Healing in Cataclysm

Have you stepped into a dungeon and felt the pain of your mana and thought, “What the HELL?”

I really did have that WTH moment as the first pack was aoe’d down and health started dropping. My mana tanked out and my inner GRRR went off. I really felt the difference the changes to mitigation have made. Xandi and I commiserated the life of disc priests in 5mans.


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Patch 4.0.1 Descends Upon Disc

Over the next bit posts will be dedicated to the different toons and their respective specs, starting with my lovely, lovely Disc priest Zhavi. You can view her current spec here. I looked at a lot of forums and guides prior to deciding on this spec and thus far I’m happy with it.  Overall, our shields got bigger and badder. Disc’s mastery feeds into the shield goodness.  


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Shadowy Returns

The apparent end of Zhavi’s 10man raid group and the rise of Delith’s 25man raiding has resulted in 1 singular fact. Zhavi is no longer beholden to the needs of 9 other people. Which will result in only 1 possible out come; the death of my holy spec. Don’t get me wrong Holy is a completely viable spec and I am sure the world over there are people who love it. However, I never geared for it and used it exclusively for healing on Valithria Dreamwalker. My first love has always been shadow, back before the lure of Disc took me away (and you know being heals so I’d get slotted for Naxx). Eventually, Holy was going to go away regardless, I intend to level Shadow in Cataclysm just like I did all BC and WK. It is like slipping back into your favorite pair of PJs; warm and oh so comfy. (more…)

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A Look at Cataclysm’s Potential for Priests

Blizzard posted their Cataclysm Priest preview here.

Let me start off saying that ALL of this is subject to change regardless. Take it from me, as a Beast Master Hunter in BC, who was told that BM tank pets would be able to tank 5mans. Sometimes, they promise more than they deliver. So even though they said these are the changes, it is just speculation at this point still. Until the changes happen I don’t bank on it. Of course that isn’t going to keep me from spouting off about it either. Also I’m just looking at healing related changes because…yeah I don’t shadow priest so well 🙂 (more…)

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Zhavi’s Healer PSA

*taps on screen* Hello there. I’m Zhavi and I’m here to have an honest talk with you. Please don’t worry I am talking directly to you, no one sees you looking around. It’s all right…we’re alone.  I know about your shame and how you like to keep it hidden.  When people ask, you try to calmly deny it, but inside you can’t deny it. You have a healer and you are pretty good at it. You’re a tank or dps…maybe both? You like healing…secretly on the inside where you don’t talk about it. It is time to talk about it.

Every day 5man, 10man, and 25man raids are falling apart; because you aren’t there to heal. But for just a few hours a day you could help these raids happen, bosses would be downed, and loot would be had. It is time to cast off that shame and step into the light! Dust off your healer, ready your spells, and help these raids see the bosses dead!

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Patch 3.3.3 Descends Upon the World of Disc

It is PATCH DAY!!!! *cheers are heard over the land*

There are two interesting changes for us Disc priests. Are they nummy morsels for us to love? Well…sorta

Renewed Hope is changing: 60 seconds instead of 20 but with a 20 sec cooldown.

Previously, this meant a disc priest could give their raid, constant 3% mitigation each and every fight. This is only a problem for fights like Sindrigosa where your disc priest can (and likely will) be frost tombed and the Renewed Hope falls off. Actually, looking directly at this fight I can see where the increased duration will come in handy. With so much raid damage flying around having the extra time on Renewed Hope will give more of a buffer if/when your priest gets frozen.

But the 20 second cooldown *shrug* I had written out this brilliant rant about it until my brain kicked in and I sat and thought about it instead of knee jerked it. 20sec out of the 60 sec the buff is active which means by the time it falls off the cooldown is over and you are casting it again. The only change I see is that instead of having the buff renewed with every shield I cast there will be a pause where for 20 seconds it doesn’t renew.

Overall, it is a gain. I don’t see this change affecting the way we cast PW:S or the amount of time the raid is receiving the buff, expect for specific situations such as Sindrigosa. For these situations it is a net gain for the raid as a whole. As the Disc Moto says: Less Damage Taken is Less Damage Healed.

Tier 10 4piece set changes!

10% increase to Circle of Healing and 5% to Power Word: Shield

I keep my eyes on the forums and heard the complaints that the bonus lacks the sexiness of hoped for after the lackluster bonus previously. Honestly, it doesn’t bother me. Looking purely from a disc point of view they increased the effectiveness of my core ability.

There have been some arguments that the division of the bonus is unfairly weighted to holy priest. First, their % is higher and in a single cast affects more members. Second, they can take advantage of the increased PW:S whereas a disc priest only benefits from the PW:S portion as they lack CoH.

To address the first complaint: Where they CoH% is higher, this spell is on a 6sec cooldown where PW:S is an instant cast on the Global cooldown. Also a holy priest has minimal control on who CoH will heal, what control they have is based on who they are centering the spell off of. IE choosing to cast it on melee vs. range clusters. Disc chooses who is going to get their shields with pinpoint accuracy. Ultimately, it doesn’t bother me that the coefficients aren’t the same. Do I wish they were the same? Sure! I want 10% more shields…what disc priest wouldn’t?

As for the second issue of fairness: This is typical of the problems endemic to gearing tier pieces for a class that has two viable healing specs. Do I think it is a problem? Yes. I would have preferred to see the bonus tied to a talent in Disc since CoH is a spell gained by Holy priests via a talent. I wouldn’t even ask that the spell be tied as deep into our tree as CoH is in Holy. Perhaps tie it to Improved Power Word: Shield, the spell isn’t deep in our tree which would allow it hybrid priests to benefit from it as well.

All this aside, it doesn’t bring a holy priest’s shields on par with a disc which would be my only concern. *Points up to the start of the post* Is it fair that holy gets 10% bonus to CoH and 5% Shields and disc only gets 5% shields out of the same gear? Nope. Short of tying the 5% to a talent (like the CoH is) I don’t see it changing however. I’m glad to see the bonus makes more sense and is a solid bonus to both holy and disc priests instead of a proc the way it was before.

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Addon Spotlight: Surgeon General

Our charter’s heal lead wasn’t there last Tuesday and by the power of healer voting I got to be the Temp for the day. The thought of being lead of the healers stresses me out at the thought. It is a balancing act of peoples’ strengths, weaknesses, knowing the fights, and typing assignments fast. (Really it is the last part that gets me) Except…that last part is a lie. Behold the power of Surgeon General! *cues the epic AWWWWWWW music*

A huge thank you to Tyrilian for letting me know /sg will pull up the menu for SG once installed. I didn’t have a chance to read over the mod before installing it again. I had it installed ages ago but never had the need to use it. Although, after that it was pretty straight forward to use and is updated for ICC. ❤ I auto populated my healers and only needed to add one, a priest rocking a disc/holy hybrid the mod didn’t recognize. The save feature meant I could assign people for all the fights I knew ahead of time and not worry about it for the rest of the night.


Auto populate healers in your raid

Manual add anyone missed (great for dual spec people flipping between fights)

Announce assignments to custom channel or to raid

Multiple phase assignments options

Save assignments by raid, boss, and trash

Make change on the fly


If you crash you will lose your assignments

Doesn’t recognize hybrid heal specs (ie disc/holy)

Honestly, I lucked out between SG making my life easier so I wasn’t freaking out about typing out assignments fast enough for everyone and our core heal group being all present. By no means will I say that being Heal Lead is easy. But if you had to step up at the last minute I would suggest Surgeon General for your assignment needs!

This mod has earned the Lenelie’s Voice Seal of Approval *loud stamping sound*

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Christmas Loots!

The lovely gift of a Razor Naga on Friday precipitated a change in my healing Addons. Much as I love Vuhdo it just doesn’t support the 17 key massiveness that is the Naga. (btw ❤ Razer) Instead, I’ve changed addons and picked up Healbot. I could’ve gone back to Grid but didn’t relish the time spent setting up the addon to give me info the way I want to see it. (Yes I am lazy) Instead,  popped some views of the Healbot interface and decided it was easy enough to config that I would give it a spin. Besides, a friend (as in real life friend I see regularly, as in I see him twice every other week face to face…yes both for gaming nights) is a huge fan and offered to be my tech support should I need it. How could I say no?

Overall, I am happy with the set up. Mind you tomorrow’s raid will be the real test. Having 12 buttons under my thumb keyed to my heals is rather daunting. I tried dpsing with the set up over the weekend. Bad idea. Shadow dps takes concentration for me to be any good at it (aka put up competitive numbers) and learning a new mouse was not the way to go. I am satisfied with my initial healing set up and since I am using the Razer addon( Dominos like addon), I am peached to be able to look at my screen and know which key is going to pop which spell. I always hated that in the heat of combat if I forgot a key combo for say Remove Curse I was SOL with Vuhdo, no opening the config screen in combat. I may have let people die that way…a few times.

In case you were like me and looked at pictures of the mouse and put that together with the number of keys under the thumb and assumed it would be huge and awkward under your hand? We are wrong. It fits nicely in my womanly hands and the Hub with his big hands find it a bit small. (but he really loves his Death Adder so I think any mouse will fall short compared) Time will tell how well both the Naga and Healbot work for me, but thus far I’m happy and more than a little eager to give it a hard and fast test tomorrow.

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3.3 Has Landed!

Tuesday’s raiding was fraught with the usual problems of a patch day. Though no connection issues for our people this time which makes it highly unusual.

The new LFG interface is pretty snazzy. My druid got into a kicking little COS run using it. My expectations for the group were low, especially considering we had a pally in mostly blue/greens. Color me shocked when we stomped through the instance with 6+min to spare. Lost the roll, but then I don’t have epic flying on her yet…what! I’m cheap I admit that. The second time my under geared druid got thrown to the wolf that is Forge of Souls…I love the PUG I got stuck with though for putting up with me; first time there and I knew nothing about the fights etc.

Bringing us back to the Raiding…I was pleasantly surprised with Icecrown Citadel. Specifically the overall ambiance of the raid and the musical score. But what really peached me? Being asked to shackle! I’m not sure why shackling makes me giddy, but it does. There are casters on the way to Lord Marrowgar. Tuesday our 25man wasn’t able to get in sync to down him 😦 However, Wednesday our 10man group downed him and then danced upon the crushed bones of his body. *re-enacts dance for you* Like so. Although, we were stopped at Lady Deathwhisper. Partly due to dps on the shields and finally because of player connectivity.

I’ll point out Blizzard’s refusal to give me cool looking clothing persists, but I knew they weren’t going to cave to my demands for more style and less blah 😉

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Priestly Tier 10 Fashion…or not

Surely by now you have taken a look at the new Priest Tier 10 models. Perhaps you too have boggled over the look Bliz is giving us. It is time to dissect this look and why it isn’t a priest look at all.

Please see the picture here ala MMO Champion


Draenie Girls in Tier 10

Now, first off Purple YAY! But obviously one of the design team is a Huskies fan with that purple and gold comb going on. I love purple, deeply love purple. But I never have been able to stand it with gold. I dunno its just too yellow for me to accept. Normally if I have to take a metallic with my purple it is silver. The green is way to warlocky for my tastes but when I think of a shadow priest hmm it has potential. The orange and purple is just wrong. Plain wrong let me say this wrong. *shudders* ewwww The white and blue look very classic and nice though of all of them it is the most spot on.

Otherwise…WHERE ARE MY WINGS!?!? *takes Blizzard by the hand* Didn’t we talk about this the last time you designed my clothes? Remember how I told you it would be ok this time but that I wanted wings for my next set? And not the fake wings you’ve tried to pass off. I want wing, wings. These glowy shoulders are not wings.

When you look at these set of clothing do you think Priest? No I could be a mage for all you know.

By contract take a look at the druid tier 10. Any doubt there is a druid under there? No! Which is just crazy since druids spend a majority of their time shapeshifted but they more iconic gear. These are the things that boggle my priest loving mind. Boggle.

I relented and even accepted we were being swathed in clothing because it is freaking cold. The design made sense and accordingly Blizzard’s tailors heavily embellished our clothing to make up for the fact there is just so much more cloth now. But why do you have the make the colors so college team worthy (nothing against college teams by the way) and why did you leave out wings?

Priests should revolt! No heals until we get wings. “NO WINGS NO HEALS!” banners should go up all around the Dalaran. Priests should march around the squares with their signs demanding icon clothing.

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