Squees of Joy

As I sit here I can tell you something. Something exciting that made me super duper happy. …wait for it…

The Hub got his account back!

Seeing goblins on my account was enough to motivate him to press on the fact that he didn’t have the game installed at the time of it being hacked, and Blizzard concluded it was through no fault of his own and released the freeze. The Hub promptly ordered his authenticator and used the dial in service as the stop gap until it arrives.

This makes me super happy as we spent the weekend burning through low level content together. I may like goblins but not enough to live a short life again (I’ve done gnome and I’m not going back to the kneecap world view).

We’ve rolled our Hordies on Moon Guard. This of course is taking away from my healing time (although I am leveling a healing pally for his gobby warrior). Zhavi has made 85 and done instances, no heroics yet. My thoughts and experiences are congealing together on that whole change and you can expect it soon. In the meantime I will be going home tonight to dinner and gaming with the Hub! Ahh how I missed it. 🙂

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