So You Want to be a Raid Healer

Reading Tankingtips reminded me the healer side of that coin. How do we get into a raiding guild or a prime slot on progression? So here is my take on the whole situation. I’ll be skipping the whole use a guild angle he had. I find it repulsive from a personal standpoint. Also at least on Silver Hand there are plenty of guilds that market themselves as leveling and gearing guilds already so I don’t see the point. I mean if you look in trade or general there are people advertising you a place to level your alt and get runs in with them. Why be deceptive when you can just avail yourself of these guilds? (Of course I am assuming this is true on other servers and may not be)

If you have come to 80 or are fast approaching the current end of your leveling affair you may have cast your sighs on end game raiding. Perhaps trepidation creeps in as you ponder how to go about becoming a raider. Luckily for you the path there is easier and a bit more straightforward than you think.


Tanks remember good healers. Hell, dps especially hunters remember good healers. (I added a druid to my group with list because he snagged me mana biscuits when Illisan got subbed into a raid. *waves at Sefoniel*) Now how do you build that reputation? Well, here you have some options and really I think a mix of them all will help. Here is a quick and dirty break down for your viewing enjoyment. Essentially, all of this is about how to build your rep.


Start with your server forums on the wow community site. People get used to seeing your name there and plenty of people on your server and cross server come to the sites. Don’t troll but ask intelligent questions and weigh in when you feel you have something to add. I hate the idea of posting just to post so be selective and make the posting count. This also has the added benefit of getting you immersed in the server’s community if you aren’t already.

Don’t forget class forums and blogs. Go outside of the server forums and see what mini communities are available to you and dig in. I don’t always post but I am an avid reader of some forums like Plus Heal and of course Leftovers raiding (where I raid). Most role or class specific forums out side of Blizzard’s have a section devoted to people looking for guilds and guilds looking for healers. ( A plus if you are looking for a new home)

Server forums can let you tap a server’s worth of resources to get an idea of what options are available out there; not just get your name known. Casual raiding guilds, alliances etc tend to advertise themselves via forums as well. I have seen progression guilds post what they are looking for and what requirements they have to draw in a larger pool to chose from as well. This has the added benefit of giving you an idea of what they are looking for, thus creating the benchmark you are looking to hit if that’s what you want.


Pug and then pug some more and when you really want to tear your hair out pug again. You will have bomb pug groups where people worked so well together you add each other to your friends list so you can tap them when the need to pug arises. You will have pugs that fall apart due to bad dynamics before you reach the last boss thus locking you to a horrid instance for the day. (I’m looking at you Occulas)

The advantage to pugging is the sheer amount of people you will meet. This gives you a chance to work on your game face, hone your skills, and take a crack at gear. Speaking of gear, you have the chance of any upgrades from the loot tables for the instances you run but also running heroics gives you the all important badges to buy gear and jump the currently under raided early LK raid instances.

Sort of a win-win there huh? I mean chance at drops, guaranteed emblems, meeting people, and working your skills. The meeting people factor is important to building your reputation but can be taken a step forward. If you know what guild you are striving for keep an eye out for their members in trade, general, or LFG channel looking to fill the at last spot for a run. Referrals from current members go a long way on an application!


Obviously I’ve touted pugging to build your rep and gear. I am not blind to the horrors of pugging or the number of pugs that have fallen apart without seeing the end of an instance. Work on getting a core group of people to run with. This will help ensure you get geared via drops or emblems. Make friends with a tank. Tank/healer combos are killer. Tanks like to be able to rely on and trust their healer. Just like we enjoy having a tanker we can trust to do their job and do it well.

Icannot stress enough your reputation as a healer. There are healers I won’t take because I can’t trust they are at the keyboard when we are in an instance. I’ve posted about the priest that went afk mid fight without telling anyone about it. Especially with pugs people remember the smooth runs or when you pull it out of the fire and they didn’t expect it to happen. Bad dps, bad whatever, but it is up to each of us healers to not let it be bad healers. Get your heal on!

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