Developer and Player Disconnect

I usually don’t jump all over Ghostcrawler at the slightest provocation. (Though it does sound like fun) But for once I’m going to weigh in on what I feel is the obvious disconnect the developers seem to have. (I’m not judgmental…no not at all. Ghosty seems to indicate  Wild Growth needs its cooldown increased. I really want to talk about this because the problems with Wild Growth and Circle of Healing spamming have been here since BC. I remember being on Pookie and hearing healers complain vocally about priests CoH spamming and it being a sign of a poor healer. Since those days, those halcyon days in Karazan the spamming of these spells has been a badge of shame for any healer. To combat this kneejerk spamming Blizzard introduced a cooldown, currently at 6seconds. (more…)

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A Look at Cataclysm’s Potential for Priests

Blizzard posted their Cataclysm Priest preview here.

Let me start off saying that ALL of this is subject to change regardless. Take it from me, as a Beast Master Hunter in BC, who was told that BM tank pets would be able to tank 5mans. Sometimes, they promise more than they deliver. So even though they said these are the changes, it is just speculation at this point still. Until the changes happen I don’t bank on it. Of course that isn’t going to keep me from spouting off about it either. Also I’m just looking at healing related changes because…yeah I don’t shadow priest so well 🙂 (more…)

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Zhavi’s Healer PSA

*taps on screen* Hello there. I’m Zhavi and I’m here to have an honest talk with you. Please don’t worry I am talking directly to you, no one sees you looking around. It’s all right…we’re alone.  I know about your shame and how you like to keep it hidden.  When people ask, you try to calmly deny it, but inside you can’t deny it. You have a healer and you are pretty good at it. You’re a tank or dps…maybe both? You like healing…secretly on the inside where you don’t talk about it. It is time to talk about it.

Every day 5man, 10man, and 25man raids are falling apart; because you aren’t there to heal. But for just a few hours a day you could help these raids happen, bosses would be downed, and loot would be had. It is time to cast off that shame and step into the light! Dust off your healer, ready your spells, and help these raids see the bosses dead!

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Current Obsessions! Wargaming returns!

So, the Hub has stumbled onto internet gold once again! (Honestly, he rocks at this whole stumbling upon rocking things on the net) This if for all you wargamers out there. Wander yourself over to Podhammer, these are great insight into Warhammer Fantasy and the Aussie tournament scene.  The Hub and I listen to them together and he has worked through most of the backlog of their podcasts. *sighs* The Hub’s ploy has worked and I am seriously thinking of returning to Warhammer (especially given that 8th edition has been announced). The only real question is what army? I have a wood elf army (the Hub is painting them and taken them over so I guess I really don’t have them anymore…but this is a marriage and we share right?…right?) I won’t be playing his night goblin army! I love it and it is pretty awesome, but he loves random elements to an extreme I just can’t reach. I’ll make a final decision in July after the new book comes out. The changes could be big enough to change the way the armies play and I’ve finally decided to be logical about my army decisions going forward. No more deciding the fluff and miniatures are what will make me pick an army (*weeps on the inside*) and instead I will pick an army based on it matching my play style and what I enjoy playing. Oh and they have themed dice…hopefully they will be back in stock by our anniversary because I know for a fact the Hub wants a set.

Secretly, my heart still belongs to 40k and my Sisters of Battle *shakes fist at GW and their screwing with my army* bastages… If you too harbor a love for what is 40k take an ear over to 40k Radio. They do extensive coverage of AdeptiCon, which is the largest North American 40k convention. I dream of going, but then I also dream of Games Workshop fixing my girls and I have yet to see that materialize (but it won’t stop me from wishing). These guys do tacticia, reviews, interviews…(man all the podcasts the Hub listens to do…makes you wonder why? 😉 ) Oh and an off hand comment about thinking about starting a ‘Nid army has the hubby talking to me about paint schemes, one day I will learn to keep the random army thoughts to myself…but space hulk was super fun and I love ripping space marines with claws…*looks wistfully as tyranid models*

Finally, us look at the two podcasts he/we listen to which cover more than just one system! World’s End Radio who cover both Warhammer Fantasy and 40k, if you don’t want to listen to mulitple podcasts and you play both systems, walk yourself over here. (But really you should listen to all these podcasts)

D6 Generation (I love their moto btw!). Two things to know; first they cover tons of games not exclusive to wargaming and second…hmm yeah so they are a 4 hour pod cast! So, break it up a little bit or like the Hub do it while you are painting and know when it stops so do you and go stretch or something. 🙂 Hey what am I here for if not to be helpful?

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Wonderful News for Forgotten Realms!


Much anticipated by me!

Ok this is completely unrelated to WoW… shush! I squealed with joy when I got the news so I am sharing!

I don’t know about you, but when I love a series of books I seriously love them and wait on pins and needles for the next book to come out. Unfortunately, I am also seriously forgetful. I was heartbroken to learn that Paul S Kemp’s work with Forgotten Realms had come to an end. While working on a future post about D&D I was drawn over to see when the omnibus for his Everis Cale series would come out (because someone I used to game with destroyed my copy of Twlight Falling…*curses his name venomously* (there is a small hell for people that destroy other people’s books and don’t replace them)  *cough* Where was I? Oh yes…the stars aligned and Mr. Kemp will be continuing his series. My complete inability to keep up with authors I like inspired me to add him to my facebook. (which the Hub will tease me for later since I ignore facebook most days…I am so bad)

That is all…return to your regularly scheduled WoWing.

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Overall, I have held a secret disdain for GearScore. Partly, because I believe skill travels with a person and just because their gear isn’t the best doesn’t mean their ability isn’t there; especially true given the plethora toons players have. Being benched for a 10man on Zhavi, I snaked into a 25ICC pug last week with Jairone (who has returned from his sabbatical). I was more than a little surprised to see myself get slotted given on Delith. I loves her and I spend time getting her geared outside of raids but *shrugs* they took me; they were aware I already knew the fights and I think that helped. For a team that hadn’t worked together the run went very smooth, atmosphere was very calm and collected, and we got to Putricide in under 2 hours. Kudos out to Raiders of the Lost Pug for putting it together and making a pug not just successful but enjoyable to boot! Obviously, Gearscore can help with building a good pug (since RotLP were doing checks on everyone to get in) but I can’t entirely dismiss my initial reaction. Not when I have listened to a warlock in my guild explain to me that he doesn’t know what he is doing wrong because he has 5XXX gearscore and can’t crack over 3k dps using the standard rotation. Instead of breaking down and ensuring the gear he is wearing is maximizing his abilities and talents, he looked at the gear number.

This really has been the trend for Delith’s runs, traditionally I get her in a pug and they are just very calm events. Given how bad pugs I have been in, in the past it is very refreshing. Progression runs on Zhavi always end up stress filled nights, you want every kill to go perfect to maximize time on the progression boss (Lich King may you die a thousand deaths!) so there is always that edge on raid nights.  Hopefully, Delith’s runs will stay calm and wonderful events. I don’t have a complaint about her raiding for the last month. *knocks on wood*

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