Wonderful News for Forgotten Realms!


Much anticipated by me!

Ok this is completely unrelated to WoW… shush! I squealed with joy when I got the news so I am sharing!

I don’t know about you, but when I love a series of books I seriously love them and wait on pins and needles for the next book to come out. Unfortunately, I am also seriously forgetful. I was heartbroken to learn that Paul S Kemp’s work with Forgotten Realms had come to an end. While working on a future post about D&D I was drawn over to see when the omnibus for his Everis Cale series would come out (because someone I used to game with destroyed my copy of Twlight Falling…*curses his name venomously* (there is a small hell for people that destroy other people’s books and don’t replace them)  *cough* Where was I? Oh yes…the stars aligned and Mr. Kemp will be continuing his series. My complete inability to keep up with authors I like inspired me to add him to my facebook. (which the Hub will tease me for later since I ignore facebook most days…I am so bad)

That is all…return to your regularly scheduled WoWing.

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