Back from the Break!

It is amazing what taking lots of time off of WoW can do for my psych. The hub is happy I’ve taken myself (mostly) the Dragon Age iv drip I was going on. But it made my logging back into WoW this weekend. I didn’t play more but the feeling of refeshment was enough to inspire to sign up for two raids this week. I’m on standby for tonight which is fine and tomorrow isn’t slotted yet. I have a definite lack of stress or concern either way on being slotted. If it happens good I’ll go and give it my all. If not, either more Dragon Age or more time on my druid.

Of course, now I need to bone back up on the prep for 3.3 since I’ve ignored it for a few weeks and it really does feel like with WoW you have to be up on it all the time. Not going to stress it just add it back into my daily readings…next week. Its holiday week and work is running at full steam with so many different fires to put out at any given moment. I’m determined though to keep the laid back groove I’ve developed and apply it liberally to my hobbies.

See you Wed!

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