Dungeons and Video Cameras?…WHAT?

Every once in a great while an opportunity comes by that cannot be ignored. Below is the link to a great experience I got to be apart of. Who knew being a Dungeons and Dragons DM would net me on the net? It isn’t WoW related but I was just so excited to see the finished product that I wanted to share it with the rest of you. Btw *cough* I’m the girl from Seattle in case you can’t figure it out. The Hub even makes an appearance *grin*

The whole group of people I met doing the video and and interview were just awesome. They braved AWFUL weather in Seattle (freaking heat wave and I don’t have AC) to sit and chat with us, watch us game, and hang out with each other. My friends are in here, my family is in here, and well I’m in here. Also if you are thinking about being a DM, then you definitely need to check this out 🙂

Dungeons and Dragons Interview

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Preparing for Progression Nights

On top of the usual buff food, flash/elixer, and gold for repair bills there are some of things you need to do to be ready for the long pushes on progression night. One thing above all others though will help make progression night run more smoothly (assuming you brought those consumables 😉 )


Take the time to research strategies for the bosses you anticipate encountering or for bosses your group struggles to down.

TankSpot has some great video guides to go along with their written guides. Bosskillers has also added what they call a talk through with video to their written guides. Seeing the encounter goes along way with instructions. Even if your group uses a different strat. than the one shown you at least know what to look for in the fight. Usually over vent I hear “Now that we have all seen the fight….” I can’t stress enough how having seen the fight can help you execute the fight.

I really do feel that video guides are the way to go on researching a fight, however if you prefer to read the strat. both sites do offer well done written guides. If your team is having problems both options is likely the way to go. The more ways you have to do something the more likely you are to find what will work for your raid groups makeup and play level.

Class forums and blogs are another great way to get a handle on a boss. I keep an eye on World of Matticus and Plus Heal‘s instance forums for strats and to get an idea of where other groups are struggling compared to my own. Sometimes knowing other people beat their head on the same issues saps the frustration a bit. Plus Heal actually got me reading Upyursh (say that 5 times fast!) because of the well thought out posts there and the blog has some good break downs of the ICC fights as well.

I know research sucks and it means you can’t multitask because you have to pay attention, but it beats wiping. In my book anything that cuts down on wiping and the shrinking of my gold is a good thing. Take the time out of your day sit down and watch a video or two, read a blog or forum, and get ready to kill some bosses! 🙂

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Addon Spotlight: Surgeon General

Our charter’s heal lead wasn’t there last Tuesday and by the power of healer voting I got to be the Temp for the day. The thought of being lead of the healers stresses me out at the thought. It is a balancing act of peoples’ strengths, weaknesses, knowing the fights, and typing assignments fast. (Really it is the last part that gets me) Except…that last part is a lie. Behold the power of Surgeon General! *cues the epic AWWWWWWW music*

A huge thank you to Tyrilian for letting me know /sg will pull up the menu for SG once installed. I didn’t have a chance to read over the mod before installing it again. I had it installed ages ago but never had the need to use it. Although, after that it was pretty straight forward to use and is updated for ICC. ❤ I auto populated my healers and only needed to add one, a priest rocking a disc/holy hybrid the mod didn’t recognize. The save feature meant I could assign people for all the fights I knew ahead of time and not worry about it for the rest of the night.


Auto populate healers in your raid

Manual add anyone missed (great for dual spec people flipping between fights)

Announce assignments to custom channel or to raid

Multiple phase assignments options

Save assignments by raid, boss, and trash

Make change on the fly


If you crash you will lose your assignments

Doesn’t recognize hybrid heal specs (ie disc/holy)

Honestly, I lucked out between SG making my life easier so I wasn’t freaking out about typing out assignments fast enough for everyone and our core heal group being all present. By no means will I say that being Heal Lead is easy. But if you had to step up at the last minute I would suggest Surgeon General for your assignment needs!

This mod has earned the Lenelie’s Voice Seal of Approval *loud stamping sound*

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Knowing Your Role: Death Knights

Often I read healer forums and have wondered why there is so much hate for the DK tank. Two of my fav tanks to heal during a raid are DKs and I’ve had good success doing 5mans with my friends who are DK tanks. Since the new LFG tool has been added however, I have come to understand my fellow healers’ disdain for the DK. Ultimately, I believe they suffer from the same problems as Hunters.

Ease of play. Why are there billions upon billions of hunters out there? Because leveling is easy when you have a pet to sick on things and can Feign Death when it gets hairy. It is not to say that all hunters are bad hunters. The nickname huntard however has joined our vocabulary simply because of the rarity of a good player (this was worse in Classic aka Vanilla WoW than I find it to be so now) Truthfully, hunters didn’t get replaced for having a bad rep until the Death Knight. Starting off at high level , coupled with the fast leveling meant that everyone and their brother was going to make one. If you were to go look in your own character screen I am sure most of us have a hunter and a death knight kicking around.

Ease of play leads to class proliferation, which means quality of play is watered down. It is harder to find the good DK in the sea of mediocre or bad players. I had thus far been so lucky has to avoid running into a DK so bad I would swear off the class all together. But thank you LFG random group I have now done so. (With the caveat that the DK tanks I already loved are except from this new anti-DK stance)

What would cause me to swear off an entire class in a single day of LFG?

  1. Not wearing tank gear. I don’t care how awesome your DPS gear is and that you can grab aggro with it. You make my life as a healer harder. When I die because I am burning my mana healing you and the mobs think, “Mmmm eat healer she make this harder on us,” and they tear through the tissue paper that is my armor faster than you can notice they have stopped looking at you. We have a problem! (this happened more than 3 times in a single night with a different dk tank each time)
  2. Aggro management. Speaking of me being made a snack for some mob…mmm high you are pulling a lot of guys could you learn to Death and Decay? I know, I know silly priest asking you to do something. But hmm yeah so when you pull a bunch of mobs and they beat on  you, I tend to heal so, you know, you don’t die on the pull. Such as when you pull two packs instead of one because you are high as you tell the group and not paying attention but it makes WoW so much funner…Yes, funner for you but not for me. Do something about generating instant aggro. I know it can be done. I’ve seen it done. I don’t die when it is done.
  3. Take the time to know other classes. When a druid casts a battle res there is a timer. If on the next pull you do #2 of the above and get yourself killed instead of me, don’t yell if battle res is down.  Especially, if you are the person that called for the first battle res. It has been 2 minutes since it was cast and is still down. Just saying.
  4. Manners please? I don’t know how many groups I have been in the last 2 weeks and have had a DK tank just drop group. One night 3 groups each time the DK tank left after the first boss. Didn’t say a damned thing just left. WTF?!?! They weren’t skin of your teeth kills either. Otherwise I’d get it. VH first boss, dead smooth as silk, DK poof the moment it died. Old Kingdown…AN….same thing. I dunno I want to think that when the DPS jives and the tank isn’t taking lots of damage and is getting healed things are going well.

Ultimately, there are good DKs out there, just they are harder to find. I’m betting a healer figures out they are good and won’t let go of them to his/herself. I know I would. If you are a DK tank establish and maintain aggro in tank gear. If you do nothing else those things will get you ahead in this PUG world.

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