Dude Where’s My Tree?

Cataclysm saw a change to the love/hate relationship with Resto Druid’s tree form. No longer are we forced into a barky visage to heal our friends. No longer are we kept from squeezing in some druidy Wrath while healing. A new day has dawned for the Lean Mean Leafy Green Healing Machines.Resto had some serious revamps (Tree form changes aside) and I’m pretty impressed with most of them. While I could talk about our heals getting better…in my mind all I’m doing is going “blah blah blah” until… REVITALIZE! Now tell me that isn’t just sweet sweet sweet. And then add more sweet. We make replenish happen now! All the more important with the changes to mana regeneration Cataclysm has brought to us.

I feel like1 talent made Lifebloom important again. I like Lifebloom, I like rolling LB and I don’t mind at all that it is limited to just 1 person now. To me that just means deciding who I keep LB up on just got a whole lot simpler. Also I don’t have to grumple when some other class isn’t doing whatever it is they do to give me Replenishment. I have the “More Mana Now” button!

Now that my mana power trip is out of the way, let’s talk healing powers. Efflorescence, is a great place to start and a new tool in our bag of H.oT. tricks. Use swiftmend on a target and you will sprout leafy green goodness 15 yards around the spot they were standing, healing friendlies (raid/group members) for 60% of what Swiftmend healed for over 7 seconds. With ICC raiding per Cata release, I found Efflorescence a wonderful stop gap while Wild Growth is on Cooldown(increased back up to 10 seconds).

Tree of Life is now a 3 minuted CD instant cast form, which lasts 30 seconds. But for those short 30 seconds we get +15% to healing, 120% armor (can anyone say PVP/healer aggro?), and spell enhancements! Specifically, enhancing Lifebloom, Wild Growth, Regrowth, Entangling Roots, and Wrath. This is a big change for druids, we are used to having Tree  up all of the time. The switch to a triggered effect will take getting used to. For some long time druid players it has become a breaking point. If you are having problems remembering to pop the ability, my suggestion using perhaps Power Auras or Mikes Scrolling Combat text to help give you alerts when it is up. To get into the habit of using it, keep Tree off cooldown. The abilities Tree enhances are going to light up with a glowing gold border, making it pretty easy to know which are enhanced. Since it is heals we are already casting, the adjustment of which heal to cast should be minimal.

A breakdown of Tree’s enhancement is pretty darn nice. Wild Growth will affect an additional 2 targets. Coupled with Glyph of Wild Growth, this brings your total targets to 9 up from 6. A nice little bump to raid healing. Regrowth becomes an instant cast spell.  Lifebloom goes from being restricted to a single target, to unlimited. On the DPS side of Tree, we have Entangling Roots, which also becomes an instant cast (Hello Runners! Ohhh oh look you are stick in my roots…so sad…so sad) and Wrath gets is casting reduced by 50% and 30% bump to damage.

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