Deus Ex Revisted

There are few games which revolutionize the way we view our video game industry. Half Life blew the doors off of FPS; managing to be PC Gamer: Game of the Year 3 times. I remember playing HL when it came out and being blown away how awesome it was and then that I was enjoying an FPS. Another game which engaged me enough to enjoy first person was Deus Ex (do you see that PC gamer chose well and placed it top?) DE wowed with real choice and options affecting the game in a very real manner. Games which offer you a myriad of ways to get an objective done owe something to this game. *eyes sand box games*

If you haven’t taken the time to place this game or it has been ages since you have dusted it off; now is the time. Deus Ex: Human Evolution is on the horizon for 2011. Now before the naysayers remind me about the evilness that is Deus Ex: Invisible War, let me say that I know, I feel your fear to let hope spring up. It is far too early in the game development to get hopes to high. But it is definitely worth giving some tentative hope that Eidos has learned form DE:IW and will return to choice and offer much better controls. Part of my hope springs from the fact this is a prequel so the crazy time line is off. The game is returning to its roots of a near future world, which could be around the corner. The promo trailer gives me back that feel of conspiracy and movement just under the surface. These are elements that drove the original game, compelling you to go keep at it and go further.

It is odd for me because so many of the games I am looking forward to from now to the end of 2011 are sequels (and really a prequel is just a sequel in reverse ). But while most of them give me hope for playing the characters or stories I have come to love few have a game trailer that made me giddy for. (I mean Hello! Bioware Fan Girl!) I was excited for the Dragon Age 2 trailer but it didn’t make me grab my husband and force him to watch it. However, the Hub couldn’t get away from me wanting to share the DE:HE trailer with him. All I ask is it be a worthy successor to the original. I have hope if Bethesda can breathe new life into Fall Out and do so with stunning results, perhaps Eidos can bring back Deus Ex and bring us a worthy game to stand next to the original. I don’t doubt that it can be done; only if it will be done.

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