Morale, Motivation, and PUGs

The Hub has pointed out to me that I am more willing to raid than I am to run heroics.  He has a point. Enough of a point  I  had to sit down and think about why this is. It is a mantra I give to friends when they have bad groups, when I have bad groups, and when anyone discusses pugging. Which of course means I totally ignore it.

The group makes the experience. 

I have run 5 mans which were absolutely fabulous. Leaving me wishing the tank/dps were on my server and I was able to keep them in my pocket for runs. Then I have runs like my first time in Heroic Deadmines which left me red-faced, reminding myself it is just a game, and the offending person isn’t on my server! My enthusiasm for healing can be charted by these experiences.

Its my morale wall; the bad PUGs drop bring my morale low and accordingly my motivation to PUG drops. It is cyclical. Instead of addressing the adversion to PUGs and perhaps getting friends together and running 5mans I’ve jumped ship and hit raiding. There is a familiarity to raiding and the group struggling together which transends this wall.

I’m raiding again tonight. I’m commited to finishing the dungeon bosses for Lunar Festival Achievement afterwards. This weekend, I’ve promised myself to break the wall and PUG some heroics and get over the fear. The Hub was right and its time I got over it.

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