Patch 4.0.1 Descends Upon Disc

Over the next bit posts will be dedicated to the different toons and their respective specs, starting with my lovely, lovely Disc priest Zhavi. You can view her current spec here. I looked at a lot of forums and guides prior to deciding on this spec and thus far I’m happy with it.  Overall, our shields got bigger and badder. Disc’s mastery feeds into the shield goodness.  

During 5 mans I haven’t seen much change in my play style in regards to heals. Of course there is one very large glaring exception to that. Evangelism and Archangel have seen me working in Smites on mobs. I kinda of want to pare it down even more since it is actually two seperate macros but I’m lazy when it comes to macro research.

/target focustarget

/cast Holy Fire


 /target focustarget

/cast Smite

I use Vuhdo to heal so what I have targeted is less of an issue. I do holy fire to make the Smites better. The whole wing business isn’t something I go out of my way to get but it has been a fun little mini game I do during heals to keep from being bored. Not sure how much I’ll be doing it during raids giving the need to conserve mana they keep telling us about come Cata. It makes the whole thing counter intuitive. “You will have to pick your heals carefully to conserve mana because you will not have the same regen because we want mana to be an issue. But here do some damage thus spending mana to make your heals better. But remember you won’t have a lot of mana regen to get it back.” Is the message I keep getting. I get they want healing to be fun and are taking a page from WAR and their healers such as Goblin Shaman who do dps to make heals stronger.

With the inclusion of our smite we are still going to be casting a lot, given the need to conserve mana for heals, Blizzard has rather ingeniously tackled the problem. Evangelism reduces the mana costs of Penance by 6%, but this is not all! Ohhh no. With Archangel we get 3% mana back, not to shabby. So the regen is there, just have to make sure you are casting Smite to get to use it. And we still have Power Infusion!

I have noticed with the changes to mitigation that tank health seems spikier. Perhaps it is simply my experience with a warrior tank. Mind you he is a damned good warrior tank that is skilled at using his cooldowns to make healers’ lives easier. ( I have come to appreciate this in people. Use your abilities first to mitigate the need for heals)

During raids I have really enjoyed the mitigation Power Word: Barrier has brought. Barrier proved very useful during Phase 2 on Lich King recently in fact. It is another ability dependant on people staying in one general spot so look to maximize this in Cata for fights involving clumping. I do wish it had a shorter cooldown, but I know that is just my want to constantly be throwing it down talking.

I’ve not changed my gems or reforged, I was rocking so much +spellpower previously that the conversion to +int on the gems hasn’t hindered my stats. Although I am sure I could switch things around for more haste. With the expac so close and it not affecting performance in 10mans I’m loathe to put the effort in when this time next month I’ll be handing my purples over to a vendor.

Glyphs: Let’s start at the bottom, Minor Glyphs, nothing changed here whatsoever. I love my Shadowfiend, Levitate, and even Shadow Protection and nothing came out compelling me to have it. Really I ❤ Levitate like no other glyph out there. I giggle levitating an entire raid. ( I could gush more but will restrain myself)

As for Majors, I focused on the future of damage for heals aspect.

Divine Accuracy: Increased Smite hit by 18%, which is handy since I don’t intend to be rocking hit for healy spec.

Smite: 20% Smite damage increase if target also has Holy Fire debuff. Kinda of explains my 2 macros huh? If I’m going to do damage why not do a little more?

Fade: Its basic, its good, it is hard to agro with casting it more since the tanks I meet seem to have problems establishing threat and maintaining in the post 4.01 world.

Finally we catch up with the new glyph catagory, Prime.

Power Word:Shield : and its 20% healing of shield absorbed. Really, you can’t beat extra healing that costs you no mana on a core spell you are going to be casting regardless.

Penance: How I love to hate this glyph. Decreases the cooldown on Penance by 2 seconds. Pretty much makes this spell core to us, and Blizzard increased the cooldown again by 2 seconds with this patch it just seems moronic to have this as a glyph. Why not get rid of the glyph and keep the cooldown the same? Logic how you ellude us.

Power Word: Barrier: +10% to healing received if you are inside the Barrier.

I thought about Flash Heal since I love Flash Heal but if I have people below 25% we have some serious freaking problems to start with. Also there is Prayer of Healing with its 20% of heal hot over 6 seconds. The last slot was hard since it is very situational. Ultimately I felt like Barrier was the best to go with but Prayer of Healing was a close second, very close.

Again, I don’t feel Disc’s play style significantly changed. Archangel allows for regen, but otherwise honestly could be ignored in our current damage climate. It is worth getting used to the mechanic now, however, so it will be seemly next month when  I am sure our WoW world changes again. Drop your Barriers and keep them on cooldown. Watch the fights and look for ways to utilize it. Cata is coming, not is the time to make yourself familiar and comfortable with the new mechanics.

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