I need a head…I mean pumpkin!

By the changing colors on what few non evergreen trees out my door, all evidence points to it being fall. The plethora of pumpkins sold in stores and by street stands means it is time to get ready for Halloween. For Azeroth this means tricking, treating, and killing headless knights on demon horses!

I’ve been playing WoW since Dec of release or there about it could’ve been Nov but I’m 99.9% sure it was December. In all this time I’ve not once even seen the Headless Horseman. He was in Scarlet Monastery spending time with the dead bodies of the psychotic Scarlet Crusade and I felt pretty good about leaving him with them. I mean…seriously wouldn’t that be torture enough?

It was with much groaning (ok not really) I agreed to go help my friend Leagnis on his DK alt with my druid alt healing. It seemed like a bad recipe waiting to blow up. I’m on an alt not yet 80 to heal a group of mostly unknown people. But never one to turn down a challenge especially one aimed out my healing ability I went anyways. (it was odd being the only non 80 in the group) But to their credit no one questioned my ability to get the job done. (which wins them points for that alone if nothing else.)

Honestly it wasn’t half bad. I didn’t really know what to expect having never done it before. I was a little heart broken no pets or mounts dropped. However, both casty rings dropped and were easily claimed by me! I even asked before taking the second one even though I was the only casty type with two melee and two hunters. I felt manners should take precedence and wasn’t wrong wheneveryone laughed and agreed I should have them to level into.

Sadly, those rings like to drop like candy. Zhavi saw something like 4 drop on her run. *shakes head* It was sick. I’d have been happier had there been people there that could’ve used them. Rotting loot bothers me but such is the fate when loot is random.Nevermind, everyone in Zhavi’s group (including me) just wanted the mounts.

Overall, I thought the fight was fun and slightly regret having missed it in years past. This seems to be the year for me making up for missed holiday bosses. I finally saw Ahune this summer as well thanks to Jairone taking me in to kill him. I believe this just leaves Omens in Moonglade to summon and kill. Ahh the tracking of holidays by who you have to summon and kill.

Quick achievement note: take a 5 summon group in to kill old Headless and you will get enough candy to get sick and receive the “Get it out” achievement. Everyone one I went with got it during the downtime waiting on the pumpkin to respawn; which if you have done it before you know is super fast)

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