Current Obsessions! Wargaming returns!

So, the Hub has stumbled onto internet gold once again! (Honestly, he rocks at this whole stumbling upon rocking things on the net) This if for all you wargamers out there. Wander yourself over to Podhammer, these are great insight into Warhammer Fantasy and the Aussie tournament scene.  The Hub and I listen to them together and he has worked through most of the backlog of their podcasts. *sighs* The Hub’s ploy has worked and I am seriously thinking of returning to Warhammer (especially given that 8th edition has been announced). The only real question is what army? I have a wood elf army (the Hub is painting them and taken them over so I guess I really don’t have them anymore…but this is a marriage and we share right?…right?) I won’t be playing his night goblin army! I love it and it is pretty awesome, but he loves random elements to an extreme I just can’t reach. I’ll make a final decision in July after the new book comes out. The changes could be big enough to change the way the armies play and I’ve finally decided to be logical about my army decisions going forward. No more deciding the fluff and miniatures are what will make me pick an army (*weeps on the inside*) and instead I will pick an army based on it matching my play style and what I enjoy playing. Oh and they have themed dice…hopefully they will be back in stock by our anniversary because I know for a fact the Hub wants a set.

Secretly, my heart still belongs to 40k and my Sisters of Battle *shakes fist at GW and their screwing with my army* bastages… If you too harbor a love for what is 40k take an ear over to 40k Radio. They do extensive coverage of AdeptiCon, which is the largest North American 40k convention. I dream of going, but then I also dream of Games Workshop fixing my girls and I have yet to see that materialize (but it won’t stop me from wishing). These guys do tacticia, reviews, interviews…(man all the podcasts the Hub listens to do…makes you wonder why? 😉 ) Oh and an off hand comment about thinking about starting a ‘Nid army has the hubby talking to me about paint schemes, one day I will learn to keep the random army thoughts to myself…but space hulk was super fun and I love ripping space marines with claws…*looks wistfully as tyranid models*

Finally, us look at the two podcasts he/we listen to which cover more than just one system! World’s End Radio who cover both Warhammer Fantasy and 40k, if you don’t want to listen to mulitple podcasts and you play both systems, walk yourself over here. (But really you should listen to all these podcasts)

D6 Generation (I love their moto btw!). Two things to know; first they cover tons of games not exclusive to wargaming and second…hmm yeah so they are a 4 hour pod cast! So, break it up a little bit or like the Hub do it while you are painting and know when it stops so do you and go stretch or something. 🙂 Hey what am I here for if not to be helpful?

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  1. Crazy talk!

    I was into 40k, but gave it up as it was too expensive a hobby for me. Played Warhammer Fantasy also, but prefered their Epic 5mm stuff. Huge armies which were easy to paint and plastic, i.e. cheap.

    Not sure where i’d fit in a hobby like that now days. Would probably have to give up one of my others 😦

    Enjoy your return and choose skaven 😉

    Gobble gobble.

    • Looking for something with fewer minis then, check out Malifaux? I may or may not be looking to get the Hub into this game as a gift for our upcoming anni. It is a niffty little skirmish based game. Check it out and tell me what you think. *whistles and walks away*

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