The PAX has Come and Gone Again

Sadly, I was unable to attend PAX Prime this year and instead sent a minion in my stead. Being a wonderful minion, he returned with surprise swag and details to report back to you all. I’ll be sharing the comments but not the shirt…its mine hands off! šŸ˜‰ But I will taunt you with a picture of it muahaha (cough) sorry got a little dark side caught in my throat (Damn their cookies!)

Empire = Evil Goodness

Minions gift of appeasement from PAX

First, Minion (that is his name in case you were wondering) directed himself to the Bioware book as I asked (demanded). There minion had 20 minutes fondlingĀ *cough* playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. Minion reports the Bounty Hunter class felt good and it did leave him wanting more (even for it just being the starting area). Good signs all around. As Minion and I are both experienced MMO’ers I trust hisĀ assessmentĀ and feel reassured concerning my pre-order.

Surprisingly, Minion was impressed with Guild Wars 2. He expressed special interest in the method of getting quests. GW2 will go with a more dynamic quest system where events trigger quests.Ā IE City A is attacked, spawning X quest to go stop the raiders from coming. Making an MMO feel dynamic and your actions mean something is an elusive quality I haven’t seenĀ implementedĀ well yet but Minion seemed impressed enough to warrant moving this game from my “And I care why?” to my “Hmm should keep an eye on this” list. Similar to City of Heros, GW2 will include the ability for high level characters to play with lower level friends (side-kicking) and high level players would have their levels adjusted down when interfering with lower level quests. (Hmm…YAY! Take that you kill stealing glory hogging rep grinding…*coughs* I approve.)

Minion was not able to visit the Deus Ex release party šŸ˜¦ Also the Skyrim panel should have been in a larger panel room as arriving 1 hr early to stand in line to get in wasn’t suffiecent as they were already turning people away just to wait (yes, yes I know this will become more common as more people attend and is a fact of other cons such as Comic Con.) Disappointing none the less. To round out the disappointing moments, video panel was canceled šŸ˜¦ Now to return to the good!

Minion reported the Acquisitions Inc panel was pure goodness. In fact let me quote Minion, “was amazing, with costumes and bards singing the praises of each hero.”Ā The Ā PVP Afterhours will be a must attend next year. Something about it being seriously funny and enjoyable. I tried to ask what all went on but was met with “You really need to be there”…yes yes I will (and of course so should you).

Minion also attended the <a title=”same writer as The Gamers Journey Quest panel and was inspired to pick the Season 1 DvD AND Dorkness Rising Special Edition! *rubs hands together* (I know there is a movie night in my future now). Of particular note was the method of funding used for the show, they useĀ contributions to make the show. Sort of reminds me of Kick Starter for a movie/tv show. They even use volunteers to do subtitling! I really dig the consumer/fan involvement especially to help keep the show going and be apart of it, even in a small way.

Overall, Minion was pleased more with Saturday at the Con with a larger list of panels than Friday. My take away? Never again slack off on buying tickets to an event I hype to a friend… Especially on a year whereĀ multipleĀ games I am excited about are going to be premiered or have panels. Lesson learned!

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