Christmas Loots!

The lovely gift of a Razor Naga on Friday precipitated a change in my healing Addons. Much as I love Vuhdo it just doesn’t support the 17 key massiveness that is the Naga. (btw ❤ Razer) Instead, I’ve changed addons and picked up Healbot. I could’ve gone back to Grid but didn’t relish the time spent setting up the addon to give me info the way I want to see it. (Yes I am lazy) Instead,  popped some views of the Healbot interface and decided it was easy enough to config that I would give it a spin. Besides, a friend (as in real life friend I see regularly, as in I see him twice every other week face to face…yes both for gaming nights) is a huge fan and offered to be my tech support should I need it. How could I say no?

Overall, I am happy with the set up. Mind you tomorrow’s raid will be the real test. Having 12 buttons under my thumb keyed to my heals is rather daunting. I tried dpsing with the set up over the weekend. Bad idea. Shadow dps takes concentration for me to be any good at it (aka put up competitive numbers) and learning a new mouse was not the way to go. I am satisfied with my initial healing set up and since I am using the Razer addon( Dominos like addon), I am peached to be able to look at my screen and know which key is going to pop which spell. I always hated that in the heat of combat if I forgot a key combo for say Remove Curse I was SOL with Vuhdo, no opening the config screen in combat. I may have let people die that way…a few times.

In case you were like me and looked at pictures of the mouse and put that together with the number of keys under the thumb and assumed it would be huge and awkward under your hand? We are wrong. It fits nicely in my womanly hands and the Hub with his big hands find it a bit small. (but he really loves his Death Adder so I think any mouse will fall short compared) Time will tell how well both the Naga and Healbot work for me, but thus far I’m happy and more than a little eager to give it a hard and fast test tomorrow.

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Face Palm Moments

Some days the face palming is more active than others. Today was a face palm epic per-portions for my druid.

Reading Plus Heal druid forums today I literally swacked myself in the head and was thankful I work in a corner far away from other people. (thus they missed my groan or assumed a bad customer caused it) That’s right! My night elf druid has NEVER used her shadowmeld…ever! Because I forgot she had it. “What do you mean druids drop agro with shadowmeld OMG I have shadowmeld…FRACK!” is how the thought went through my head. I fail as a Night Elf. Utter failure.

In my defense I never had to use it with Illisan because…she’s a hunter I have Feign Death for those, “OMG I HAVE AGRO!!!” moments.

I have lamented often to friends that I miss shield and fade. Now I can take fade off the list and just lament shield. Oh what was that? Did you say cast Barkskin and then switch to bear or do a kitty cower? Well frack me it is game over!

To review what I learned today:

Shadowmeld = Win!

Just because I am a Resto Druid doesn’t mean I have to stay in treeform when things try and kill me.

In case you too play a Night Elf druid and didn’t know these things *raises a pint in your honor* Join the club 😉

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The High of the Game

It is amazing what a week makes!

Overall the changes with 3.3 haven’t affected my beloved Zhavi much at all. I’ve always consumed more mana in 5mans than 10-25man raiding and that hasn’t changed. Though, Heroic Halls of Reflection tested my love of mobs in waves. (Which I actually enjoyed during Hyjel…sick I know!) I found my self using Pain Suppression on the tank for added reaction time and Hymn of Hope for mana. That fight might be the only thing to get me to drink mp5 flasks. I always prefer the sweet taste of more spellpower to mana in the handy dandy flasks, but H HOF had me panting. And I liked it!

It has been a long time (read since General V in Uld) since I’ve strained my mana pool so thin. Perhaps it is the rush of knowing you are giving it your character’s all and then coming away with the win. There are certainly highs and lows with gaming and raiding specifically. Running to the wire always leaves me walking away with a high. I could tell you that I’ve had lows but given the time I’ve taken off both WoW and the blog speak enough to how burnt out I was feeling.

This could be on the mind because I watched a documentary on gamers last night. E-@thletes takes a look at competitive Counterstrike teams and tracks their story and performance through some competitions and the changing landscape of competitive gaming. The interviews are a few years old but general it documentary held up pretty well. The two followed in the movie are 3D and Complexity. I won’t give it all away because it is actually worth the watch. The Hub and I found ourselves pausing the movie to debate things said and behaviors we noticed. E-@thletes definitely engaged my mind in how I view the competitive nature of the games we play.

Right, now a lot of us are riding the wave of new content and shiny new toys. Inevitably, the lows will return. For now, I’m going to enjoy being pushed to the edge of my mana pool and be glad my tank is still standing and the boss isn’t! J OH! And if you get in a pug with a rest druid named Delith try not to give her too hard a time 😉

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3.3 Has Landed!

Tuesday’s raiding was fraught with the usual problems of a patch day. Though no connection issues for our people this time which makes it highly unusual.

The new LFG interface is pretty snazzy. My druid got into a kicking little COS run using it. My expectations for the group were low, especially considering we had a pally in mostly blue/greens. Color me shocked when we stomped through the instance with 6+min to spare. Lost the roll, but then I don’t have epic flying on her yet…what! I’m cheap I admit that. The second time my under geared druid got thrown to the wolf that is Forge of Souls…I love the PUG I got stuck with though for putting up with me; first time there and I knew nothing about the fights etc.

Bringing us back to the Raiding…I was pleasantly surprised with Icecrown Citadel. Specifically the overall ambiance of the raid and the musical score. But what really peached me? Being asked to shackle! I’m not sure why shackling makes me giddy, but it does. There are casters on the way to Lord Marrowgar. Tuesday our 25man wasn’t able to get in sync to down him 😦 However, Wednesday our 10man group downed him and then danced upon the crushed bones of his body. *re-enacts dance for you* Like so. Although, we were stopped at Lady Deathwhisper. Partly due to dps on the shields and finally because of player connectivity.

I’ll point out Blizzard’s refusal to give me cool looking clothing persists, but I knew they weren’t going to cave to my demands for more style and less blah 😉

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