Deus Ex: Human Revolution Well Worth the Wait

In case you were hiding out avoiding the great gaming world, Deus Ex: Human Revolution came out Tuesday. Having loved the original Deus Ex (let’s agree not to talk about Invisible War the sequel, we’ll both be happier that way) I, of course, pounced  Human Revolution with relish. The game has not disappointed.

In the first actual mission of the game Jensen, sitting inside a helicopter, is asked if he wants to go stealth or aggressive and is given weapons according to your response. The moment reminded me a lot of the opening mission for the original. The sequence does a very good job of setting the game’s tone. I went adaptive (I said I was going Stealth but…what was I supposed to do when they saw me and I was out of darts?!?) and really liked it. The first mission felt good keeping me on the ropes in terms of ammo for my bungled stealth attempts (which are my fault and not DE’s as it takes me a bit to get back in the stealthy groove which I now have). 

My first impressions of shooting are still mixed. The first day it felt very…clunky and clumsy not being able to sight in with a long range rifle. The cover system and shooting from cover though are excellently done and improved with aiming augmentations (your leveling up abilities). I assume (I haven’t tried) that my long range riffle would get more awesome of I took aim augments but that is for another play through. I’m stealth and hacking all the way right now.

I really can’t compliment the aforementioned stealth and cover system. The enemy AI’s look around for you and sticking to one spot is just as likely to get you found out and shot. I like the game forces you to move from cover to cover, keeping an eye out on where enemies are looking as you do to avoid detection. More than a few tense moments have been caused by enemies turning before I anticipated. The ability to take different routes into locations to avoid detection is stellar. Speaking of stealth remember you are not invisible when hacking a terminal enemies will see you standing next to them hacking into their office and shoot you for it (not that it has ever happened to me…nooo never *coughs* moving on).

The hacking mini game is fun. I like the option to go for more info/money thus risking quicker detection (every node has a chance to alert) or being speedy and going straight for your goal. Viruses, codes, and augments all adjust this mini game in your favor (hello stealth hacking!).

The augmentations are varied. This time it is mechanical augmentations instead of nanites. The options are well tooled with out obvious throw away options. Your augments choice come with immediate benefits (I like instant gratification). Stealth and hacking are my must haves given my play style.

The black and gold color palates are beautifully and vividly done. My eye hasn’t gotten tired of the vistas or world which I worried it might. Detroit feels rundown but struggling. The world very much feels lived in, dirty with a sheen of trying not to be. Just like the first game, it seems you are never really anywhere during the light of day. Normally, I’d complain about that but here it lends itself to the overall atmosphere of the world Jensen inhabits.

Long loading screens are definitely one downside . Eidos seems to have realized they were long, as I came across one yesterday that had 6 pages of story synopsis and showed more yet still locked. You taunt me with knowledge not yet gained Eidos, you taunt me…

I feel like the anticipation for the game was well worth it. The story is good (I am a sucker for story), the combat is solid and feels deadly both as the giver and receiver of bullets, hacking is a fun little mini game, and the stealth feels sneaky and dangerous.

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  1. I have to agree with you. Great game. The ending(s) needed work though.

    • I agree I would’ve liked it if the choices made in the game determined which ending you got with the final 4th choice a persistent option. Though it runs the risk of having the ending hinge on one choice or conversation tree as well.

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