A Return to Where It Began

It is an odd feeling, surreal even. I never expected to come back after leaving for The Old Republic. Everything looks pretty much the same but a lot of things have changed.

Crazily I didn’t go back to my old server and battery of 85 toons. Instead, I’m on a new server with some old friends from WoW and new ones from SW:TOR. ¬†I’ll be updating again as I get back into the swing of leveling, gearing, dungeoning, and raiding.

There are things I miss from SW:TOR (looking at you there voiced quests and cut scenes) but overall it is nice to be back.

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The PAX has Come and Gone Again

Sadly, I was unable to attend PAX Prime this year and instead sent a minion in my stead. Being a wonderful minion, he returned with surprise swag and details to report back to you all. I’ll be sharing the comments but not the shirt…its mine hands off! ūüėČ But I will taunt you with a picture of it muahaha (cough) sorry got a little dark side caught in my throat (Damn their cookies!)

Empire = Evil Goodness

Minions gift of appeasement from PAX


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Morale, Motivation, and PUGs

The Hub has pointed out to me that I am more willing to raid than I am to run heroics.  He has a point. Enough of a point  I  had to sit down and think about why this is. It is a mantra I give to friends when they have bad groups, when I have bad groups, and when anyone discusses pugging. Which of course means I totally ignore it.

The group makes the experience. 

I have run 5 mans which were absolutely fabulous. Leaving me wishing the tank/dps¬†were on my server and I was able to keep them in my pocket for runs. Then I have runs like my first time in Heroic Deadmines¬†which left me red-faced, reminding myself it is just a game, and the offending person isn’t on my¬†server! My enthusiasm for healing can be charted by these experiences.

Its my morale¬†wall; the bad PUGs drop bring my morale¬†low and accordingly my motivation to PUG drops. It is cyclical. Instead of addressing the adversion to PUGs and perhaps getting friends together and running 5mans I’ve jumped ship and hit raiding. There is a familiarity to raiding and the group struggling together which transends this wall.

I’m raiding again tonight. I’m commited to finishing the dungeon bosses for Lunar Festival Achievement afterwards. This weekend, I’ve promised myself to break the wall and PUG some heroics and get over the fear. The Hub was right and its time I got over it.

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Grace Out the Door

Every expac¬†for WoW sees me leaving a guild on one character or another. In BC I moved my main from my friends’ guild (CV)to one I raided with weekly(EW) and was filled with people I was good friends with. Lich¬†King saw my characters moving from said guild to a splinter guild(WW) when¬†the first imploded over drama. Lich¬†King saw the death of WW and my ultimate movement to Aetherstorm (where my mains aka healers all are still).

To¬†myself it seems like a lot of moment. I don’t like moving guilds. I don’t like the drama it causes or the people who inevitably feel burned. Which is why I will wait until the last possible moment to make a move. It takes my being beyond fed up with a situation to cross the line and /gquit. (more…)

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Healing in Cataclysm

Have you stepped into a dungeon and felt the pain of your mana and thought, “What the HELL?”

I really did have that WTH moment as the first pack was aoe’d¬†down and health started dropping. My mana tanked out and my inner GRRR¬†went off.¬†I really felt the difference the changes to mitigation have made. Xandi¬†and I commiserated¬†the life of disc priests in 5mans.


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Dude Where’s My Tree?

Cataclysm saw a change to the love/hate relationship with Resto Druid’s tree form. No longer are we forced into a barky visage to heal our friends. No longer are we kept from squeezing in some druidy Wrath while healing. A new day has dawned for the Lean Mean Leafy Green Healing Machines. (more…)

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Squees of Joy

As I sit here I can tell you something. Something exciting that made me super duper¬†happy. …wait for it…

The Hub got his account back!

Seeing goblins on my account was enough to motivate him to press on the fact that he didn’t have the game installed at the time of it being hacked, and Blizzard concluded it was through no fault of his own and released the freeze. The Hub promptly ordered his authenticator and used the dial in service as the stop gap until it arrives.

This makes me super happy as we spent the weekend burning through low level content together. I may like goblins but not enough to live a short life again (I’ve done gnome and I’m not going back to the kneecap world view).

We’ve rolled our Hordies¬†on Moon Guard. This of course is taking away from my healing time (although I am leveling a healing pally¬†for his gobby¬†warrior). Zhavi¬†has made 85 and done instances, no heroics yet. My thoughts and experiences are congealing together on that whole change and you can expect it soon. In the meantime I will be going home tonight to dinner and gaming with the Hub! Ahh how I missed it. ūüôā

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I know right I’m late? blah blah…

I was actually prepping a post about how due to the economy I wasn’t going to be getting Cata as it would be outside my budget.

Go early Christmas presents though! ūüôā

I woke up this morning to The Hub sitting at my desk. “You can either help me download this for you or you can make it hard. But it is being downloaded today.” WEEEEEEE

Thanks all I just wanted to share this moment of joy!

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Death Knight DPS and Tank Review

As you may be aware my DK Sember runs around with a dps and tank spec. Regardless of the fact I rarely tank. (Being under geared with overgeared dps is a recipe for frustration when it comes to threat) With badges converted to points I am feeling better about tooling both her specs.


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Patch 4.0.1 Descends Upon Disc

Over the next bit posts will be dedicated to the different toons and their respective specs, starting with my lovely, lovely Disc priest Zhavi. You can view her current spec here. I looked at a lot of forums and guides prior to deciding on this spec and thus far I’m happy with it.  Overall, our shields got bigger and badder. Disc’s mastery feeds into the shield goodness.  


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