Got the Summer Blues?

Ah the long wait for Cataclysm continues unabated, of course this coincides with the natural summer doldrums. School is out, the weather is warm, and the great outdoors call! This is the time of the year guilds and raiders struggle the most with attendance and participation.

The question for you left still playing and raiding is; how to beat the doldrums and keep it fresh!

Alts- I could be biased, but I find alts a great way to reinvigorate my interest in the game. Currently, Zhavi’s raiding is on hiatus, Delith has taken over, and my DK Sember is seeing all the 5man loving. Does it mean I love Disc any less? No. I’m still a hard and fast, dyed in the wool Disc fan.

Work in the Real World– No, I do not mean the MTV show of the same name. Schedule time with your friends and family outside the game; thus giving yourself time away from the game to recharge and soak up the goodness that is summer!

Fun Runs– I see more and more runs for Classic (*cough* Old World) and BC content these days. While some of the mechanics are still a channel at least you know being under geared isn’t a problem anymore.

Achievements– Ever wanted to get your cook on and become a Chef? Glory of the Hero close but so far away? Never found time to traipse across all of Azeroth, Outlands, and Northlands? Now is the time to get cracking!

Pvp– Timid about dipping your toes into PvP? Now is the time! From arenas to battlegrounds vent your frustration at waiting for Cata at unsuspecting enemies!

Personally, I’m mixing a few of these together to keep my summer snappy. Wed nights, I take my daughter over to a friend’s for anime night! Leveling and playing my alts is giving me new found joy in the game. Fridays and Saturdays I have roleplaying extravaganzas. And somewhere in there I am consuming books like crazy (the Hub got me a Nook ❤ ❤ ❤ Did I mention <3?)

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