Face Palm Moments

Some days the face palming is more active than others. Today was a face palm epic per-portions for my druid.

Reading Plus Heal druid forums today I literally swacked myself in the head and was thankful I work in a corner far away from other people. (thus they missed my groan or assumed a bad customer caused it) That’s right! My night elf druid has NEVER used her shadowmeld…ever! Because I forgot she had it. “What do you mean druids drop agro with shadowmeld OMG I have shadowmeld…FRACK!” is how the thought went through my head. I fail as a Night Elf. Utter failure.

In my defense I never had to use it with Illisan because…she’s a hunter I have Feign Death for those, “OMG I HAVE AGRO!!!” moments.

I have lamented often to friends that I miss shield and fade. Now I can take fade off the list and just lament shield. Oh what was that? Did you say cast Barkskin and then switch to bear or do a kitty cower? Well frack me it is game over!

To review what I learned today:

Shadowmeld = Win!

Just because I am a Resto Druid doesn’t mean I have to stay in treeform when things try and kill me.

In case you too play a Night Elf druid and didn’t know these things *raises a pint in your honor* Join the club 😉

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