Neverwinter Nights Resurrected?

*looks around and taps on the screen* I’m glad you are sitting down. We need to talk about the new Neverwinter Nights announcement. Talk a walk over to this article on PC World. Yes, you read that correctly! Cryptic is redoing Neverwinter as an MMO.

For those of you that may not be familiar with the awesomeness that is Neverwinter Nights 1 and it’s expansions (all other games should be forgotten, this is not just my inner Bioware fangirl talking) This is a game based on Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition rules with the expansions bringing it more in line with 3.5 ed. At the time, it was awesome! Honestly the expansions are more awesome and Bioware knocked it out of the park with Hordes of the Underdark.

The world is set in the new 4th ed DnD version of Forgotten Realms. 4th ed seriously has a myriad of classes (in the basic Player Handbook alone there are 8 classes). So it boggles my mind that they have announced you will only be allowed to play one of five. I understand the idea that you then have an easier time of coding and planing for the class combination. However, you don’t capitalize on one of the best things about the newest edition customization through the plethora of choices! You have the opportunity to get the character that fits your play style best accordingly.

I don’t play the Cryptic games and I won’t comment on their ability to successfully launch this MMO. Cryptic is behind Champions and Star Trek Online, having seen both at Pax ’09 they were very pretty. They aren’t my genre of games *shrugs*. If you are familiar with their products, let me know how you find their game play.

I’ll be honest as much as I love NWN, this iteration of the game doesn’t rank on my to watch list. I understand Bioware is busy with Star Wars: Old Republic MMO (which IS on my watch list). I know I have a Bioware bias, I’m honest about it. In that sense of honesty, I’d rather have seen another Neverwinter single player/moddable game ala the first by Bioware. Even if it wasn’t going to be done by Bioware, so long as it was done better than Neverwinter Nights 2 and all the evil that game entailed.

What made NWN great and kept that game alive and beloved in the hearts of fans was the modding. Atari at least seems to have taken notice to this by announcing players will be able to create quests and content. It is interesting idea and I will look forward to seeing how that actually gets implemented. User generated content really is a great marketing strategy so long as they make it user friendly. This is something that players of FPS games are used to having with player made mods and maps. Remember Team Fortress and Counter Strike all started out as community mods for Half Life waaay back in the day. (Did I just date myself?) These mods were so successful with the community that Valve pulled these modders on staff.

Obviously, I thump the products I love (Bioware, Steam, DnD, and Wow).  Not to say I’m not open to a new studio taking over and doing something new and different, just give me choices and options when you do. The precursor to this MMO gave me great character customization (for the time) from both the class and skill choices to how my character looked. It also created a wonderful and thriving community which exists today. The real challenge is can Cryptic capitalize on this?

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