Preparing for Progression Nights

On top of the usual buff food, flash/elixer, and gold for repair bills there are some of things you need to do to be ready for the long pushes on progression night. One thing above all others though will help make progression night run more smoothly (assuming you brought those consumables 😉 )


Take the time to research strategies for the bosses you anticipate encountering or for bosses your group struggles to down.

TankSpot has some great video guides to go along with their written guides. Bosskillers has also added what they call a talk through with video to their written guides. Seeing the encounter goes along way with instructions. Even if your group uses a different strat. than the one shown you at least know what to look for in the fight. Usually over vent I hear “Now that we have all seen the fight….” I can’t stress enough how having seen the fight can help you execute the fight.

I really do feel that video guides are the way to go on researching a fight, however if you prefer to read the strat. both sites do offer well done written guides. If your team is having problems both options is likely the way to go. The more ways you have to do something the more likely you are to find what will work for your raid groups makeup and play level.

Class forums and blogs are another great way to get a handle on a boss. I keep an eye on World of Matticus and Plus Heal‘s instance forums for strats and to get an idea of where other groups are struggling compared to my own. Sometimes knowing other people beat their head on the same issues saps the frustration a bit. Plus Heal actually got me reading Upyursh (say that 5 times fast!) because of the well thought out posts there and the blog has some good break downs of the ICC fights as well.

I know research sucks and it means you can’t multitask because you have to pay attention, but it beats wiping. In my book anything that cuts down on wiping and the shrinking of my gold is a good thing. Take the time out of your day sit down and watch a video or two, read a blog or forum, and get ready to kill some bosses! 🙂

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