but I’ll be damned if in that moment I could tell them how much above 3k she could do. I couldn’t remember where her DPS was at on the last raid she was on since it was like 1am and I fell asleep afterward.  But I’m game I still love Illisan even though she rocks a Survival spec instead of BM these days. Little did I know she could rock the DPS and effectively complete with the two geared regular hunters we have in our raid. Oh yeah! I may have left the dark side and just truly embraced disc on Zhavi ( I truly accept that now) but Illisan was rocking the dps house and made it in the top 10 a few kills.

It was actually very nice and a bit of vindication for me. Zhavi really is my healer and while I could go back and fix her gear and gem/enchant it appropriately so she can be a good dps and healer why bother? I love healing on her and I have Illisan. A good raid reminds me why I love being dps. It isn’t about completing with the other dps. It IS about squeezing out that last little bit in the clinch popping everything you’ve got to down a boss. I remembered why in BC Illisan loved her hunters, better dps meant they didn’t have to heal as long. It reminded me of the old synergy. Part of me looks back and regrets shelving Illisan. But I’ve accepted something about my play style.

I go in cycles. At the core I love healing I love the synergy that a stable core of healers work on. There is a level of stress to healing though and sometimes I need a break from that. Knowing that Illisan can hold her own in the DPS department means I can take a break as DPS to get away from the OMG heal faster mentality from time to time. Mind you I’m still going to pick up shadow gear on the side. The dark side can never really be turned away from right?

Shadow DPS needs to be looked at. Blizzard can say it is fine all they want and point to their invisible numbers no one is allowed to scrutinize but when I watch shadow players really drop behind the rest, and these are well geared good players then I have to cry foul. Not because I suck DPS I at least know why I suck and can accept that. But the others are good and know their stuff they shouldn’t be behind if they have the skills because the numbers and mechanics changed. Just like I think Blizzard needs to get off their butts and retool the BM dps for hunters.

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  1. Thats wierd. I was just thinking the opposite (kinda). Like you I try to keep up with whats happening generally in shadowland and I have a decent idea about rotations. I don’t use SW:D and I haven’t speced into Improved Spirit Tap yet since the recent change (I have Improved VE instead), but my output is different.

    I DPS’ed as shadow all night last night pushing 4-4.4k in normal boss fights (25 man ToC, VoA, Onyxia). 5.5k on the fire guy in VoA for some reason, perhaps lucky crits. Fights with lots of movement or target switching were closer to 3.3k though. I was thinking it wasn’t as bad as I’d heard shadow DPS to be.

    Sure I wasn’t pushing the 5-6.3k the survival and MM hunters and a mage was doing but still better than I expected.

    Like you I pick up some off-spec gear while healing and I have a good set, but not top notch like the ‘real’ DPS. Armoury Turkelife on Nagrand if your interested.

    Perhaps it was raid composition, or perhaps my gear is better? I can do 3k on the boss dummy, only self buffed, so perhaps its maintaining debuffs or rotation?

    Log here if its any help: http://www.wowmeteronline.com//combat/log/1080492

    But yeah there is a fair gap between 3-4k and 5-6k and its not all gear. Hopefully the patch notes i’ve seen for shadow will help close the gap.

    Gobble gobble.

    • I think the gemming might be my biggest problem with her output. I really don’t gem for it so I think my itemization is subpar. But then I really am comparing my dps to DKs that are rocking the numbers. I think I’m more concerned since as time goes by in raids the hardcore shadow players in our group have slowly been slipping down the charts. I’m not sure if that is a matter of boredom and them not keeping on the cooldowns or not adapting to different rotations etc as mechanics change. though I am not aware of a large chant in mechanics but I’ve missed larger targets 🙂 Doesn’t help I only pay attention to the meters when I am DPSing or when The Hub was in a raid.

  2. Blizzard seems to agree with us know. Shadow is getting a few major buffs. Haste and Spirit are looking to be relevant. I haven’t looked at the projected theory crafting as of yet, but the changes look promising.

    Note that the info is split between the build changes and the current (updated) patch notes.

    • I peaked on over and took a look at this build and the latest one that was put up there. I think are trying to fix it which gives me hope. Is it sad I channel all that hope into wanting BM to be fixed?

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