Summer Ends but Cataclysim Still Waits

As summer draws to its inevitable close, I ponder how have you beat the summer slump? We are still waiting for Cata to arrive in our mailboxes, game stores, or hard drives (direct downloads here is my nod to you 😉 )

If you haven’t thrown yourself into summery outdoor activities; how have you kept your interest in the game?

For myself it has been the rediscovery of long shelved alts. (We all know I have an alt problem) But these are alts made early and left in storage collecting dust. My shaman has finally made it to Outlands and ponders why tanks won’t let her get mana back to heal them. My pally has been remade into a tank and found the joy of instant pops in the Looking for Dungeon system. And not to be out done my baby Horde warlock has her fast spikey mount, affectionately named Spikey (what else?)

Of course this is sandwiched in with my daily soaking of Vitamin D aka walking. I lament only that the end of summer means the supposed end of grilling season.

Cataclysm still looms large over the gaming landscape, taunting the content and loots to be had once it arrives.

So how about it! How have you kept out of the summer gaming slump?

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