DPS Comes Full Circle in ToC

It is always odd to me when a company professes there is nothing wrong with something in the face of hordes of people crying foul. (I’m talking to you Blizzard the Beast Master in Illisan still screams in horror at what you did to her spec.) But I find it a ploy to buy them time and to pat themselves on the back and then point saying, “See we DO listen.” Yeah you listen…you listen when it is advantageous to do so.


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Onyxia Raids You!

Some raids just aren’t meant to be. Some days I am just not meant to get the loots. Like this weekend, I went home sick from my dnd game 😦 where we just made epic! (my swordmages awesome just quadrupled with epic since she took Archlich as her epic destiny) Being sick was the low point of the weekend though and since I got better no complaints here.

This weekend I took Illisan and jumped into what seemed like a super late night cobbled together raid. I hesitate to call it a pug since it wasn’t really just a few slots slapped together (like my dps) VoA went well and a snagged a niffty new pvp belt. (Better stats are better stats) Seeing that we seemed to work well together an expedition to Ony was in order. (At this point it might be helpful to know that its a 10man huh?)


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Priest Tier 10 Set Bonuses

We have a lot of ground to cover and we’re short on time. It is Friday and I have the day off. PLAY TIME! I’ve blackmailed The Hub to get on his 70something rogue and play slaughter the mobs with me in Northrend. IE level my druid and benefit at the same time.

Healy Priest Tier 10

Priest T10 Healer 2P Bonus – After your Pain Suppression and Guardian Spirit talents expire on your target, they grant your target 10% increased healing received for 10 sec.

Priest T10 Healer 4P Bonus – Your Flash Heal spell has a 15% chance to reset the cooldown on your Circle of Healing and Penance Spells.

Where do I begin? *takes wall beats head in* I don’t know tell me I’m wrong but I just can’t get excited about this. Let me break it down for you.

2 piece means 10% more healing on the target after PS or GS expires. Not bad you are thinking? *shrug* I have PS for emergency situations. 5% aggro lost is still 5%. Even with the changes made I find my dps still loves to go hog wild. This is especially true of hunter and warlocks. (I know it is on hunters because when I play my hunter and my Misdirect and feign deaths are on cooldown she is still popping over some tanks. This scares me…badly.)

But with a 10% increase to healing taken, the knee-jerk reaction is going to be to cast this more often on the tanks. Now 5% in a clinch is one thing a consistent 5% every 9 seconds on a 5-7 minute fight…hmmm worrisome? A weee bit? I get they want people to use these tank and raid saving (because usually when the tank dies it’s a wipe) spells more often. But that is why we have fights like Mimiron and healers create cooldown rotations around it.

Or I am reading too much into it and they just want to give us a crap highly situational boost to those clinching moments. They likely looked at Mimiron and thought hmm how could we make this easier? And if this was the case does it presage more boss fights in Icecrown of this nature? Hmm, if so still not excited about it but it would make the 2p more sexy.

4 piece

Flash Healing gives you a 15% to reset the cool down on Circle of Healing or Penance (Since I’m disc only Penance matters to me and really their cooldowns are the same just about)

I’m on the fence here. I mean it is sexier than the 2p bonus, but not by much. Blizz seems to acknowledge in one fell swoop that a. we cast a heck of a lot of flash heals these days and b. the cool downs on tree defining heals is a wee bit long. I’d rather see the % be higher. Make it based on our crit! (Hey I can pipe dream if I want) 30% would make this a meatier slice of tier bonus.

You know overall my impression is still eh. If I get pieces I’ll take them but I’m not going to scrimp and save points to go for it. Going with out of tier best stat gear is probably going to be my path. But we’ll see eh bonuses but good-to-great stats would make it worth picking up. I just think in a real raid environment they will not come out as golden as some theorycrafters believe. But if you want to to see the other side of the coin and read some serious loving on these see the links below.

World of Matticus–  Matt also takes a look at the other healing classes’ set bonuses as well.

Xeonio– His math looks fine I just still thinking theorycrafting this outside a live environment inflates the numbers. (But go read him, he is a fellow Silver Hand blogger AND also raids with LO 🙂 ) Of course you could say my believe they are eh is equally flawed without seeing it live 🙂 Ahhh the joys of speculation.

As an aside Blizz hasn’t released the models for priest gear yet…as you know their priestly fashion sense come Lich King has left a lot to be desired…I fear.

It was gratifying to read over at Snarkcraft that Jov shares my disdain for the set bonuses even in their updated forms. Take a stroll on over and get her view on them.

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Anub’arak Down!

Wednesday Madness Post. (I know its like March Madness but seriously if you live in the Seattle area you will understand. Our weather went from Sunny and summery to frigid and cold overnight and I am pretty sure the weather has gone mad.) Right, so where was I? I really should keep my tangents to a minimum. OH! Right, so we finally got Anub down! The hub came in while I was doing my WOOT! dance in the chair. (Don’t ask I won’t tell you) A few key points about this fight and problems I see overall with it from a priestly perspective.

First, as previously posted healer dps is a HUGE help on this fight. (Being assigned to an off tank actually allowed me to throw even more time on the boss and adds adding what meager dps I can toss their ways) Nothing highlights this more when you are at 1% boss life; he enrages and slaughters your entire raid. I managed to keep most of the cursing on the inside. (Delicate ears come by my raid room)

Second, Prayer of Mending in Phase 3 is a pain in the tuckus. Let me explain, your friends, your comrades, your fellow raiders are taking loads of damage. But healing them all up is a tricky prospect; anything over 50% will also heal the boss. Thus increasing the amount of dps needed to kill said boss and also extending the time your team is getting pummeled with damage. Last night PoM’s were called for to bounce around. I saw a single flaw with this: uncontrolled healing. You can’t guarantee who is going to get that tick of living giving goodness. On more than one occasion I saw my life pop up to over 100% (thank you Vuhdo for showing me overheal %). The entire heal core knew not to be healing people over 50% the answer? Uncontrolled healing; prayer of mending and shammy’s chain heal both will both result in this.

Obviously, we were able to dps past the health gains the boss received to finish the fight and loot his body for all it was worth. But the extra health just goes back to highlight the need to squeeze out every bit of dps you can muster. Dots! More DOTS! (raiding Ony always makes me think on the screaming guy)

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Destressing your raiders

A while back WW was doing a progression push on Iron Council (ok it was more than awhile ago…come on you expect me to remember how long?)  We found ourselves beating our heads due to the runes on the ground and timing. To break up the tension a member threw down something so fun and addictive a line formed up to get some action.  <Thank you Frendan for taking the picture for me>

Kittying around in Ulduar

Kittying around in Ulduar

Yes a line formed for the tiger bouncy. Tiger was a great little break from the progression on the raid. A brief interlude and then back to business. I really think it is moments like this that can diffuse the tension on progression nights. Next time I am hoping someone will bring foam swords! *sigh* I still haven’t gotten the card for them yet 😦

With WW now beating our heads on Yogg and Faction Champions I think more bouncies are needed. Or firework displays. Maybe I’m the only one who finds silliness makes raiding bearable?

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Burn Baby Burn!

It is that time of the year! The weather is hot (unbearably so in some places) and the outdoors are calling. Lots of people are taking time out of their gaming and raiding to poke their heads outside of the house/apt. But when is it just a summer vacation from a sign a true burnout? There are a lot of factors that contribute to burnout.

  1. Real life– it happens to the best of us 😉 Sometimes this is in the controlf of the gamer but often times it is not. Look at the rash of WoW bloggers who are putting down not just blogging but WoW as well to instead focus on their RL and family. Life-Game balance is essential.
  2. Progression Walls– if you hit a progression wall this tends to burn people out. Each raid group is different. We all want to break the wall and move on but look closely at the time commitment you are asking your raiders to give to that wall. 6 hrs straight wiping to the same encounter will burn people out.
  3. Attitude– Progression walls (and the hours upon hours spent trying to break them) lead to cranky, catty gamers. Trust me on this! Listening to a raid tear at each other frays the nerves. (I know its not just me.)
  4. Stale Content-Perhaps you have the opposite problem you have been raiding the same content relentlessly and it is on farm now. Your raiders have done the same bosses over and over and over (Naxx caused this for A LOT of people pre-Uld)
  5. Future Content Leaks– I have a RL friend and fellow raider (though not with my raid grp if you are wondering) who finds it hard to be motivated to raid when the patch (including new content, raiding, and gear) is coming up fast. Personally, I blame Blizz for this. Other than wanting to see Yogg down (ok I want my mace, but it is going to be like the Sunwell bow I can just tell!) why fight to get gear you can immediately replace by just doing 5 man content!?! His point is good, it saps the motivation to get the content you are currently in done.
  6. Class Boredom– From experience I can tell you I notice this more with tanks and healers than dps (not to say dps don’t get it but experience tells me it takes longer for them) Take our tank Soulecho, who pointed out this weekend that he has been tanking for 3 yrs now and would like to move to his shaman for our farm content.
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The Attack of Real Life!

Man this week was hell! At work I was boxing and shipping 26 boxes of over 1,ooo garments for a charity we do on top of my regular job. *rubs her back*

Thursday the hub and I both miss our raid because we are stuck with picking him up after he had to work late (having only 1 car sucks, I dream of vespas in the summertime) I hate not making it to a raid I am scheduled for and not being able to inform anyone. I was so tired after said packing that my body cried for some tylanol and the bed, do not pass go, do not log into vent. So I got on Friday to let people know.

I’m still sore as all get out. I’m taking the bus this summer which means I’m walking 5 miles every day. Which ROCKS for my health (see up side) but sucks for me being hot and sweaty when I come home right at raid invite time. Luckily we start 30  min ahead of time which means log in, get on the griff and go jump in the shower.

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How would you handle a meters chaser?

This is to all the raid leaders out there *taps on the screen* I have a situation for you and would like your input.

Scenario: You are in a raid that has wiped twice.

Healer in raid channel: I rock the heals! I’m at the top of the chart.

Healer in healer channel: Hmm what is my assignment? I am I suppose to heal the raid or am I assigned to a tank.

Heal Lead: You are assigned to the tank that keeps dying.

Healer: Oh! Well I’ve been healing the raid and rocking it.

This happened this week. I’m not saying it happened to me or if it happened to a group I am good friends with. All I’m saying is it happened.

How would you as the Raid Lead handle knowing this healer twice ignored the announcement of assignments and healed whoever they wanted. Would you do anything at all? Would you take it up with them in private? Would you make it a public display since it caused the entire raid to wipe twice? And of course…why?

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PTR Disc changes

Ok all I’m going to touch on is the priest changes.

The reason for the change on Prayer of Healing has got to be the Tier 8 2 piece set. That is all I can think of. The good people at Plus Heal have calculated it to be a 1K lose of healing. That freaking hurts as a disc priest sometimes charged with group healing for say…HODIR!

I just plain hate them for the 2 sec change to Penance it is a complete nerf to the glyph which reduces the cooldown. Look out for  Blizz to take the glyph away from us as well.

Their reasoning for these two drastic changes? My money is on pvp. Blizz really does a piss poor job balancing pvp vs pve content. I may not play Warhammer anymore but the one thing that game did well was balance the two aspects of the game. They accepted they were a pvp game and all their pve instances balanced on of pvp.  So an encounter was properly tooled for your abilities. Blizz? not so good at tooling their encounters after nerfing. Oh sure they have nerfed Uld, but I’m not so sure you will see the touted “Bring the player, not the class” surviving with these nerfs. If I can’t successfully heal my group in Hodir why bring me if we already have 2 pally healers for the tank? You wouldn’t you’d bring a better aoe healer. Say a shammy since they are buffing them. Which is great when you have shammies that sign up!

As you can tell I am not pleased. We’ll see if they make it live. But after the nerfing to the ground Beast Mastery got and they ignored the hunter community saying they didn’t understand the numbers being used. I don’t have any faith they list to people or hope. I’ll just roll with the kidney shot to my heals.

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Feel the Power…Auras

Renewed Hope!

Renewed Hope!

I have begun my tentative experiment in the use of Power Auras. Too many UI shots with nice HUDs made me decide perhaps I will try it out.

I’ve started with a little ring to show me when Renewed Hope is up. A nice purple glowy ring around me. Which I should have up at all times. Thus, I picked a color I was extra fond of.

This also lets you get a look at how my very day UI looks. TA DA! nothing too drastic. Power Auras is my lastest toy and I found in Uld Monday it really did help me keep up shield more. For Thorim we’ve been running a strat that has me just chain casting mass dispells. I wasn’t tossing enough shields in my spamming dispell really to keep the 3% up before. The glowying reminder came in handy. Situational perhaps, but still I am thinking of setting up Prayer of Mending this way too to pop up an image when it is off cooldown when in combat. We’ll see how it goes and if I don’t find the flashing lights more bother than help.

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