Zhavi’s New RPG Crack

*unhooks herself from the crack that is Dragon Age* OMG! I forgot how much I love RPGs. *rolls around in all that is RPG goodness* Engaging Story? CHECK Pretty graphics? CHECK (The hub as been watching me play as we both have been impressed how the game feels like playing a movie. I really just love it. Maybe this is the medicine I needed. A break from a grinding time sink game for a game that has an actually storyline. So if I post gushing posts about my love for Dragon Age over the next bit you will have to excuse me.

I have been very impressed so far and it has COMPLETELY made up for the horrible taste that NWN 2 left in my mouth for rpgs. (special love is given to my father-in-law for gifting me a game.)

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  1. I’m listening.

  2. Let me ask. Did you play NWN2? with the horrid load times, the weird character interactions that make no sense at times? The fact that you HAD to patch the game at launch and it was still horrible and clunky when it moved?

  3. No I played the original, but I was busy with sone MMO or another (Guildwars I think) when NWN 2 came out.

    Gobble gobble

    • Oh good! It was done by Obsidian and while I want to like the work they did It is sooo hard to get past the problems in that game.

      But now that I am a goood ways into DA I suppose I should do a proper write up on it. I’ll work on a proper review for you. I like the game enough it deserves more than just a cursory nod and squeeze

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