Grace Out the Door

Every expac for WoW sees me leaving a guild on one character or another. In BC I moved my main from my friends’ guild (CV)to one I raided with weekly(EW) and was filled with people I was good friends with. Lich King saw my characters moving from said guild to a splinter guild(WW) when the first imploded over drama. Lich King saw the death of WW and my ultimate movement to Aetherstorm (where my mains aka healers all are still).

To myself it seems like a lot of moment. I don’t like moving guilds. I don’t like the drama it causes or the people who inevitably feel burned. Which is why I will wait until the last possible moment to make a move. It takes my being beyond fed up with a situation to cross the line and /gquit.Last night, I left my hordies alts’ guild. What made this all the more uncomfortable for me is they are a great group of people. The guild nominally represent what I wanted in my Moon Guard guild; a great group of people, a great group of roleplayers, and out of character guild chat to BS with people in.

Ultimately, it was the out of character chat which drew the line for me. Chat was a litany sophomoric antics. I generally can roll with rough language and content but even I have my lines. After a week of listening to the guild discuss “suck my…” all night I was pretty wary of dealing with it. Last nights, random, “C**T PUNCH!” drew my eye roll and the tightening between my shoulders that tells me I need to leave before I blew my top.

Why am I subjecting you to all of this? Because there is a graceful way to excite a scene.

Keep your goodbye simple and courteous. I don’t believe in the sudden disappearance. (Mind you my goodbyes would cause me less stress if I did) Regardless, if you do it by mail or tell, keep it civil and brief. No one comes out looking good in guild chat/forum drag out the drama fights.

It really is that simple. Keep the vitriol on the inside when you exit. While it may feel good to pop off about all the things that bother you, it doesn’t really help the situation. Don’t prolong the leave, make it fast, make it clean, make it graceful.

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