A Movie Every Gamer Should See

When I first moved out to the West Coast to be with the Hub he insisted I watch “The Gamers”. I loved the movie, perhaps because I saw my gaming group within the characters. Perhaps because it was just darn funny! The arrow scene…still one of my fave.

Well the team at Dead Gentleman Productions followed up with the “The Gamers: Dorkness Rising”. Mostly seen at the local Dragon Flight Con. ¬†As the guys in my “new” gaming group informed me with sorrow. When it finally got a dvd release I knew from said sorrow it was an easy win brownie points gift to give. So the next birthday I got one of them the movie. I loved it again and it is getting a new improved dvd release this summer! See here! It has deleted scenes…it must be mine ūüôā

If you haven’t seen either movie or its been awhile they are both great fun!

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Fabling My Way to a Revolution

I knew I was in trouble when the Hub came in and nonchalantly asked how many times I had beaten DA2. Anytime I have to clarify if he means actually beat the game or (the more likely) how many saves do I have going. Later in the night I sat down to my computer to find Fable 3 had been gifted to me on Steam. Obviously, someone decided I need another game to tide me over until Deus Ex comes out in Aug. (which will hold me over until Mass Effect 3 comes out next March).

Thus far the world is beautiful and engaging. The sheer number of people to talk to, ¬†befriend, and do quests to sway to my side is incredible. Sometimes dauntingly so. I’m a sucker for a good story and the game does a wonderful job drawing me in from the start and making me care. Almost makes me want to play the other Fable games to see if they are equally well done.

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Quick Witcher 2 Thoughts

Let me say I was eagerly anticipating the release of Witcher 2. In many ways my anticipation was well rewarded. The game is beautifully rendered, pacing is well done throughout, and the story is well crafted. The controls are…clunky at best. I was able to get past the first fight much easier than Gabe but I feel his pain. It happens occasionally, when a game gets in it’s own way of being great.

Personally, I had consistent problems with the targeting switching during combat as enemies piled in and when quest lootables were next to a targeted enemy I was swinging away at some guardsman trying to take my hide. One moment I would be swacking one of 3 guys trying to kill me and then *POOF* I am staring at the inventory of someone’s pockets. I can assure you I am not rolling the guys I am killing as I am killing their friends. It would just be rude.

“Hi sorry,” *to sounds of a swords clashing, “but I really must get this bolt of cloth and bit of iron from your dead companion before I continue to trounce you!”

“Oh yes by all means! He does have a bit of coin in the other pocket. Kept it there for a pinch.” *falls over dead from repeated stabbings and a large slash through his chest*

Still, the story is good and the world is beautiful. I’m frustrated enough with the combat and controls that I am taking a break for a bit before going back to it. I know me however, no matter how infuriating the controls, if the story is solid I will¬†persevere¬†through and see it to the end.

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Fan Review for Dragon Age 2

I’ve had the game since¬†March 8th, when it came out. Three+ playthroughs later I think it is time to disect what Bioware did right, what was wrong, and what can be improved. There are going to be spoilers abounding throughout this review. In sections that have spoilers I will designate it at the topic start for those of you wishing to avoid them.

Ultimately, Dragon Age 2 is the story of the central character’s rise from refuge to political powerhouse. Your actions small and large will affect the world you live in. What Dragon Age is not is the same sweeping epic tale of underdog versus a seemingly unstoppable force ala Dragon Age: Origins. Can you the player accept this change? If you have been holding out going, “Hmm not DA:O and that is all I want to play,” then stop now and accept¬† DA2 isn’t going to fill that void. If you played the game and felt, “Hmmm what else is going on in the world?” read on good ser!


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